I-it's not like I cooked specifically for you, you know!'s in the fridge....don't forget to eat your veggies....
— Suki
Suki Enkou
Age 17
Title Elegant Flame, Bloodied Dominion
Status Active
Color Fiery Red
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Red
Eyes Red
Semblance Will O' Wisp
Height 5'7"
Weight 57 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon, Heavenly Discord
Additional Info
Likes  Rin, Cooking, Dessert
Dislikes  Over-bearing Tyrants, Being Unable To Help A Friend
Special Skills  Close Ranged Combat, Higher Mobility, Armor Piercing, Cooking
Weaknesses Slow Armor Piercing, Ranged Combat
Character Theme

Rising Souls
Battle Theme

Fallen Army
This character is created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to 3rdEye.


Suki is generally wearing a red, sleeveless dress that reaches to her ankles, with detached sleeves, and red hair ribbons that splits her blonde hair into twin tails, all decorated with black lace, and a large red ribbon on the back of the dress at waist level. Her red eyes makes one think of a blood moon.


For someone who is born to a higher social standing of a family, Suki hasn't perfected the skill of wearing a figurative mask.

Though she appears haughty, and uncaring, really it's the opposite. Labeling her as a tsundere wouldn't be the wrong choice of words, as she holds quite alot of pride, and doesn't want to be seen as someone who bows down to others.

In battle, she has the tendency to be the first in, before anyone else. This is also her method of caring for others during a fight, as she believes that if she can beat the opponent before her team mates arrive, than she spared them from anything troublesome. Which does not sit very well with Rin, but that's a whole different story.


Suki was one of the more luckier people, to be born into a higher social standing family. Despite how often Suki sulks about the sheer amount of rules and mannerisms that her parents forced onto her, she truly cared for her family.

As it was a custom for the family, with every single member being paired up with a guardian(read: shield). The guardian, unlike a bodyguard, is that their term is for life. As long as the client does not die, or relieves the guardian of their job, the contract does not void. The guardians are generally the same age as the client, for more compatibility.

The guardian chosen for Suki would be Rin. During their childhood, the two were less like client and guardian, but more akin to best friends. Luckily for them, nothing troubling that directly affected them occurred.

Around the age of fifteen, Suki's family was having dinner with another high class family. The other family had a son, who was two years older. He had noticed Suki, and decided he wanted her, and spoke to his own family about that matter. And although Suki's family originally rejecting the concept of having Suki married over, the other family used a variety of methods, ranging from bribery to blackmailing, trying to convince them otherwise. This spanned over the course of three months as well.

Before things could escalate any further, Suki decided to just leave. Packing up a few things she left her household, without a second glance back. Of course, she brought Rin along, not that the latter complained. It may be a contract, but she had agreed to follow Suki where ever she goes.

The two managed to get by on their own, living in a rented apartment. However, as they were alone, without anyone else to help them, the two agreed that they needed some kind of method to protect themselves. With that in mind, the pair searched around, before buying themselves a weapon. In that store, as they were paying for te weapons, the owner had asked if they were striving to be Huntresses, and explained about Beacon, which sparked the pair's interest. They agreed that, for the next two years, they'd practice with their weapons, before attempting to apply to Beacon.

The two had a discussion about joining Beacon, but we're at a figurative roadblock, as they didn't have a transcript. Soon afterwards, Rin brought back a pair of transcripts, surprising Suki, albeit avoide explaining where she got the transcripts until after the acceptance. Although Suki was irritated, the pair put that blunder behind them, prepared to face Becon together.


Rin Kishi: Suki's best friend and personal guardian, the two have known each other for most of their lives, and hide nothing from each other. Despite how odd it seems, Suki is the one who cooks for Rin.


Combat: For Suki, combat is seems less like the life and death struggle it generally is, and takes on a more acrobatic view.

Utilizing both her semblance and weapon at the same time, Suki will evade and disorientated the opponents, jumping and flipping over attacks, before swinging down her scythe against the target.

Once the blade of the scythe impacts the target, that's when the style might change. If the target was armored, and the scythe has made a small groove/scratch, here is where Suki will force the scythe down on the armor, allowing her weapon to -very slowly- pierce through towards the more vulnerable parts underneath.

If the target isn't armored, the battle style does not change, and keeps its acrobatic appearance.

Semblance: Though without an official name, the title 'Will 'o Wisp' seems to have stuck.

The semblance revolves around sudden propulsion through bursts of flames. A small, ten centimeter flame flares out, while pushing in the opposite direction. These flare outs appear about an inch from the body, so long ranged techniques are out of the question. But, this does allow Suki to perform hairpin turns and spins at the last moment.

However, this rather flashy semblance does have its drawbacks. Having a burn time of half a second prevents the flames from causing any damage, unless done at point blank range to fuel/Dust. Also, despite the increased mobility and evasion, the movements are rather predictable. Where ever the flames moved, Suki would move in the opposite direction.

Non-Combat: Outside of combat, Suki seems to be able to cook rather well, despite being pampered for most of her life.


Name: Immolating Iris

Classification: Vibration Heated Pressure Scythe(VPHS)

Location: Carried crosswise one her back.


-'Suki Enkou' can be somewhat translated to Refined Flame.

-Appearance belongs to the respective visual novel.

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