Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Date of Birth: July 21

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: blonde-orange

Birthplace: Unknown

Weight: 121 Pounds

Height: 5'5

Blood Type: AB+

Weapon: Dual Chainsaw swords

Treasure: Her red scarf

Likes: The sun, Friends, A good fight

Dislikes: Mean people, cold places, Failing


Summer likes to wear clothes that have bright colors. Most of the time she wears clothes that matches with her hair. She likes to wear boots and shorts. Her hair is long and straight that reaches to her waist. When fighting she puts her hair in a ponytial. On her back are two sheated Chainsaw Swords that she got from her father. These swords work with the help of dust and activate as soon as they are unsheated. The red scarf she has was from her mother and she is willing to never take it off. 


Summer is a nice caring girl who is willing to protect her friends at any costs. She likes to fight against tough opponents, but hates to lose. If she encounters mean persons she's not going to hold back on them and she's going to say everything that comes into her mind noy knowing the consequences. she's an energetic girl who can't sit still and have to take action causing her to jump into tough situations without thinking, but besides that she's still a smart girl, just not so much for thinking up a strategy in combat. She can make most people smile who are sad or don't know what to do anymore. Most of the times she takes on the big sister role. 

Abilities & Powers

She's a master at handeling her chainsaw swords dealing strong blows, but also utilising her agility which can get her opportunities to strike quickly and dodge succesfully. The real power behind these chainsaw swords are not only the brutal force, but also the electric element that the dust creates in order to slow down or paralyze her foe. She can also use kicks to get some variation in her fighting style. She can be very unpredictible due to her energetic nature. She also seems to never give up in a fight until victory is hers. 

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