This character was made by EvergreenLeaf Do not take without permission or else the Nokias will come and destroy you.
Damn straight I use indestructible phones. Problem?
— Supernova Lumia

Supernova Lumia
Age 666
Title God
Status Alive and Kicking
Race Human
Born January 3
Handedness Ambidexterous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Semblance God's Wrath
Height 10'10"
Weight 2001 Pounds
Additional Info
Likes Nokias
Dislikes IPhones
Special Skills Phooonnneeeezzzzz
Weaknesses NOTHING!


Supernova has mussed brown hair with piercing green eyes which always seem to be laughing. His moth is thin-lipped and either seen smiling or laughing, nothing else. He wears a vest and jeans with highlights and a belt, but this can rarely be seen under the Nokia armour he wears overtop. He also is sometimes seen with headphones, connected to one of the many devices on his body. He also likes to carry sim cards and micro SD memory cards on a pouch at his belt.


Supernova is a very perky and interesting fellow. Even though many regard him as a catastrophic person due to all the Nokia phones that he carries around with him at all times. 

He is actually very caring and enjoys being around people and faunus alike. Always striking up conversation with anyone no matter their race, heritage, job, and whatnot. All bullies will also feel the wrath of the Nokia phones on their unfortunate asses, as Supernova can't stand bullies for even a minute. 

Other then that, he's pretty laid back and is always smiling, even as he mercilessly destroys Grimm, because he knows that they are evil. And evil is bad. 




Other then that, albeit his easygoing nature, he's very quick to change modes when fighting Grimm and will take them down without hesitation. All Grimm are utterly and immidiately destroyed within 0.000000001 seconds of the phone just touching them, and phones which are thrown with considerable force can destroy a Grimm 5x faster. 

Weapon and Abilities

Supernova, obviously, uses phones which are indestructable, and super powerful. He prefers using Nokia Supernovas, or Nokia Lumias, depending on his preference on the day. Either way, the outcome will be the same.

Supernova also uses styluses which are razor sharp and can pierce diamond easily. As well as the fact that the styluses can be used on tests, once the styluses touch the paper, all the correct answers magically sprout on the paper, immediately giving him 100%. 

Supernova's semblance is called Zero. It allows him to smack two of his Nokia phones to divide something by zero. He lives in eternal fear of his own power. 

Supernova's second semblance is called Rain. It allows him to create a half hour rain when it just rains Nokia phones, everything and anything the Nokia phones touch in the meantime will be destroyed. It is the ultimate destroyer of all.


Supernova was born to an incident when a Nokia Supernova and a Nokia Lumia fell on top of each other and was struck by lightning. He rose, all mighty child, and began terrorizing the wasteland by using his mother and other mother.

And then he fell into dormant sleep for 300 years, after the incident, and then, when he awoke, he found he had barely aged.

Of course afterward, his journey to hunt for pokemon began. Making many friends along the way, such as Ash, Brock and Misty. He travelled on, catching every single legendary pokemon and becoming a pokemon master.

Soon a Ho-oh decided to grant his wish of becming a duelist and he was transported away to Duel Academy.

There Supernova became the King of Games within 2 minutes, after defeating Jaden, Yugi, and Yusei all in one turn by using his super amazing Nokia deck.

Then after doing so, he proceeded to the world of Shingeki no Kyojin where he killed Erin and became the savior of all the land!

Due to a rift in the space time continuum, he was dragged back into the RWBY world and to counteract all of his goodness, the Creatures of Grimm were formed!

Of course when he applied to Beacon he was immidialtely accepted by Ozpin for his powers and under fear that he, Ozpin, would be divided by zero in a sudden fit of rage.




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