Kamikaze Fan

Suzuki's Symbol

Suzuki Murasaki is one of the first Faunus ever to be accepted into Beacon Academy. While he is technically the descendent of a family of well known Hunters, known as the Kamiyama, he and his mother have been disowned by the family elders. The reason being that Suzuki's mother disobeyed their will when she married his father.

Goals, Aspirations, and the Murasaki Family:

Suzuki's ultimate goal is to prove his worth to the Kamiyama and reclaim his mother's lost standing. To do this he intends to live an honorable life full of purpose. He convinced his mother to train him in the skills she learned as a girl and to allow him to apply to Beacon. Although wary at first she eventually agreed to teach him everything she knows and even gives him her own weapon. Suzuki's father who is a simple kind hearted man gives his son his blessing and a necklace with a silver bell on it. This necklace is an heirloom that goes back to a time when Faunus were kept as slaves and is the most valuable thing he owns. Armed with these gifts he faces the future with his head held high.


Being part Faunus Suzuki has several animal like attributes such as pointed fox ears and slit pupiles. He also has delicate looking features and a physique to match them.

Race: Half Faunus half Human

Age: 17

Eye Color: Amethyst

Hair Color: Black (Long enough to reach his waist but held in a loose top knot)

Skin Tone: Pale white

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Outfit: A long purple robe tied with a white sash over a white shirt and loose black pants. Wooden sandals over tabi socks. Silver bell necklace.

Personality and other traits:

Despite his complicated situation, or perhaps because of it Suzuki is always composed and polite even in the face of persecution. He tends to seek solitude and speaks only when he feels it is necessary.

Fighting Style/Weapon

He fights using a traditional weapon of the Kamiyama family a bladed fan known as Kamikaze. The Kamikaze has 5 segments. The inner three segments are etched with different types of Dust. Fire, Ice, and Lightning. The two outer segments are thicker and desighned to both protect the inner segments, and provide enough mass to make the fan an effective striking weapon.

In combat he uses several techniques that utilize the elemental properties of Dust. He can unleash attacks of pure energy or combine the elements to create more complex effects. His movements are precise and calculating, almost dancing around his enemies to achieve a better tactical position.

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