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TREE pro
Age 31
Title Huntress(Former)
Nickname Flora
Color Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Unknown
Handedness Left(Formerly right)
Complexion Pale
Hair Blond
Eyes Jade Green
Height 6'2
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Partner Sitrus
Occupation Herb maker, Former huntress

T.R.E.E is an OC made by Opaquanity


T.R.E.E is a tall, muscular woman with long dirty blond hair and sharp jade green eyes. She usually wears a brown wool shirt with a squarely cut collar and bandages wrapped around her torso underneath, baggy brown pants, and laced brown boots. 

Usually she has many different ouftit choices, but no matter what she wears, the right shoulder of her shirt is always hanging low or cut up to her elbow. This is because of the amputation of her right arm, which has many bandages wrapped around it. 

T.R.E.E is pale, and has many scars, though the only ones visible being the one cutting through her left eye and a few on her chest. T.R.E.E also wears a large paper bag called TYE on her head with her villages symbols on it. 

When she isnt wearing the paperbag, which is rare, her face has another scar running from her shoulder up to the side of her face. Her eyes are slanted like a cats and she has sharp features. A tattoo is placed around her right eye and she has a deep cut running through her lip, making her constant frown sometimes look like a crooked smirk.

T.R.E.E is attractive in her own way, but some can easily mistake her for a feminine man since she wears baggy clothes all the time. 

(I know the paperbag is weird, just  bare with me XD ) 

  • Team LUST
  • T.R.E.E 1
  • T.R.E.E 2
  • Uncut version
  • S and U careless outline


T.R.E.E dosnt talk much and prefers to be by herself. She's also very straightfoward and dosnt care if she offends anyone.

Many people fear her and find her odd because of the paper bag she wears and the tattoo over her eye which is a symbol of acceptance each child gets in her home villiage, which she never talks about much.

T.R.E.E is kind though, which is evident as she is usually seen tossing lien to beggars or feeding homeless children around the cities she travels to. T.R.E.E is very motherly to the people she trusts and she dosnt seem to mind being stared at. 

The only thing T.R.E.E seems to find annoying is rain, as she usually has to take off TYE so it dosnt get wet. 


T.R.E.E's primary weapon is PAYNE, which is a stark silver gun, resembling a handgun, that shoots Wolfsbane laced bombs. These bombs are small and dangerous because of poisonous wolfsbane injected into them.

Main function: PAYNE is used to shoot highly poisonous(But not fatal) Wolsbane bombs that sink into the skin and weakans aura considerbly when enough is used. 

Secondary function: When switched to PAYNE's secondary mode, the wolfsbane 'bombs' release smoke that temporarily distracts/startles a victim. This smoke is not fatal and is usually used for quick escapes.

The wolfsbane ammunition, along with herbs and her other items, are conserved in a brass box that she keeps hidden beneath her clothes.

T.R.E.E usually dosnt use this weapon as she is excellent in hand to hand combat, despite her missing arm, and she is also skilled in using her aura.

But when she is faced with several opponets, T.R.E.E uses PAYNE to weaken her enemy.

T.R.E.E's secondary weapon is I.V.Y. 

I.V.Y is a long, thick, blood drawing vine-whip with needles and thorns covering the surface. The handle has three knobs on the top. The first one used to release I.V.Y's vine, the middle used to withdraw it, and the third used to make I.V.Y stretch to its limit, reaching above 12 feet. 


T.R.E.E's modified weapons.


T.R.E.E is very strong, though not as agile as Lust or skilled with dust like Uchia. She usually uses her hand and feet to knock out opponets her size or even bigger. Though when faced with a large assortment of men/faunas or grimm, she has to use I.V.Y or PAYNE.

I.V.Y is a whip covered in thorns and needles, though not as painful and long lasting at PAYNE's ammunition, I.V.Y resists aura and weakens it just as well. PAYNE is used for close range, while I.V.Y is used for both far and close ranged enemies. 

T.R.E.E, when not using her weapons, usually strangles, crushes, or twists an opponets body parts to kill or knock them out. She is viewed as the most brutal of Team LUST. 


T.R.E.E's aura appears as a large green halo like flame, and like almost every other member on her team, she rarely uses it for combat. The only time she uses her aura is when she is shielding her teammates or herself from attacks.

(Cant think of another useful semblence that would fit T.R.E.E and I dont think its required.)


T.R.E.E was born Terra Efloris, a 'chief's daughter' of her villiage. 

(A chief being the highest ranking man and mayor in his town/villiage)

Born the second daughter to the Chief, T.R.E.E rarely spoke to anyone and was usually locked up in her room reading or swimming in a lake by her home. Her only sibling being her older sister Ria, a sweet and friendly girl who T.R.E.E hated since her mother had payed much more attention to her before she died. 

T.R.E.E was given her nickname Flora because of her reputation for having knowledge of plants and her talent for herb making, which often saved lives. Her father used this talent to produce money, making medicines, spices, and other products the villiage payed highly for.

Not having any friends, and having a tense relationship with her sister and father, who only wished for her to bring in money and nothing else, T.R.E.E grew up a loner and deemed mysterious as she never went out to the village or showed her face. 

Due to the large amounts of time she had alone, T.R.E.E began crafting weapons, most of which used herbs as a threat as she managed to make poisons. This became T.R.E.E's secret hobby, and she never told anyone. Eventually though, her father found out from a maidservant who was in charge of T.R.E.E's room and he demanded T.R.E.E hand every weapon she crafted over. 

T.R.E.E refused, and knowing her father only wanted to use them for his own selfish weapons, she got rid of all of them but one(I.V.Y). This caused her father to become even more strict and T.R.E.E was on watch constantly. 

When TREE turned 16, her father requested that she and her sister(Ria being 18), leave the village and go to live out in the city so that they could learn to survive and be ready for the invasions they would fight through when they became women.  At this time, he had managed to find others with similiar but not quite equal talent with plants and herbs.

Ria refused as she was frightened of the outside world, but T.R.E.E complied since she hadnt seen the city before and had grown to resent the villiage.

The day before T.R.E.E left, Ria visited her room and saw T.R.E.E wearing a black mask over her face.

When asked why she had it, T.R.E.E said that she found her face emberassing and didnt want people seeing the mark on her eye and assuming she was royalty when she didnt consider herself a princess. 

Being amused by this, Ria made T.R.E.E another mask, which was only a paper bag with their villages symbols on it, naming it TYE after their mother, and asked T.R.E.E to wear that instead.

Thinking Ria was mocking her, T.R.E.E threw TYE out of her bedroom window and called Ria immature, making the older girl offended and causing even more tension between them. When she left the mansion the day afterwards, she did not say goodbye to Ria, but feeling guilty she found the paperbag stuck between two bushes and cleaned it, deciding to bring it with her.

The night afterwards when T.R.E.E was getting ready to leave on horseback, several soldiers gaurding her, people wearing white masks and an enemy villages symbol attacked them. They killed the men who were gaurding her and then tried to restrain her. 

Paralyzing them with I.V.Y, T.R.E.E demanded to know who had sent them, assuming it was an enemy villiage. Instead, they revealed that it was her father who had sent them, and not believing them at first, T.R.E.E rushed back to her home to confront him.

Surprising the maids that were leaving for the night, T.R.E.E demanded them to unlock the front gate of the mansion, and when she reached her fathers room she was shocked to find Ria already dead by her fathers fireplace. Yet he was nowhere to be seen. 

Young and not knowing why her father would try to kill them, T.R.E.E quickly left the village before he could come back and realize she was alive. 

Eventually she managed to find a home in an Inn in the city, soon finding a job as a herb maker (The shopkeeper not realizing her gift with plants), and soon raising enough money to forge her another of her own weapons and deciding to become a huntress so she would be prepared for facing her father again. Thinking that her father was still searching for her, she did not use her real name. And instead called herself T.R.E.E, which was the initials for her full name and wore the paperbag her sister gave her. 

When she finally managed to enroll herself in a training school, she met Lust before anyone else. And though being cautious and slightly paranoid of strangers, T.R.E.E decided to convert from her antisocial nature, deciding that she would have to be completely different from her old self. 

Eventually after getting used to the rest of her teammates, and becoming partners with Sitrus who she found slightly annoying, T.R.E.E became a skilled fighter and graduated with a perfect record. 

She did not become famous like the rest of her teammates, instead keeping a low profile and only accepting assignments that paid high enough. 

But when she turned 21, still being in contact with her team and still not encountering her father, Lust voice messaged her, asking for her to aid her in stopping an assassination on a CEO.

Not having any assignments that night, T.R.E.E agreed to help her. Though she was slightly surprised when she found out both Uchia and her old teammate Sitrus would also be helping. 

That night when they broke into the factory Lust said the assassin would be hiding, they were ambushed and outnumbered. T.R.E.E, in the middle of helping Uchia hold off some of the masked ambushors, was knocked out.

When she awoke she was being interrogated and tortured by the same masked woman who Lust had identified as the assassin. When her team finally managed to track her down, T.R.E.E's mask was burnt and she had scars from being whipped all over her body.

Sitrus was the first to find her in the chamber she was being held hostage in, and he was shocked to find her in the weak condition she was in. He alerted their other teammates where she was and they tried to escape the building which happened to be the nameless womans home. 

They were ambushed once again when they finally managed to reach the front yard of the house, and T.R.E.E, though not in a position to fight, blocked what could have been a fatal blow to Lust and ended up losing her arm and passing out from loss of blood.

When she finally woke up 2 days after the events of the mission, she was paralyzed and could not speak. Her arm was bandaged up and her eye, which was slit during the ambush, had bandages as well. For hours she layed in a hospital without consciousness or realizing where she was. But when she finally recovered, T.R.E.E became depressed because of the loss of her arm and the pain her teammates held for her.

Not being able to function yet with just one arm, T.R.E.E had no choice but to retire from being a huntress. Lust and Uchia soon followed suit, in order to take care of her. And Sitrus visited her every month to check on her. Eventually T.R.E.E managed to get used to life with her amputation, and soon was able to fight again.

She does not become a huntress again though, instead deciding to live a 'normal' life and going back to becoming a herb maker. 10 years later though, Lust ends up visiting the condo she currently lives in alone, and thats where another journey starts. 

(Sorry for the long, and sad past, backstory)


Lust Amoebia(OC): Lust and T.R.E.E became friends rather quickly. T.R.E.E finding Lust amusing and trustworthy, and Lust finding T.R.E.E mysterious and interesting. The two are always seen together.

Uchia Ying(OC): Uchia and T.R.E.E never talked much. T.R.E.E found her skills with dust empressive, but deemed her racism a weakness. Eventually though the two become friends.

Sitrus(Future OC): Sitrus and T.R.E.E became partners and both held a truce so they wouldnt suffer their four years together. Though Sitrus looked down on her, and T.R.E.E on him, they fight well together and T.R.E.E finds his inventions amazing since theres nothing like Mr.Mister in her village. 

Favorite quotes 

  • "Dont ask me." 

-T.R.E.E's response to all of Lust's crazy mishaps. 

  • "I never mention the ...incident. I just try to live the best way I know how. Not dying." 

-T.R.E.E after not being able to shake off a reporter 

  • "Its like I'm risen from the dead. I cant feel anything....whats happened to me?" 

-T.R.E.E three days after the ambush 

  • "I dont think I've ever laughed before in my life. Not going to start now..." 

-T.R.E.E when Lust asks why she never laughs or smiles. 

  • "My sister made it for me. I treat it like a momento these days." 

-T.R.E.E talking about TYE. 


  • T.R.E.E's real name is Terra, and her childhood nickname is Flora. 
  • T.R.E.E never goes anywhere without her bandages 
  • T.R.E.E was originally a twin, but her brother was stillborn
  • T.R.E.E hates rain
  • T.R.E.E is considered royalty by her teammates, much to her annoyance

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