"Look, man. It's been six hours. I'm getting hungry. You're not going to hurt me, and I'm too slow to hit you. Tie?" - Brick in a spar.


Name: Brick Ossumarma

Title: The Wall

THE WALL (Drawn by RogueSpider)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 354 without armor, Likely eighty pounds more with.

Hair: Black cornrows


The first thing most will notice about Brick is his size. A collosus among men, Brick's height is augmented by his sheer muscular size, bulky and square, much like his namesake. Well toned muscles line his body, much darker toned than most of his teammates, basically chestnut in tone. Brick's hair is done in very short cornrows to keep his hair out of his eyes,  and he has somewhat dull brown eyes. 

Lining his frame is an assortment of armor that would make a tank's jaw drop, if tanks were capable of sight and having jaws. He wears a conton shirt, then overtop of that, leather brigandine, followed by chainmail, then full field plate. Each plate aside from the joints is heavily augmented with even MORE metal, Brick essentially having armored armor. And between all this armor, he's added dust crystals to create massive blocks of stone should someone get by his barriers. On his feet, Brick's greaves have spikes that come out the back, making him able to fully anchor himself, and as of the fall of Beacon, Brick has tank treads on both feet, allowing him to charge along the ground surprisingly quickly. Brick's colour scheme for his armor is a mix of white, red and black, the red and black being more prominent, white more for trim and detail work. The Wall (The weapon, not him) is sitting upside down on his back when not in use for easy access. His symbol, imprinted on the shield, and on his chestplate, is a shield, a rearing creature inside, seeming to be lizardlike, but bulky and horned like a rhinocerous.


Many people who speak with Brick will notice his ego right away. He sometimes talks in third person, referring to himself with his title, yet will never look down upon other people. Loud-mouthed and over-the-top in energy, Brick is quite jovial and often a pleasure to be around, despite his intimidating appearance. Though he can be a total terror if you get on his bad side, to his friends he's much more akin to a massive, heavily armored teddy bear. He has a childlike humor and natural tinge of flamboyance that help keep people happy, with spirits up. 

Despite his occasional breezy language and casual manner of speaking, Brick is actually surprisingly smart, capable in strategy and poetry. This surprises most because Brick often comes across as dumb muscle.

Also of note is how he instinctively likes almost everyone he meets, until he sees a specific reason to dislike them. This even goes for Faunus, not taking prejudice against them. Between his own outlooks, his jovial nature, and his in-combat joy and energy, he finds people are often drawn to liking him, and you know what? He likes 'em back!

Weapons and Abilities


Credit to JollyJo

The Wall:

The Wall is a family heirloom, passed down through generations and now upon Brick. It is a massive two handed tower shield with a hydraulic sensor system. When something gets too close to the shield, the system will jolt out an inch, giving enough force to sometimes deflect projectiles if they're durable enough to not be destroyed by the force. The front of this shield system is actually designed like the face of a deathstalker, the teeth and eyes removed for the sensors. As of the fall of Beacon, Brick now has TWO of these.

Semblance: Protector's Passion:

Brick's semblance is a boost to his Aura's natural barrier based on his happiness and for lack of a better word, swagger. If he's out in combat hooting and hollering, his barrier will strengthen, further adding to his defence. 


Born into the Ossumarma family, hunters from one of the other kingdoms, though Brick was born in Vale. His family had long been defensive hunters, doing everything in their power to get massive and powerful. Brick was immediately trained to be the prime example of his family, though his father deceded not to leave it to mere genetics, putting livestock grade steroids into Brick's food, ensuring he maximized his size and power. Throughout his childhood, Brick underwent extreme training, pushed to his very limits nearly daily. The result was a powerful, well trained soldier, though his family wasn't beyond fun and happiness, daily feasts and making games out of the training. A common one was where he and his father would hold two handed shields, trying to push eachother off a two foot wide beam, into cushioned ground. Brick could never beat his father at it though... 

For his fifteenth birthday, Brick's family underwent a classic Ossumarma tradition, crafting Brick's armor. It was a festivity between everyone but Brick, the family being the ones to protect their Brother or son. The armor crafted was amazing, though Brick had been undergoing his own mental stress. Brick had grown frustrated of the playfulness, saying if he was to become a hunter, he would need to show complete dedication to it, and couldn't waste his time with games. He snapped at his father, saying he was a worse warrior because of it. That night, he decided to leave home to train on his own, sneaking off with his family shield, the Wall, and his armor. He went out to the Emerald forest to train, and after crushing a few measly beowolves, he saw a Nevermore. 

Lacking faith in his skills, he decided to retreat, but it heard him and started to seek the boy out. Eventually Brick had no choice but to stand and fight, something he would forever deem his finest moment. It circled overhead, firing feathers at him to no effect, due to the Wall deflecting them with the shield. Growing impatient, the massive bird swooped down, divebombing the boy at full speed. As it neared, Brick knew he could do it. He knew his skill was enough. A smile spread across his face as he set the shield at the ready, putting his foot spikes into the ground. As the beak hit the shield, it smashed back out, and the wall leaned back. Immediately, his aura shattered, and his left arm broke, but with a massive roar, he pushed the bottom of the shield, deflecting the Nevermore away. It was definitely hurt it, as when his father showed up a moment later, the great bird fled.  

Brick collapsed, a smile on his face as his father helped him back home, tending to his arm. Brick had realized that he hadn't been at a loss for skill because of his more playful training. In fact, it was actually better for him, considering his semblance. He swore to keep up the nature of his family, and once he'd healed, his father took him back onto that two foot wide beam. He told him that if he could finally beat him, the boy would be given the title his father now owned, The Wall. After six hours up on the beam, Brick's father tumbled off, and the title was passed down to Brick. Filled with joy, Brick immediately signed up for Beacon, being accepted on his father's words to Ozpin, in addition due to his specialization for defence. The year would be starting, and The Wall would be ready.

Other Art

Brick Charm


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