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You know, it wouldn't hurt if you were a bit quieter once in a while.
— Takehime Natsuki
Takehime Natsuki
Age 17
Nickname Hime, Princess
Status Active
Color Ao
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Light green
Eyes Pink
Height 5'6"
Weight 115 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy, White Fang
Team Team FRST
Partner Rajah Dipali
Personal Status
Relatives Matsu Natsuki, Aoki Natsuki
Additional Info
Likes Quietness, her friends
Dislikes Conflict

Takehime Natsuki is a member of Team FRST at Beacon Academy. Her partner is Rajah Dipali and she wields a pair of Tessen-Shuriken, affectionately named the Dia Lunachromes.


Takehime grew up in a strict family. For generations, her family had an influencial training school but they were now a blip on the map compared to Beacon, Signal, and other schools like them. The Natsuki Training Institute taught self-defense skills, mixed martial arts, and weapon building courses to all ages. The courses taught were so that regular people could defend themselves against the Grimm if they got caught in the crossfires one day. It was nothing compared to the hunter and huntress schools but the classes were useful. However, formal school like Signal and Sanctum were chosen for the younger generation over the small school. Former students said these schools were more effective and taught them to be heroes. So the attendance dwindled and the Natsuki family spent the last of their funds on trying to make the Insitute work. 

Her father, Matzu became a bitter, cold man after they had to close down the facility because of lack of attendance and funds. Her mother, Aoki was just as bitter as her father but became emotionly disconnected from the world. They trained daily, took on the Grimm with a few other students from the Institute but were told to stay away from from the Grimm by Hunters and Huntresses. The Hunters and Huntresses said that their education was not up to par with theirs and they could hurt or worse kill themselves if they were not careful. This was what drove her family to begin working with the White Fang. Her parents were promised to get revenge on Beacon so using their skills from what they had learned from their parents they became useful pawns for the organization. 

Takehime grew up trying to please her father to make him happy but nothing worked. She was always told to follow orders and speak only if spoken to. She was quiet about what parents did stealing dust, threatening others, and even going so far as to not care about deaths if they 'conveniently happened' as her father put it. She did what they told her to do so she worked with the White Fang for many years as their rebellion grew. Though silent, she grew more conflicted with Fang's criminal activities. The Institute was founded on protecting people, not robbing them or putting them in danger. She understood that the White Fang wanted faunus rights but was violence the answer? After her father and mother became crazed in their revenge plot and ways, she finally made her only act of defiance: she left them and enrolled in Beacon Academy. They accepted her due to her intense training at Natsuki Training Institute and her knowledge of the Grimm. 

She hasn't seen her father or mother since the day she walked away from them. Takehime has vowed to protect Beacon from the White Fang and her parents. She wants to become a huntress so that she can do this. She wants to show her parents that Beacon didn't steal their prides and joy (their school and daughter) but that it was time for change. A change for the better. Her dream is to be reunited with her family, become an establushed huntress, and open up the Institute once again someday. 

Physical Appearance

Tall and limber



Takehime is quiet, calm, collected. She is very goal oriented doing whatever it takes to get the goal she has in mind. She takes orders well since in her family disobedience was not taken lightly. She can be seen as cold due to her lack of emotions and silence. However, she had been opening up more now she is at Beacon. 

She is intelligent, cautious, and a little paranoid. She is often seen glancing over her shoulder, eyes darting back and forth through the halls of Beacon as if she is worried about someone following her. This paranoia about someone following her team is later revealed to be right since Flanagan's rival, Morgan Branson was following them around. Takehime does not see her as a threat since she acts goofy around her. She is driven and focused at Beacon's courses. Takehime is seen helping her other teammates out with their homework. 

In Battle

When fighting alongside her teammates, Takehime is 


Takehime's weapons are the Dia Lunachromes, a pair of sharp steel fans with a revolver on each one. Each blade of the fan is sharp despite their flat appearance. They combine into a circular shield for more defense if needed. 


Takehime's semblance is the ability form a protective barrier around herself and others in close vicinity to her. This semblance could have arisen from her nature of protecting those around her. 


Takehime's aura is the green of growing bamboo. She has a fairly strong aura. 


Takehime is the quiet, collected one of FRST, often saying nothing. She follows orders very well. Due to her growing up in a strict family, she is quick and quiet on her feet, so she sometimes unintentionally scares her teammates when she walks behind them. She attacks with her Dia Lunachromes, eithier long or short range depending on the strategy that day.  Her partner is the wild and energetic Rajah Dipali.


  • The name Takehime is Japanese for "bamboo princess", a reference to the fairy tale that she is partially based on.
  • Her parents' names are Matsu which means "pine" and Aoki which means "blue tree" in Japanese.
  • One of the possible ways of writing Natsuki in Japanese uses the kanji for "greens" and "moon". Written with  different characters, the name can also mean "Summer hope".
  • Takehime Natsuki is inspired from the Japanese fairy tale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter." Her resemblance to nature is through bamboo and the moon.

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