A soul on it's own is simple and plain, but what's amazing about a lone soul, is how it affects other souls.
— Takoizu Hargrove
Takoizu Hargrove
Takoizu Hargrove (Nanamichiii)
Age 17
Title Team Member
Nickname Mint
Status Active
Color Turquoise
Gender Male
Race Human
Born August 7
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Turqoise
Eyes Left: Brown

Right: White

Semblance Burden
Height 5'7"
Weight 133 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Signal Academy

Team Team BWET
Partner Brooklynne Vigile
Occupation Student
Jobs Voice Actor
Personal Status
Relatives Andrew Hargrove - Father

Jolise Hargrove - Mother

Siena Hargrove - Little Sister

Additional Info
Emblem Takoizu's Emblem
Likes Helping people in need, Electronic Music, Poetry, Singing
Dislikes Schoolwork/Homework, Selfish People, Formal Attire, Sexual advances made on him
Special Skills Crafting weapons and other gadgets, Very accurate with firearms, Swordsmanship, Voice Acting, Vocals
Weaknesses Struggles with 3+ skilled opponents when alone, He can't snap, Emotionally fragile when it comes to people close to him


Takoizu is a young male with a fair complexion, turquoise hair, and heterochromic eyes (Left: Brown/Right: Diamond White). His he has a slightly athletic build with a noticeable protruding chest bone and lightly built biceps. In addition, Takoizu's height is slightly below average. His hair is of medium length and is usually let loose, there is also a few strands of hair that parts upwards and to the left from the rest of his hair.

The top half of Takoizu's outfit consists of a light green hoodie that he leaves unzipped and a green T-shirt. His insignia is sewed onto the left shoulder of his hoodie. As for the lower half, he wears teal jeans with a yellow belt, along with two ammo pouches secured on them, which are located on the sides of his waist.

Takoizu's hands are both wrapped in boxing tape. On his face, he bears a pair of turquoise, transition glasses. He wears a pair of seafoam green skater shoes that reach below his ankles, with white shoelaces and as his choice of footwear. Though it is usually out of sight, Takoizu has a sterling silver locket with the picture of his younger sister, Siena, contained inside.


Takoizu is sociable and very caring. He enjoys the company of others and works well with people - which gives others an impression of a leader although he is not. Takoizu is very willing to help if he is needed. In fact, if necessary, he is willing to sacrifice his own well-being to help others. If he indirectly causes something bad, Trace would try to take the blame for most of the consequences. Although Takoizu is very willing to offer help, he is very reluctant to offers of help from others.

His caring nature comes from the guilt of leaving his family for the sole reason of become a huntsman. After causing his sister to cry, he figured that his selfishness would only hurt others. He decided to change from that point on by stepping up to help those in need whenever he can. However, this tenancy of his sometimes causes others to worry about him, producing the opposite effect.

When it comes to the battlefield, Takoizu be comes extremely focused and bears a grin. He will try to take out his opponents as efficiently as possible and will not rush in hasty actions. Takoizu is very adept at making weapons and armor. Apart from his crafting skills, he does not do too well when it comes to academics. After receiving some help from Brooklynne Vigile, he has been doing better academically.

His extracurricular activities consists of doing voice overs for girls' dating simulator games and writing poetry at night. He often does these things when he is alone or when Brooklynne is accompanying him. Takoizu dislikes doing a single task for long periods of time, so he usually copes with this by listening (as well as singing aloud at times) to music along with his current task. He also does not like laying down for long periods of time.


Teale (later Takiozu) comes from a loving family of four in Cordillera. His family includes his father, mother, and little sister, Siena. Teale has lived happily with his family for quite some time. However, a few days after his twelveth birthday, Teale told his father about his dream of becoming a Huntsman. Teale's father disagreed with his decision, stating that it was "too dangerous" and because he wanted Teale to inherit the family weapon forge. Pretending that he understood his father's decision, Teale snuck out of the house the following night. He planned to go to a dojo located on the far southern side of Cordillera to receive training. During his stay at the dojo, his master told him to make himself anew by changing Teale's name to "Takoizu" because of his turquoise hair and his personality.

After nearly 2 years of training at the dojo, Takoizu became very adept at Kenjutsu and has learned karate to a great extent. Though he had learned all his master had to teach, he had not learned enough to become a Huntsman. Takoizu's master sent him on a ship to Vale so that he could apply to Signal and learn more. Takoizu still had two weeks before Signal's school year would begin because his Sensei could not get him tickets directly to Patch. On his second week in Vale, Takoizu walked into a house since the door was open and he needed something to eat. Before he could search the contents of the home's fridge, the backdoor creaked open and the figure of a girl could be seen through the glass panel. Takoizu ran into the farthest room in the hallway, and hid under the bed. Although, out of all the rooms Takoizu could have chosen, he chose the very room that the girl resided in. At first, she was unaware of his presence, but once she dropped her towel on the floor, the girl found out that she shouldn't be scared of monsters hiding under the bed, but rather, strangers. Of course, she gave the regular reaction of shrieking while Takoizu rolled out from under the bed and made a run for it. However, before Takoizu could even get halfway down the hall, the girl had tackled him the floor and had his hands tied behind his back. She introduced herself to Takoizu, (while in her two-piece bathing suit since she was recently swimming the backyard pool) her name was Brooklynne Vigile, she's fourteen and an applicant at Signal. Takoizu stated that he is not a sex offender and he just needed to grab a bite to eat. Since he was nearly out of Lien, Takoizu didn't really have a place to stay at that point. Even though the situation that he's currently in wasn't the most ideal, he boldly asked Brooklynne if he could stay at her place. She noticed Takoizu's face, he was a former classmate from her 5th and 6th grade class. So because of this, Brooklynne said yes, under the condition that he treats her to ice cream. 

In the single week they spent together, Brooklynne and Takoizu became great friends, despite their not-so-friendly reunion. Takoizu learned that he was a unique person to Brooklynne by her mother, the reason for their smooth friendship. Her mother told him about Brooklynne's social tendencies: Brooklynne is only happy and carefree around people she's opened up to. On top of that, it usually takes her a few months to open up to someone, but it only took Brooklynne a day to open up to Takoizu. Knowing this, Takoizu promised to stay Brooklynne's friend no matter what. Though, Brooklynne's mother secretly hoped for more. 

A little over two years later, Takoizu and Brooklynne were both in their 3rd year at Signal. They were inseperable classmates, mostly beacuse of the fact that they've sat next to each other in every class since the start of Signal. One day during that year, Brooklynne offered Takoizu tutoring but he declined as usual. Brooklynne told Takoizu that she was glad to help, but that caused Takoizu to cry and ask why she's always so glad to offer her help since all he's ever been is a burden to her. With that, Brooklynne revealed her true intentions. She wanted to be closer to Takoizu, as it seemed as if he was drifting away from her. Takoizu, shocked at how blind he was, told Brooklynne that he would never leave her side. This strengthened their relationship to a whole new level.

Full story: Liberally Astray

Weapons and Abilities

Takoizu has a whole set of various equipment. From his primary weapon, to his custom-made armlets.

Weapons & Equipment:

Castigation - Assault Rifle Carbon Katana: A medium to long range killer hand-crafted by Takoizu's father. In gun form, the blade extends from the point it meets the handle revealing a leather fore barrel and the stock at the bottom of the hilt unfolds. The barrel of the gun is located along the back of the blade. In addition, the weapon also has an adjustable 1x-20x magnification optic as a part of the weapon's right hand guard. The assault rifle form of the weapon shoots up to fourty-five 5.7x28 high velocity rounds at a RoF of 10 rounds a second. In long range situations, Castigation becomes semi-auto and is accurate enough to be used as a sniper, with the help of the optic, that is. The gun's grip and trigger are located on the hand guard opposite to the optics. There's also a button on the hilt that allows Takoizu to fire while the weapon is in it's melee form. (The weapon's magazine is located in its handle.) The melee form of the weapon is a one-two handed carbon steel katana. Castigation's blade is turquoise and the handle is dark blue with an accent of yellow. Takoizu does not use this weapon to block as this weapon's parts were forged by his father as a gift for his 16th birthday. It came with a letter saying:

"Takoizu, I didn't realize that you had such a passion for becoming a Huntsman. I guess you finally found something you wanted to do and went for it. Since it is your dream and all, I decided that I will accept it. In this box you will find the parts to build ARCK or an assault rifle carbon katana, each individual part was handcrafted by yours truly. Take it as a token of my acceptance. You can name it what ever you like after you build it. I hope you succeed in your future endeavors." - Love, Mom and Dad

P.S. - "I'm still mad about that blade you stole."

Sanative Ward - Armlets: A pair of armlets that Takoizu wears on both of his forearms to protect him. Forged with his own hands, they have a light green, titanium inner and outer layer with metal bar and foam ribbing inbetween. They are strong enough to protect from the sharpest blades and indirect strikes from some blunt weapons. Also, if used correctly, Sanative Ward can even deflect oncoming bullets.

Along with Sanative Ward, Takoizu wears boxing tape on his hands to protect his knuckles. 


Takoizu has above average endurance, speed, and fighting prowess. He also has an extensive knowledge of Karate which makes up half of his combat style. Takoizu's fighting style and Semblance helps prevent him from taking hits. Takoizu is also very observing of his opponent, he can read their moves, weaknesses, and also defend well against trick/counter attacks.

Takoizu has three distinctive fighting stances. Defensive, Offensive, and All-around.

The Defensive stance starts out with Takoizu turning towards his left side, positioning his left arm to defend with Sanative Ward. This stance allows Takoizu to find openings and counter-attack if his opponent is too fast. The Defensive stance is only used if Takoizu is sure that the enemy will score the first hit and/or if the enemy is fast.

The Offensive stance starts out with Takoizu turning to his right side, readying his right arm to attack with Castigation. This stance allows Takoizu to gain the upper-hand if he cannot defend against attacks but dodge them. This stance is used if Takoizu is sure that he can score the first strike and/or if the enemy is slow but powerful.

The All-around stance starts off with Takoizu gripping both of his hands on Castigation and him facing forward. This stance is used if Takoizu can't determine whether or not his opponent will attack first or if he will. If the enemy attacks first, Takoizu will dodge or move his left arm slightly to block with Sanative Ward. If Takoizu sees an opening, he will strike first with Castigation.


Takoizu's Semblance is Burden. When Takoizu extends the index and middle finger of his left hand while closing his other fingers, he is able to place a glyph wherever he chooses. Any mobile objects or people over the glyph will be locked in time for three seconds but it will take at least three full seconds to become active as well. Any physical attacks or projectiles launched at the affected party will be frozen in the time frame that takes place a second after the person reverts back to normal. After the Semblance's duration is over the affected person will revert to the current time and it will appear as if he/she is being attacked by multiple clones and bullets within a single second. and Takoizu can cancel the glyph before it is activated by lowering his fingers. The glyph itself is 36 inches in diameter and Takoizu can only place one at a time.

Overall (ACES):

My characters' effectiveness in battle are judged by a system called "The ACES of Hunting". A stands for Aura, C stands for Combat, E stands for Endurance, and S stands for Speed. All of which are measured by 10 points, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. For more information, check this page:

Aura: 5/10

Takoizu's Aura is average. He can take the same amount of hits as an average Hunter.

Combat: 10/10

Takoizu is very exeptional in combat. He excells in both ranged and melee combat. He very accurate with most firearms and excells in Kenjutsu. In fact, Takoizu has developed 3 separate stances to better suit his fighting style. In addition to that, Takoizu also mixes Karate into his fighting style, which he has learned to a near-mastery level. Defensively, Takoizu can easily dodge, parry, and block most attacks, which helps his average Aura. He can even deflect bullets using Castigation and Sanative Ward. As for examining his opponents, Takoizu can read moves, weaknesses, and defend well against trick/counter attacks. However, Takoizu has a hard time fighting 3 or more skilled opponents on his own, due to the amount of concentration needed.

Endurance: 6/10

Takoizu has a slightly above-average amount of stamina. He can last up to 18 minutes in non-stop combat before starting show signs of tiring.

Speed: 7/10

Takoizu can run faster than a majority of the crowd, as well as outmaneuver them. It is also noted that Takoizu can avoid bullets with his speed, as well as dodge them with the help of his Semblance. Even still, he is not the fastest. He has a bit of trouble with opponents of greater speed.

Total (Average): 7/10


  • Brooklynne Vigile: Takoizu's best friend. Although she does have romantic feelings for him, Takoizu is unaware of these feelings and continues to be her friend. Takoizu feels as if Brooklynne is another part of him because she is the cause of most of his happiness. Despite this, they have a past that wasn't really noteworthy: she was the shy girl that sat behind him in their 5-6th grade class, she never talked to him and he didn't either.
  • Takoizu goes out of his way to comfort Erden Rache whenever he feels sad. Erden's past also serves as a constant reminder to Takoizu that some people's past are far worse than yours.
  • Takoizu holds suspicion about Wysteria's origins, though he keeps away if he finds himself drawing too close. On a regular basis, he only talks to her whenever she needs something or at lunch as she tends to avoid him.


  • Takoizu adores combat, this is shown by the grin he makes during battle.
  • Takoizu may or may not be in love Brooklynne.
  • Takoizu's personality is based off an elevated version of my care for others.
  • The Sanative part of Sanative Ward came from the idea that plant (green) plus water (blue) equals growth. (Turquoise)
  • Castigation was based off a Nerf Marauder Longsword.
  • Takoizu's color Turqoise comes from his restorative, caring nature, and his name meaning Turquoise in Japanese.


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