"There's over 5,000 types of medicine used in my culture."

"Well, how many do you know?"

"All of them."
— Talcum to Ryland
Talcum Shennong

The Medicine Guy






Viridescent Chuantong and Gem-Coalesced Gan


MaleIcon Male




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Medicine Backpack










145 Pounds

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Green


Injury Scanner

Professional Status

Beacon Academy


1st Year Student




Malva Mnemonic

Personal Status



Jin Lee Shennong (Mother) Bai-Zhi Shennong (Father) Maya Shennong (Sister)

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Talcum Shennong is a first year student at Beacon and the third member of Team METR He is also the group healer.


Talcum wears a simple outfit consisting of a white tunic which buttons up on the left side and a light green collard shirt that fits underneath. His pants are a very light tan, and he wears several belts around his waist to hold medical supplies, as well as other herbs and plants. He wears green boots with white laces and white socks. On his wrist, he wears a mechanical armband that can turn into a diamond shaped shield when pressed.


Talcum is a very ambivalent about things, and doesn't really get used to new ideas and thoughts easily. He is also very kind and patient, but displays a sense of boredom if not fully interested in what's going on. He treats his teammates kindly, and sometimes, besides Ryland, is the only one who really understands what's going on. He is the sense of reason on the team, as he can see things both in a practical and emotional way, while his teammates can only see things in one of the other. Talcum also has the desire to fit in, and hopes to forge his own path through Beacon. He tries to please people but finds it hard to help everyone. Out of all his teammates, he is portrayed as the most loyal, friend-orientated, and understanding, as his family valued those traits. Mica writes back to them often, telling them about his experiences at Beacon. Because of his village's lack of modern technology, Talc gets annoyed easily at things like the Scrolls or airships, but he's learning the hang of it...slowly.


Talcum was born in a very small village on the outskirts of Vale. His family was relatively tiny, with only a mom, dad, and younger eight year old sister, named Maya. The four got along well, and his town was one that valued tradition and remembering the past. It was also one that, because of its far distance from any cities and busy streets, sort of lacked any high-tech technology. Talc had a few friends who he got along with, but they all ended up moving away as their parents wanted to find a new life in the city. Since his mother was a trained healer, Talc grew up learning about herbs, plants, medicine, and the human body. His father was a past Hunter, who was injured in a fight with from Grimm, so he taught his son a little bit in the art of fighting. Their life was simple, but a bit bland, leading Talcum feeling a longing for something more. His wish was unfortunately answered when Maya fell mysteriously ill one day. Nothing that his mother could do could heal her, and it looked like she was going to die. However, Talc was determined to not let that happen, and used his knowledge of plants and herbs to go out searching for the cure for his sister's sickness. He ended up getting lost in the town's nearby forest before finally falling into an underground cavern infested with Grimm. However, in this unfortunate twist of events, he managed to find the certain plant he was looking for. While trying to escape, Talcum woke up the Grimm and was forced to defend himself. He managed to hold the monsters off long enough for rescue to arrive. Afterwards, he gave the cure to his sister and she was healed. Talcum, reflecting on his near-death experience, decided to learn not just how to heal people, but to defend them. He then enrolled in a training academy far away, meaning he had to leave his family, but they accepted his decision. After the years at the academy, Talc applied for Beacon and was accepted.

Weapons and Abilities:

Viridescent Chuántǒng and Gem-Coalesced Gan: Talc's spear and shield, the spear is a long, light tan staff that has been passed down from generation to generation. His father, who had wielded the staff before, gave it to Talcum before he left. The weapon is about five and a half feet, with pieces of white mica embedded into the sides. On the ends of the staff, two diamond shaped emerald green blades are connected and facing outwards. Talc uses his weapon for primarily close ranged fighting. His shield, which he forged at his past training academy for defensive purposes, is a diamond shaped, light green shield that can shrink automatically and go into his wrist band. It is trimmed with white and has an estimated size of 4ft by 5ft.

Talcum is the healer/medic of the team, and has a vast knowledge of medicine and herbs/plants. He doesn't prefer technology and other "new" things, as he grew up learning the old way of healing, but will use them if necessary. Most of his skill comes from his family, who taught him everything he knows, and Talc remembers them by practicing the art. And although this doesn't help much when in battle, it helps when his teammates get injured. He has a very high stamina, and isn't as easily defeated when hurt or hit. Talcum is also a close ranged fighter, which makes fighting long range almost impossible, and has trouble battling fast enemies.


Talc's semblance is called "Medic Scanner" and allows him to scan his friends (or enemies) to find their injuries. He uses this ability not only to heal his friends, but to also see how they are holding up in battle. He can detect where they have been hit, cut, or even bruised, but he can also do this to his enemies. While fighting either the Grimm or another person, Talcum can scan their bodies to see how their health is holding up. This becomes helpful when deciding on where to strike and when. However, Talc's abilities can only be used periodically, and when he does it too much it causes his energy to drain.

Relationship with Teammates:

Malva Mnemonic: Talc respects Malva's reclusive nature and desire to not be leader, as he understands how much pressure being one is. The two get along fairly well, but at times, Talcum does offer to help her in her self-confidence and speaking abilities, feeling that even though she doesn't want to be a leader, she has too. The two work well in battle, and Talc makes sure to look out for Malva's health.

Ember Blaze: Ember often finds Talcum's unwillingness to help her annoying, and Talcum finds Ember's "Team Bonding Times" a bit too much, but besides that, they get along. The two are complete opposites, but somehow they manage not to argue or fight. In battle, Talc often gives Ember advice on what and what not to do, despite the fact she usually ignore him and does whatever she wants.

Ryland Clockwork: Being the only other guy on the team, Ryland and Talc often try and talk to one another about things they can't talk about with Ember and Malva (not that it's really possible, anyways). Both seem to have a respect for the others abilities, and work well in battle. However, Talcum is a bit worried for his teammate, as he knows that Ryland hiding whatever past he has isn't going to help, but is willing to let Ryland take his time in telling his team.


  • Shennong, Mica's last name, derives from Shennong, a legendary ruler in China who helped the advancement of medicine and herbs.
  • Talcum is a type of white powder that is created by crushing Talc rock.
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