"Uhh, I really don't wanna to have do beat the tar outta you, cause I'll have to heal you afterwards."


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Talen Multis
OC Talen2
Age 18
Nickname Doc
Status Active
Color Teal
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Fox
Born December 12th
Handedness Right
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Teal
Height 6'2"
Weight 180 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Cameron "Camo" Vance
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Stella Multis - Sister, Riona Macentire- Fiance
Additional Info
Emblem Flame Fox Emblem
Likes His sister, Riona, lemonade, adventuring, rain, sleeping/naps,
Dislikes children, people getting hurt, sleep deprivation
Special Skills Medical skills, Battle Strategy,tech skills,adaptable
Weaknesses Low firepower , Weak against groups
Character Theme

The Fray - Save a Life


Talen, also known as “Doc” by his friends, is a young faunus male who is slightly taller than average, and has a medium build. He has short-medium length brown hair that looks somewhat unkempt. He also has a long, fluffy tail that matches his hair color, except for the tip which is white. He has a slightly tanned complexion as well as teal colored eyes.

esides his school uniform, Talen's normal gear includes a dark navy blue jacket with teal and gold accented shoulder plating, as well as combat pants and lower leg guards that share the same color scheme. He wears tan combat boots, and a teal tee. He wears one of his weapons in handgun mode in a shoulder holster, and carries the other in machete form across his back. He can usually be seen with a silver flask of lemonade as long as he isn't in a combat situation.


Talen has a very mellow, yet friendly personality that is difficult to disturb. Despite his fear of heights, the dark, and being a bit paranoid at times, Talen can usually keep perfectly calm in any battlefield situation, whether it be in a combat or medical situation. Most of that is due to his go with the flow attitude, however, it is also because he needs to have steady hands for knife combat as well as emergency surgeries. Only a few of things really bother Talen that others know about so far: negative comments about his sister and fiance, when someone interrupts his sleep, and people refusing medical treatment when they need it.

He does not like fighting or confrontation, but when friends or innocents are in danger, Talen will fight mercilessly to ensure the safety of them if diplomacy does not work first. Other than that, it does not take much to get along with Talen, along as you can make friends with him first. He has a habit of being extremely shy around people he does not know, but when he warms up to people, he is insightful and occasionally cracks a joke or two. While Talen has been the target of faunus discrimination, he just shrugs it off and ignores it unless the aggressors become unruly, to which he will try to diffuse the situation.

While Talen does value the schoolwork at Beacon Academy, he tends to procrastinate until the night before and then stays up the whole night to finish his work. He tends to enjoy the social and adventuring aspects more, even though he can sometimes complain about it. Talen is going to Beacon to eventually help people and reduce crime, but he says his true purpose is to find or see something profound, and to go on adventures that he won’t forget, since that was what his sister wanted to do.

Weapons & Abilities

After having most of his original knives, Judex Viate, destroyed, Talen bought himself some new gear with a design that he came up with earlier. He now carries  Virga Acherontis and Sionis Phlegethon.

Virga Acherontis (Rod of Acherontis) is a collabsable shock baton that's a little under three feet powered by electric dust that also has a poisoned blade that can pop out of the bottom. The electric shock caused by the rod is usually not enough to kill, but has the opportunity to cause oppenents with weakend bodys to go into cardiac arrest. The hidden knife is coated in a concentrated depressant that will shut down the victim's organs if exposed to enough of it. When transformed, it becomes a .45 caliber handgun. Talen usually keeps the gun loaded with either hollow-point rounds, but may also carry full metal jacketed rounds if he knows if he will encounter armored opponents.

Sionis Phlegethon (Blade of Phlegethon) is a machete that's blade can heat up to red hot temperatures, due to fire dust, allowing Talen to bend cheaper and thinner metal than his own. It transforms into a climbing axe that can freeze the enemies it pierces, as well as being a useful utiltiy for leverage and climbing difficult areas.

Utilizing his weapons for other than their prowess in combat, Talen also uses his weapons as makeshift medical instruments such as defibulators, scalpels, cauterizers, and wound plugs.

Besides his weapons, Talen carries a few other medical supplies for patching up himself, as well as his team. He carries collapsible syringes with him that contain moderate pain relievers, as well as a couple of all-purpose antidotes for the most common types of poisoning. He also carries needles and thread for stitches, cleaning wipes, and gauze wrap. In the direst of situations, Talen may be able to craft basic medicines if the correct flora is present in the surrounding area.

Talen is unable to use his aura for any kind of major defensive means, unless it to narrowly divert a fatal blow. The main way that Talen utilizes his aura is for its healing abilities. Talen can usually almost instantly heal himself from minor injuries with no trouble, but takes quite a bit out of him when he heals himself from more severe wounds. This causes Talen to be quite lax with his defenses, due to his reduced recovery time compared to most others.

Talen’s semblance is called Spatial Suture; it is activated by enclosing Talen's hands in glyphs, and then him touching the other person's wound he is using his semblance on. Once the wound has been touched, Talen can transfer battle damage, as well as pain from his target to himself. Since it can only go from someone else to Talen, it cannot be used as a weapon, but only as a way to heal others. The only benefit is that Talen can heal more quickly thatn others, and chooses to take the brunt of injuries to himself.

Aside from combat, Talen is quite sufficient at cooking, as well as mixing drinks; he also enjoys to sing, but not in front of large crowds. Electronics and computers are one of Talen’s natural talents as well; this usually means he is able to hack through computers that have a basic level of security.

Fighting Style

Talen's weapons make him a great support for any team; his weapons allow him to weaken and incapacitate opponents, but for the most part lack the raw power to deliver a finishing blow in the heat of battle, unless the enemey has been severely weakened.

Talen is adept at fighting with smaller bladed and blunt weapons, but posseses basic skill with firearms as well. Using hollow-point or FMJ ammunition, Talen can cause substantial damage to opponents before they reach him, allowing him to incapacite them easier.

Talen also changes the way he fights depending on his opponent. He tries to hold back against other people if he can, trying to knock them unconscious if he can, but shows no signs of compassion against Grimm and those he deems unforgivable.


Talen and his twin sister, Stella, were adopted by a pair of human parents that were not well off in an attempt to monetize off of raising Faunus children because of their “hearts of gold.” Unfortunately for them, the only thing they received from their plan was dirty looks and coarse comments from humans and faunus alike.  The parents were not physically abusive, but did start to use their words to threaten and cajole the two into getting jobs when they realized that the spotlight had moved from them now that they were not babies anymore. Giving almost all of their money to “earn their keep,” the twins spent the next couple of years saving to help fund their goals. Stella wanted to be a Huntress; to be able to adventure, help people, make friends, and generally do the right thing. Talen had no clue what he was going to do, so he branched out in many different fields, not quite finding his place in any. Finally, his sister coaxed Talen to save and buy a weapon to help her out on her occasional hunts for Beowolves that were alone.

After a little bit of training, the two made a good pair, Stella using fire dust with a pair of scimitars, and Talen with a dagger that utilized ice dust to freeze what he cut. Soon after realizing that she was pretty good at fighting creatures of Grimm, Stella applied to Signal Academy, to start her journey to become a huntress, while Talen found an apprenticeship at a hospital. Eventually, both siblings were making a somewhat steady income; Talen was now a surgeon’s assistant at the hospital, while Stella was getting commissions to clear out groups of low-level Grimm. These savings accumulated until the twins pooled their money together to where they bought a small house. Midway through that year, both siblings took a break from their business and went to visit their “parents” for a couple of nights, and they found that their adoptive parents had adopted two more Faunus children in another attempt to capture glory. This must have angered someone or some group, because when Talen returned to the house later that night from his apprenticeship, it was ablaze. Aware that there were five lives that were possibly in mortal danger, Talen rushed into the house to help in some way. In the end, the parents had fled the scene, abandoning their “children” and never to be seen again, but Talen was able to save his sister, who rushed in to save the children. Despite her use of fire, Stella was burned very badly in her effort to shield the babies from the flames; in this she was victorious, but had not fared nearly as well herself. She had sustained too many burns and had inhaled too much smoke; she was fading fast. Talen started screaming and crying, nearly terrifying the small children in the process. This was when Talen first discovered his semblance; greenish-blue glyphs appeared around Talen and his sister, but other than that, nothing else happened. At that time, Talen didn’t know why his semblance failed, but later found out that it would not work when one of the individuals in the glyph is deceased.

No one, not even the police ever did figure out who had set that fire that night. Since there was an investigation of her death by the police, Talen did not get his sisters personal effects until right before her funeral, but did not really have time to look through them until later. Soon after the fire, Talen Started working extra shifts at the hospital to keep food on the table for the faunus children his sister had given her life for. Once life was back to semi-normalcy, Talen was able to look through his sister’s belongings and found a packet from his sister. Inside it was a letter addressed to Talen from his sister; it was supposed to be given to him when Stella left for Beacon Academy. It essentially stated that Talen could use his medical talents to their fullest, and help even more people as a huntsman, but to do that, he would have to go to an academy to do so. Within the packet she had written a letter of recommendation for him, and also included a list of other attributes that Talen should practice and hone before applying. On the back of the letter, Stella wrote, “All that matters is that you have fun, and that will make me the happiest sister in the world.” Along with the papers, Talen found Stella’s old weapons, maps, and hunting records. Knowing full well that at least the next few months would be intensely busy, Talen left the faunus kids in the care of an older couple that were close with the twins. Before leaving, Talen melted down his and his sister’s weapons to forge a set of knives that could be used with various types of dust.

The next four or five months consisted of Talen hunting in Forever Fall, tracking creatures of Grimm, as well as aiding the few people he saw in the forest; mainly huntsmen who were on the same mission as Talen. Healing a few of their wounds, he was able to become more practiced in his semblance as well as learn a few new tips and tricks. When he thought he had done all he could, Talen sent away his transcript with all of his combat records, tests, and letters of recommendation. A few days later a letter returned from Beacon, confirming his acceptance; it had only been by the skin of his teeth that he had made it in. The one thing that pushed Talen’s application over the edge was the acceptance letter from Stella. With the few days Talen had before leaving for Beacon, he visited a couple of places: to visit the two faunus children, to lock up his house, and finally to visit his sisters grave; to thank her for all that she had done for him. Talen now heads to board the airship to go to beacon with the words of his sister filling his mind, “Just have fun.”

While at Beacon, Talen has went through the initiation, became the leader of team TCTA (Terracotta), fallen for another student, and has gotten engaged.


 *Talen's first name is a play off of the color teal

  • Talen's last name, Multis, means many, which relates to his weapons and how they use differnt types of dust
  • The name of Stefan's weapons: Acherontis and Phlegethon, are references to two of the rivers in hell, pain, and burning
  • When Talen sleeps, he typically uses his tail as a pillow
  • TalenCar

    Talen's car he is working on

    When extremely impared, Stefan has been known to spontaneously burst into song, dance, or both but won't remember when he returns to normal later
  • Talen enjoys to drive, especially in his car, which is classic muscle


Talen was drawn by me. The emblem was made by Demetri Anacona. Thanks again Demetri!

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