The forest doesn't change unless we force it to.
— Talis Ebonmere

Talis Ebonmere
Age 18
Title Student
Alias NightShield
Nickname RustBucket, Gentle Giant
Status Active
Color Ebony
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born Unknown
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion pale
Hair wet straw
Eyes blue-grey
Semblance Electromagnetic Impulse
Height 6'9
Weight 330
Professional Status
Social Rank Student
Affiliation Shade
Partner Enyasi Gorestin
Occupation Student/Tinkerer/CrimeFighter
Personal Status
Relatives Thomas Ebonmere (Father, deceased), Sylvia Luminos (Step-mom, deceased), Sapphire Luminos (Step-sister)
Additional Info
Signature 50px
Emblem 50px
Likes Studying, tinkering, reading, fighting, killing Grimm
Dislikes rain, rust, loud noises, broken mechanics, bullies, White Fang,
Special Skills Hacking, Coding, Engineering, Fighting, Survival skills
Weaknesses Fire, Blunt Impacts, overthinks things
Battle Theme

Robot Rock-Daft Punk
Battle Theme

Breaking Benjamin-I will not bow

Talis was born in a small mining village situated halfway between Vale and Vacuo. The village consisted of a roughly equal amount of Faunus and Humans, and had seven hundred people at its' height. His father, Thomas, was the village's resident mechanic, and was responsible for maintaining the village's defense systems, which consisted of stone walls lined with AI controlled turrets. His mother died in a Grimm attack shortly after Talis was born, and when he was two, his father married Sylvia Luminos, a Doe Faunus huntress with a year-and-a-half old daughter of her own.

Throughout his childhood, Talis split his time between learning how to fight, and learning how to build like his father. He frequently fought with his sister, Sapphire, but they would usually laugh after their fights. The two experienced a mental bond not unlike that experienced by twins, and

Talis saw his first Grimm attack from atop the village wall at the age of four, and throughout his young life, the attacks only intensified. He unlocked his aura at the age of nine in the training room while sparring with his sister, much to her chagrin.

A year after that, his sister unlocked her aura, and the two resumed their rivalry.

Four years later, a vicious Grimm attack killed his stepmother, along with a large number of the village's fighting force. Shortly after that, a large group of White Fang militants attacked the village, "Freeing" the Faunus and killing or exiling the humans. The White Fang killed his father, destroyed his defenses and split him and his sister apart.

Talis tried to fight the White Fang, as he'd constructed a suit of armor. He beat down several of the militants before being attacked by a black haired Rhino Faunus with a horn. The lieutenant, Wielding a shotgun ball and chain, the Rhino fought Talis one on one, and was able to beat Talis with ease. He gave Talis a cut with his hook, running from his chin to his right ear. The resulting scar is one reason why Talis doesn't show his face often.

Talis, like the other human children, was forced out of the village at gunpoint. Talis tried to keep the other kids alive, but they all either ran away from him or tried to steal his things. Discouraged, Talis broke off from the remaining children and snuck back into the village in the dead of night. He stole back some of his father's guns, as well as the remnants of his armor. He threw it on his father's wagon and drove it off, losing the White Fang pursuit in the woods.

Talis discovered his semblance by accident two weeks after the attack, as he sat by a fire. A shadow came to him, with a form like his sister's. While Talis was initially angry at the shadow for deceiving him, he grew to appreciate it, and what it could do. Talis learned that the shadow could help him keep his armor running, and keep the battle wagon online.

After a year of wandering, living day to day on what he could find and fighting off Grimm, Talis was found by a wandering hunter and escorted to Vacuo, where his remarkable tale of survival got him enrolled in a combat school. He got put into foster care, where he met Enyasi Gorestin. Although her wild ways initially disconcerted him, he grew to care for her, and the two became good friends. Both hated the place, but Talis was able to convince Enyasi that staying was in her best interest, at least until they had enough money to live on their own. It was then that Talis began working on his first set of military grade armor.

His first day at Dunduo combat school was eventful, as he was singled out as part of the "Poor Posse". Talis ignored the hecklers for the most part, but got into several fights during his time at Dunduo.

At school, Talis excelled in combat, engineering and most of his classes, especially computer science, where his work in computer security got him recognition and a kingdom wide award. Things were going great for Talis, but he was bored with school. He got caught hacking into several bully's scrolls in his last year, which nearly got him expelled. With that hanging over him, Talis took Shade's initiation test and excelled. Despite his hacking, he was accepted into Shade, where he ended up leading a team with Enyasi Gorestin, Cappollo Helios, and Heicui Jadian


Character Attributes
Alignment: Neutral good
Strength: 9/10 Aura: 8/10
Defense: 9/10 Agility: 4/10
Endurance: 10/10 Technique: 5/10
Intelligence: 8/10 Leadership: 5/10
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A
  Forging 9/10
  Hacking 8/10
  mechanics 9/10
  marksmanship 7/10



When not in his armor, Talis is well-muscled, with a six pack and fairly large biceps. He maintains this by lifting weights and sparring. This is also helped by his Semblance, which speeds up his metabolism. This metabolism boost doesn't give Talis increased reflexes, but it does burn fat and help build and maintain muscle.

Facial structure

His eyes are sharp and narrow, and his pupils are blue with grey streaks. His hair is the color of wet straw, and it is rather unruly, either because Talis wears a full helm all the time, or because he just doesn't care enough to brush it. Talis also has a scar running from the left side of his chin almost to his ear, where the Rhino Faunus had cut him.
Talis Ebonmere's Stats :

Primary Role Tank
Secondary Role Fighter
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


When not in armor, Talis wears a single eye visor that provides him with his HUD. It has infrared capabilities, and comforts him. He wears a shiny black leather jacket with silver buttons over a mechanic's work shirt, and black mesh pants with a red stripe running down them. He wears a sweatband both in and out of armor, the better to keep his eyes working. He often wears a tool belt.


Talis towers over most people at 6'9, but his armor adds three inches to his height. Without his armor, he weighs 330 pounds. His armor weighs about 130, making his weight about 460 pounds when in armor.

Of the 130 pounds of armor, 50 of those pounds are mechanics, including pneumatic pistons on the limbs, and the dust generator inside. Of the 80 pounds left, 70 pounds are outside armor. Dust infused titanium makes up 69.5 pounds of this, the other .5 pounds is synthetic diamond studs placed throughout the armor.

The other ten pounds consists of two layers of impact absorbing material on the inside. Most of this is a thick layer of soft, impact absorbing polymer, like Sorbothane. Beneath that is the mehanics of the armor, then a very thin layer of Kevlar.

This isn't counting the shields. They're constructed from the same material as his armor, and fold into the arms when not in use. Constructed from titanium as well, but she shields are relatively wide, backed with fire resistant material. The shields are squarish, with the wide end pointing down his arms. The shields narrow at three of the edges, forming razor sharp blades.


His armor is black with red trim, and it makes him significantly heavier than he normally is. His helmet covers his entire face, with a red tinted visor underneath the metal. This visor serves several purposes, including giving him a HUD. The visor compensates for sudden bursts of light or lack thereof, and can really help when visibility is an issue.


Now the Dark begins to rise...Save your breath, it's far from over
— Breaking Benjamin

Mechanized full plate style armor made out of a dust-titanium alloy with synthetic diamond studs. His armor has two forms, variations and built in weapons. Powered by a reactor that can take dust or convert small amounts of metal into energy. An ice dust cooling system is usable in emergencies. Usually Talis will use his Semblance to reduce power costs to the point where he can fight on his battery alone, but he resorts to dust or metal power in a prolonged fight. Power is stored in a battery which can last for two hours of flight time, or a few days of walking. Fighting with his ranged weapons can drain his battery much faster. His armor has an internal cache of dust for emergency usage, but Talis prefers not to use that if he can avoid it. His armor also is compatible with a diagnostic booth and software that Talis created. This allows him to repair his armor without resorting to a full refit every time.

Standard form

Laser rifles built into arms, mechanized arms and legs, flight capability using thrusters built into the bottom of the feet. Main weapon: retractable rectangular razor edged shields built into both arms. The shields and arms possess powerful hydraulics capable of launching foes skyward or even stunning large-ish Grimm.

Assault form

Laser rifles' barrels split into laser Gatling guns. Guns can be overclocked for a massive barrage of energy. The shields are reintegrated into the armor. Hydraulics in arms are significantly stronger, and flight capabilities are undiminished. Note: Laser gatlings are very draining. Talis typically uses these only on heavy targets that he can be safe on hitting, or when the team is being swarmed. Needs dust or heavy use of his semblance to fuel this form's typical output for anything longer than a few minutes.

Dust usage

Talis doesn't use dust much, other than to power his armor or cool it down in a pinch. Electric and ice dust are the only types he uses. His armor is infused with Ice dust and electric dust in the alloy, to protect from cold, and to divert the energy from electric attacks to his batteries.

Armor usage

Talis wears his armor almost all the time, and is often found tinkering with it or with another version of it. He keeps his spare suits in his dorm, and his second best one is in his locker.


Talis's armor can fly, using thrusters in the bottom of his feet, combined with gyroscopic stabilizers built into his armor and smaller thrusters built onto either side of his lasers. These can be used as a short range kinetic weapon, capable of throwing an enemy, but is inefficient. Takeoff takes very little time, almost none at all, but he cannot fly forever. Flying uses more energy than his semblance can replace, and he will eventually run out of power.

Talis's armor can hit a maximum speed of 140 KPH, but can only keep this up for a maximum of a half an hour before his systems overheat. His armor is capable of accelerating fast, reaching 100 KPH (60 MPH) in 4.3 seconds. Fighting in the air can drain Talis's batteries quickly, and is either used for short bursts, to gain a tactical advantage, or when no other option presents itself.

Fighting without armor

Talis is a versatile fighter, and can fight without his armor. When forced to do so, he wields his shields, along with a much lighter mechanical enhancement on his arms.

Fighting Style


Talis is a defensive fighter, preferring to let his enemies come to him. His armor protects his aura from most hits, and it takes heavy firepower to damage it. In a team situation, he prefers to be the point man, taking hits so that his faster teammates can avoid damage.

He can use his defensive reputation to his advantage, changing into assault mode and attacking with full force, but typically only after establishing a pattern of defensiveness. Talis is a strategic fighter, and most of his actions are deliberate and planned. He's cunning, analyzing his foes and their attack patterns before striking.

Talis's favorite weapon is his razor edged shields.

Up Close

Talis is proficient in Muay Thai, and a martial art of his own development

Muay Thai

Talis learned Muay Thai from a patient instructor at Dunduo combat school, one of the lesser combat schools in Vacuo. He learned it out of armor, at the insistence of his teacher. In armored combat, Talis prefers to use punches and straight kicks, but is more than capable of dealing with a challenger with a surprise elbow or knee.

The way of the Shield

Talis took the teachings of Muay Thai he learned from Dunduo combat school and adapted it into his own style, a style that focuses more on defense than offense. Unlike Muay Thai, The way of the shield uses shields on both arms to block and deflect blows. Shield bashes and parries are used instead of forearm blocks, and it focuses much more on the punches and kicks than Muay Thai. Grapples are not focused on in the way of the shield, because this is a martial art designed to kill Grimm.



Strong, but not Titanic. Without his armor, Talis is still able to take quite some damage before faltering. He's adept at using it to defend himself.


Talis mainly uses his aura for defense, blunting extreme blows so that his armor can take the punishment. He can use his aura offensively, but unless he's forced to he doesn't, preferring to only use it for a finishing blow. His aura is red when used as such, and appears merely as a flash of red underneath his armor. Unlike most fighters, Talis utilizes his aura as a second line of defense, mainly to reinforce his armor if a blow would damage it. This saves aura, but also can hurt. Talis rations his aura to last throughout a fight, but also has to keep in mind his power levels.


In his armor, Talis is bulky and slow on foot, but much faster in the air. His armor uses a lot of power, though, which can be a problem in long fights. Talis needs to concentrate to use his Semblance's active effect, which can allow enemies to get hits where they otherwise wouldn't if he uses it. In addition, Talis's heavy armor doesn't protect him against blunt impacts, which still hurt his aura levels.

As with most armor, his joint armor is thinner than his chestpiece, and can cause him to use more aura to defend.

While cold doesn't bother him, Excessive heat can travel through his metal armor and damage his armor's internal mechanisms over time, and he hates heat to begin with. most instances of electricity don't bother him too much, due to his armor's design of wires leading to the batteries, but excessive electricity can prove problematic. As with all mechanical fighters, Talis fears the EMP.

Talis needs to keep an eye on his power supplies and on his aura levels during a fight, which shows up in his HUD as two bars across the top and bottom. This can prove distracting, however Talis has grown used to it.


He may look like a robot, but he feels like the rest of us...Don't let his armor fool you on that
— Cappollo, on Talis Ebonmere

Talis doesn't really trust most people, and so interactions can be tough. He's an intelligent guy, constantly on a computer or studying. Sometimes he's found at the sparring room, but he goes there merely to watch unless someone wishes to challenge him, or unless he wants to fight a specific opponent. Talis fights like he works: meticulous, premeditated and he doesn't pull any punches.

Talis is melancholy, and doesn't like to be reminded of his past. Indeed, the only person on his team who knows about his past is Enyasi.


Talis is...scary. His black armor and...Just...He'll look at you and you know he can see your weaknesses.
— Merrico Scarlette

Talis doesn't have many friends, but those who have earned his trust find him unswervingly loyal, even if he doesn't say much. He has no respect for bullies, and will go out of his way to make their lives difficult. If he sees someone beating up another student, he will intervene. Talis does have a humorous side, but he doesn't show his feelings often.


Being generally untrusting, Talis finds leading a team stressful. He can't help but feel unprepared for the job, even when he's successful. Talis is a fairly strict leader, trying to make his team the best fighters they can be. He's not a very good speaker, however, and his tendency to overthink things can slow his reactions in large scale combat scenarios. (Managing four people in combat is difficult for him, and he can sometimes become overwhelmed by sudden tactical plays) Despite his obvious ineptitude at speaking, he tries the hardest he can to lead well. He takes his responsibility as team leader very seriously.

Talis prefers to get his teammates' input on team decisions, but during battle expects his team to act like his armor...that is, a well oiled machine. He can be a bit obsessive sometimes, but will apologize if he crosses a line. He can be a bit stubborn, but usually a few words from Enyasi can convince him if he's wrong.

Semblance: Bioelectric impulse

Semblance type: Utility


When Talis uses his semblance's active effect, his entire body begins glowing slightly. The electricity he controls directly is a tealish color. 

Passive effects:

His body generates electricity, which is stored in his skeletal structure. His body naturally attracts electricity, and uncontained electric energy will arc towards him. Talis can control this energy, as long as it's in an electrically conductive material touching him, such as metal from his armor or within his own body. 

Dust Interaction:

Electric dust: Talis can absorb electric dust like he can electricity. 

Active Effects:

Quadruples the stored power of a battery/batteries touching or in Talis's body. Power created in this manner lasts for a hal hour before dissipating, leaving Talis with the same amount of power he had before, if he hasn't used it up before the time limit is reached. 


Active effect cannot be used while there is no passive regeneration. Active effect Best used while batteries are full or near full. Talis can control his electricity, but only to keep it from shocking others touching him or within an electricity bearing material, such as a metal. It can be brought to the surface of his skin if he's fighting without armor, or be channeled through his armor's metal surface. Anything beyond that is simply beyond him. No matter how fast he uses the excess energy from his active effect, the passive effect is gone for half an hour.   

Talis is proficient in Muay Thai, but he doesn't like fighting without his armor. It leaves him feeling "Naked".   


Is seemingly annoyed by Enyasi, but has grown used to keeping her wildness in check. Enjoys Heicui's company, as the boy without fear doesn't judge him based on his size or armor. He doesn't appreciate it when Cappollo Helios tries to steal his armor, but has grown used to the sight of her trying to put the thing on.

Despite his annoyance at his team's quirks, he cares for them. He'll take a heavy hit to spare a teammate without flinching, and after a major fight he is always seen carrying Enyasi back to their dorm while she snores on his shoulder.


A black shield rimmed with red. Teal Gears are emblazoned onto it.

Property: The Battle Wagon

Talis owns and maintains a modified, very large, off road automobile that he calls "The battle wagon". It features a much larger battery than his armor, and serves as a mobile home, repair station and smelter. It has four built in guns, but they are largely ineffective against anything stronger than a Beowolf.

Comic Relief

Talis often turns heads when he goes anywhere, simply because of his sheer size and armor's weight. He dislikes this, and sometimes will stay inside merely because he doesn't want to be gawked at.

Talis knows his armor's capabilities better than his own.

Talis's reaction to Enyasi's antics is often simply a long, drawn out sigh.

The few times Talis finds himself without his armor, he feels insecure and weak, despite the fact that he's 6'9 and built. This leads to much ridicule, even from his friends. Enyasi calls him "The Gentle Giant" because of this.

Talis is rather insecure of his size, feeling "Like an Ursine", especially compared to smaller people.

Talis does not do well around people of the feminine persuasion, especially if they get flirty. Enyasi seems to be the lone exception to this rule. When Talis blushes, his entire face turns beet red, and he'll avert his gaze. Cappollo will tease him to no end, until Enyasi loses patience.

Enyasi took him to a club once to dance. Talis insisted on wearing his armor. It got awkward when the bouncer asked what kind of instruments the armor had in it. They had to leave, as the club had a "No lethal weapons" policy.

Enyasi took Talis back, this time after convincing him to leave the armor at home. Enyasi found them a table and got Talis a drink, since he looked about ready to run away. It took her fifteen minutes to get a drink, and when she got back, two (half drunk) young ladies were trying to flirt with him, and Talis was desperately looking around for Enyasi. Enyasi let him go another half hour before she rescued him, just because his reactions were so damned funny. Talis was not amused.

Talis can't dance, but he can program his armor to dance for him. He once lasted an entire half hour on a dance floor with Enyasi...Until she playfully knocked him over, the armor's head fell off, and she found him two minutes later, hiding in the men's room. Enyasi pulled Talis back home by his ear, and didn't speak to Talis for a week after that one.


Talis's first name is an allusion to Teal, a bluish green, but his last name, Ebonmere, alludes to Ebony, a shade of Black.

Talis's armor design was inspired partially by the Marvel Character Iron Man (My personal favorite Avenger) and partially by the medieval Knight's heavy design.

I've given the hell up on getting this OC accepted. Reverting Talis to original Semblance and armor specs, because I'm not gonna take the armor out.

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