I'm not sure what's worse: facing Goodwitch on a bad day, or one of these things on a good day.
— Adrian D'ambert
Title Wahtani
Classification Komodo dragon
Ranking A (when alone)
Abilities Grymfire (Dark fire)

Poisonous bite

Claw strikes

Strength Large size

Incredible strength Nigh-inpenetrable armoured hide Extra eyes

Weakness While enormous, the Wahtani is quite slow, only as fast as a sprinting human.

If shot in the right place, the bullet will penetrate the brain, killing it instantly.


The Tarakona is a Grimm that resembles a Komodo dragon, only much larger. Black, lined with glowing red veins and covered in a spiky armoured carapace, these creature sightings are few and far between, but are no less dangerous for it. They are one of the largest Creatures of Grimm on the planet, the largest sighted measuring 50 meters in length.

Additional Information

Because these creatures are very destructive and dangerous, whenever one is sighted within dangerous range of civillian populations, most activities are halted immediately, and the most skilled Hunters in the area are called in to kill the monster. No Hunter has ever faced a Tarakona in solo combat, and lived to tell the tale.

An important note: Do NOT engage when around offspring. When they are attacked within the vicinity of hatchlings, they become more aggressive, willing to defend their children to the death.

Recommended Tactics

  • To limit casualties, ensure that no civillians are in the immediate area.
  • Make sure that you have the upper hand in every way possible.
  • Take care not to touch the saliva on your bare skin. The solution can cause horrific burns, is extremely corrosive, and toxic to the environment.
  • The best place to be when physically on the Tarakona is it's back, just behind it's neck. While it can possibly see you, it cannot turn it's head far enough for it to be of a major threat.
  • Be careful when trying to hide from the creature. The extra eyes can move independently, removing all blind spots. So always make sure that cover is readily available
  • If hit enough times, the creature's armour plating will become brittle, and shed after a number of hits.
  • If possible, keep the creature's head still. If aimed correctly, a bullet fired at it's nostril will pierce the sinus cavity and puncture the brain, killing it instantly. This is rare, and impossible to perform without help.

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