"I’m always here for you" - Tasker

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"I still plan on pursuing my dream one day, but right now there is only one person I really want to help" - Celia


Name: Celia

Age: 17

Gender: Female 

Race: Human

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 122 lbs

Hair: Blonde


Name: Tasker

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Black


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Celia is naturally fun, outgoing, intuitive, and an all around social girl. Due to the fact that Celia grew up in such a small village she is always ready to go out and explore whatever the world has to offer her. She can be somewhat naïve at times, always looking for the best in others, and she is rather quirky in her actions despite being so intelligent. The best way to describe Celia is brave. Despite having her own fears or doubts at times, Celia will never hesitate to act upon an opportunity. To Celia life is to short to shelter ones self from the unknown and firmly believes that to truly live you need to take in all you can while you still have time to. Celia has always been a bit spoiled by Tasker while growing up, but it hasn't ruined her personality. Instead Celia has used Tasker as a role model in life. Learning the importance of family, responsibility, and doing not what is easy, but rather what is right are the things she has taken from the example Tasker has set. As much as she loves her brother, she does feel that at times he can be.......a bit the wrong situations.

Tasker is quiet, hard working, and strong. Tasker is can be somewhat shy and never has too much to say unlike his sister, but despite his somewhat introverted personality Tasker is a good man at heart. Always willing to put himself before others and firmly standing for what he believes is right are qualities Tasker possesses that are unmatched by anyone. Tasker is a bit dense sometimes; when flustered, embarrassed, or taken by surprise, he tends not to think clearly and can end up being a bit of a goofball. Tasker does have issues with abandonment making him not so quick to trust others. As a result of this distrust Tasker forced himself to grow up too fast and as a result he has missed out on a big portion of his childhood. Thanks to the many good people Tasker was surrounded by growing up he has been able to heal, but to this day still retains his stern exterior. More like a father brother at times, Tasker will always go above and beyond to protect his little sister whether it be from Grimm or worse........teenage boys.


Chapter 1: Tasker

Tasker and Celia are siblings who grew up in a small rural village in the northeastern regions of Vytal. The children’s father had walked out on the family just prior to Celia was born so the two had been primarily raised by their mother. By the time Tasker turned 13 and Celia 8 their mother had passed away due to sickness that had swept through the town. Normally a city would have appointed guardianship of the children to a close relative or foster family, but Tasker and Celia had no other relatives and deep down Tasker had issues trusting other people since his father left, putting everything he had emotionally into his mother. Hating the thought of him and his sister being left to strangers he firmly stated that he was the only one who could raise Celia and demanded the right to do so. The township after much debate decided to allow Tasker guardianship over his sister Celia, simply believing that he would eventually fail and teach him that this was a matter for adults to handle.  The citizens of the town did not leave Tasker to fend for himself though. Tasker and Celia's mother had been loved by many of the townsfolk and soon every friend, neighbor, and good hearted soul began coming by to see how the children were doing, giving help when needed, and teaching Tasker how to properly run a home. Later on Tasker was able to pick up a number of different manual labor jobs as a way of earning much needed money for him and his sister. This truly was the perfect example of how it takes a village to raise children.

At the age of 17 Tasker had learned many lessons and had more than proven himself a capable guardian. His sister Celia was even growing up to be quite the intellectual for someone as young as 12. Celia would brag to her brother each day that she wanted to study dust and its connections to medicine and invent new ways to save lives. Deep down Tasker knew that this passion for medicine was brought about by Celia losing their mother and felt that he wasn't doing good enough in raising his sister. With his own personal savings he went out and bought her a heap of books, and dust samples to help feed her curiosity and help her grow. Tasker was so proud of his sister who was gifted with such intelligence. Where he worked with his body she could work using her mind. How many years had she spent with her nose in a book, or her hands in some new contraption. Heck half the time he thought the girl would blow the roof off the house with whatever it was she was playing with. So young, yet so clever.....but he knew that she couldn't get what she needed here, not in this backwater place. What Celia needed was a proper education, which wasn’t cheap, so Tasker committed himself each day to work himself to his limit and earn as much as he possibly could in order to prepare for Celia’s future.

It had been 3 years since Tasker began his goal. He was fast approaching his objective and dreamed of the day he could send Celia off to a good school. On one ill-omened night however Tasker awoke to his worst nightmare, his sister had vanished from the house! How could this have happened, is she playing some kind of joke, did someone take her, is she lost? These questions flooded Taskers mind as he ran out into the village going door to door looking for his sister. Soon it became clear that his sister was not the only one missing. Children from all over the town had vanished from their beds leaving mothers and fathers in a state of fear and panic. Quickly Tasker and members of the village rallied together and spread out into the surrounding wilderness in hopes to find their missing children. The wilderness around the village held relatively few dangers; the occasional bear was the only real danger as Grimm never seemed to wander near their territory. As the search went further and further into the wilderness Tasker eventually found himself separated from the others and continued his search for his sister and the other missing children alone. That is until he came across a cabin, or rather it came across him.

Tasker could hardly believe his eyes, it was a cabin with the legs of a bird, and it was walking! Tasker was shocked, but had just found his first and only lead and decided to follow the cabin until it stopped and perched itself in the middle of a clearing. As Tasker approached one of the windows he saw something he had never seen, even in his worst of nightmares. It was the children, or rather what was left of them. Tasker quickly looked away, covering his mouth as he began to feel sick. He couldn’t bear the thought that his sister was somewhere in that mess. His beloved sister, the only family he had left in the world was gone and he was alone. As Tasker lay crouched by the window trying to sort through it all he suddenly heard a scream. There was no mistaking that voice, it was Celia! He broke through the door and found his sister huddled in a corner cowering from the horror inside the cabin. It was tall, covered in black torn feather, hands and feet like talons, and a white face that almost that was a cross between an old crone and a bird. Tasker had heard stories of such a monster, the ancient Grimm Baba Yaga, an exceptionally terrifying Grimm who wandered the world devouring the hearts of children. Tasker had thought this was merely a myth meant to scare children, but here it was standing right before his eyes. Without a second thought Tasker had lunged at the beast with ferocity unknown even to himself. The Grimm was not prepared for the onslaught brought on by the young man. Years of working his body had given Tasker an unimaginable amount of strength. Celia watched as her brother fought off the monster, he looked so wild, so caught up in the battle that it looked as if he was radiating with a red hot glow. To anyone Tasker would have looked like a wild beast ready to tear apart whoever got close, but to Celia’s eyes all she saw was the brother who raised and loved her every day of her life. Tasker had beaten the monster into the ground and with great relief found his sister unharmed. He turned around to face his sister and began walking towards her and in that moment Tasker found…….nothing. Blackness had taken him, he felt cold, it he could not speak, and he was alone.

He suddenly awoke somewhere in the forest, the Cabin had vanished, there was no trace left of the Grimm, but most importantly no trace left of his sister. Tasker at this point had been broken, left with nothing he wandered into through the forest aimlessly. As he approached the edge of the forest and exited into the next clearing he found himself inside a library. “Wait, when did I get here, why am I not in the forest?” Tasker felt confused and disoriented and couldn’t understand what had happened. He looked up to explore his new surroundings. There were books on subjects Tasker had never heard of, piled on bookshelves that seemingly went on forever. As he made his way into the next hall he discovered a motel room now. Tasker was beginning to think that he was going mad; perhaps the thought of losing his sister was getting to him, warping his sense of time. It was the only explanation; he ventured out into a town he had never seen before, rather it was a city, and a large one at that. Having no memory of how he traveled to such a metropolis Taskers first priority was to figure out where he was and how he could get home. Before he could even find his way to the cities exit Tasker was suddenly faced with an Ursa! “What the hell kind of sick game is this!” he shouted as his voice echoed through the forest he now found himself in.  Infuriated he unleashed his rage on his newfound foe.  With a single strike the Ursa had been launched back crashing through a tree. The Ursa had no desire to stick around after the beating and quickly ran off. Alone again Tasker was left with no answers and even more questions. He couldn’t take it anymore, these blackouts, the constant confusion, and the now meaningless life without his sister. Tasker never had any goals or ambitions of his own as he had dedicated his life to raising Celia. He was left contemplating to himself the reason why he would go on or what he could do next. Lost in thought he did not realize that his location had once again changed to what looked like a girl’s room. Littered with makeup, stuffed Ursa, and achievement hunter posters, Tasker had finally figured it out…….he had gone absolutely 100% crazy, that is until he looked upon a letter on the desk in front of him entitled, to my loving brother Tasker.

Tasker couldn’t believe it at first, but he recognized the hand writing, it was Celia’s.  He opened the envelope and began reading. “Dear Tasker, I hope you have been doing well. It has taken me quite some time to come to this conclusion but despite how crazy it seems, I know you are alive. I don’t know if you remember anything of the night 6 months ago when I was abducted but you had saved my life”. Tears welled up in Tasker making it harder for him to read on but he wiped off his eyes and continued to read on. “I know that it may be difficult as your sense of time is likely to be a bit off but I have been traveling in search of information of how to bring you back.” “Bring me back? What the heck is she talking about, I’m right here, good as ever?” He read on, “you may not know this but the night you saved me from Baba Yaga, you died! The moment you had turned your back on the Grimm to rescue me, it got up with the last of it's strength and attacked you from behind, devouring your heart in the process.” Tasker couldn’t believe what he was reading, he had a heartbeat, he had no scars, and no recollection of what Celia described. Why was his sister saying all of these insane things? He began to read faster now; “Still weak from the fight, the Baba Yaga and the strange cabin fled deep into the forest, and I was left alone. I didn’t know what to do, you were dead and I was scared, I didn’t want to lose you like mom so I tried I to save you. On the night the grim came for me I had been working on my dream project. Maybe I held on to it in panic, or maybe I knew that you would need me. Whatever the case was I had it and was going to save you with it. I call it the Link. The base theory comes from a procedure for use on those suffering heavy trauma or critical injury as a means of stabilizing a patients aura as a way of preserving the body for later treatment. The Link goes a step further you see. Instead of stabilizing aura I worked to transfuse it. If aura is the reflection of our soul and we can interact with it, why should we not be able to share it? My idea was to use ones aura to not only maintain but heal the aura of another person. It sounds a bit strange but its really not that far fetched when you think about it. You see I first begin by modifying a standard dust capacitor to compensate for a large quantity of energy produced by two people. Then by taking a runix circuit and making some clever use out of a gahtchicon you could then……” Tasker began looking puzzled “Celia always did have a knack for confusing me with science jargon. Maybe I’ll skip ahead a bit.” As Tasker jumped a few lines ahead he began reading again. “Now I’m sure you skipped over a lot of the incredibly important details I tried outlining for you so let me try and explain it in a way you can understand. Right now you are on what is essentially a life support, but for your aura. So right now your consciousness is in fact a manifestation of your own aura. Honestly I don't understand it all myself. My original theory was intended to connect two auras in a donor/receiver relationship. Perhaps since you....since your body wasn't producing an aura the Link took whatever was left of you and bonded it to me. I never thought something like this would happen, or even could happen. I just wanted to save you. I just wanted to give you a chance, to be there like you were always there for me, I just wanted…….I’m so sorry Tasker. I have experienced a number of blackouts since that night and have been doing my own research to help explain why. I think that these blackouts are a result of your aura overpowering my body’s natural aura and every time it does you consciousness manifests. What I am even thinking denies science in its modern and rational form. This idea is more like science fiction or even magic and perhaps I am just grasping at straws because I want you here with me. For this reason I have written you this letter in hopes that the next time I black out I will awake to find your response. If you are still there Tasker please let me know. I hope this reaches you, Your Loving Sister, Celia.” Tasker was overwhelmed, although still not fully coming to terms with what had happened all he took away from the letter is that his sister was alive and doing well. Tasker then realized he did not know how much time he had left so he scrambled for a pen and paper. “Damn it! She knows I don’t do well under pressure, okay I’ve got a pen, now paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, GAAAAAAH!”.

“Still in my room, that’s definitely an improvement, especially given the Ursa incident.” Celia awoke atop her desk, groggy from the recent blackout, she then remembered what she had hoped to accomplish and frantically looked around for any sort of note, letter, or sign that she was correct and her brother was somehow alive within her. There was no response she could see, she had even made sure to leave out a pen and plenty of paper. “Wait, where did the pen go?” She looked up and in that moment was reminded how her brother was at times a bit thick headed. Written in big bold letters across her wall read the words; I’m always here for you. In that moment Celia smiled with tears in her eyes and softly said “the landlady is gonna hate me”.

Chapter 2: Celia

“Don’t blow up, don’t blow up, DON’T BLOW UP!” Celia recited as if it were some kind of prayer. Tick, tick, tick, psssst, “Woohoo, didn’t blow up!” Celia screamed victoriously. KABOOM! “Cough, cough, ok then scratch that, Woohoo, didn’t blow up as much as before!” Celia had been tinkering away since the day she had been reunited with her brother 2 months ago and she wasted no time in finding a solution for her blackout problem. “Hmmm, that dust breaker is still giving me problems, and the crystal alignment slot is going to have to be replaced, then there is the issue with the flux converter, the aura wavelength emitter, and don’t even get me started on……..ok I don’t actually even know what that piece is called or why its there so I’m going to call it thingy number 37…….huff, why does this have to be so hard.”  In the time since Celia began work on the dust unit, she began to realize how much of a challange she was actually facing. The original device used in saving her brother was a fluke brought about by desperation and modifying it to suit her needs was proving to be next to impossible. Celia had made a number of trips to libraries, dust labs, and any place in which she could have acquired the knowledge she needed but all her efforts proved fruitless. Despite the cheerful look on her face Celia was beginning to feel hopeless that should could ever help her trapped brother. “RENT COLLECTION!” Celia heard blaring on the other side of her door. “Oh no, it’s already Tuesday, but how could it be Tuesday it was Monday, last Monday when I checked. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, I must have blacked out again. Ok maybe the scary landlady will take pity on me, I’m adorable after all, I think. I don’t think I have ever thought of myself as adorable, maybe cute, ya cute sounds kind of nice.” “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT!!!!” The boisterous voice began getting closer from down the hall. “Ok, not the time for that. Maybe she accepts IOU’s……I actually don’t know what that is yet though, heard about it from the guy next door though, the one our landlady hates…….ok she probably doesn’t take whatever an IOU is. Oh, maybe she is sick, I could offer free medical service, and I’m almost like a doctor so perhaps…..” “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT!” the voice was right outside her door now. “Ok it’s come to this, begging time, nothing to be scared of, she’s just mean, and scary, and has a really creepy mole on the side of her face that I can’t stop looking at whenever we make eye contact…….I’m doomed.”

As Celia opened the door to her room she was met by a very large, very angry looking old woman and a mole. “Hello Mrs. Biadlo, my you look lovely this morning, is that a new blush your wearing?” Mrs. Biablo stared fiercely at Celia and spoke “no, I’m just overly stressed by all the good for nothings I have living in my building who seem to forget that rent is required to live here so my face has hit this lovely shade of red that you pointed out.” Celia began turning her own shade of red and tried changing the subject. “So lovely weather we are having, very umm”, she quickly looked out the window, “rainy, yup gotta love all that rain, good for plants, and stuff and things.” Mrs. Biadlo somehow seemed more aggravated now than when she had arrived and Celia had hit her point of desperation. “Ok I am sure you would love to hear about the status of my rent right now but it’s a funny story of how things happened. It's full of adventure, drama, and romance that I’m sure you will find...”, she was instantly cut off. “Oh yes I already know, that lovely young man dropped by and paid your rent last week, such a good polite young boy, far better than the good for nothings I let live in this building. Well I can’t be making idle chit chat all day, people to see, money to wrestle for. Oh and remember, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT!” The storm had passed and Celia was left at her doorframe stunned. As she finally made her way back to her desk she noticed a note that had fallen behind some books. It read; “Dear Celia, I figured you would forget your rent so I found some quick construction work downtown for the time I am conscious. Its great because they pay me at the end of each day for the amount of work I do, which is quite a lot I might add. The rent should be paid off and you should have plenty of meals in the fridge all prepared for you. Eat well and get plenty of sleep. Love, your worrying brother, Tasker.  P.S. Your fridge was a war crime so please do not let me find that again. P.S again, you really should be nicer to your landlady, she is such a sweet old women. P.S. for the last time, I really am serious about the fridge.” Celia couldn't help but gaze at the note in awe. “Well then, I guess my big brother is still looking out for me, also he seems to have made friends with a land shark.” She grabbed some stationary and began writing a letter back to her brother. “Dear Tasker, thank you for paying my rent, making my meals, and venturing into the forgotten place formally known as my fridge I really am sorry about that. I will try harder next time to take better care of myself, I’ve just been really busy lately with trying to fix our little blackout problem. Do not worry though, your brainiac sister is on the job and is of course close to a solution. Hope you are doing well and feel free to take some time for yourself every now and again. Your cute little sister, Celia. P.S. stop using P.S. in your notes, it’s annoying.”

A few weeks went by and Celia had been given a golden opportunity. A seminar at the local university was being given in dust mechanics and applications by renowned doctor and engineer, Dr. Talbot Alistair Crawford, or as he prefers to be called, Dr. TAC. Now the only problem was getting into the lecture, only students of the University are allowed to attend and campus security will be checking for identification. Celia thought that such an obstacle would be simple; there were plenty of ways through. She could swipe another students ID, act so cute that the guard would have to let her in, or even rappel down from the ceiling like in the super spy movie she watched last night, Objective Improbable! Either way Celia was determined to get into the lecture and speak with Dr. TAC.

When the day of the lecture arrived Celia was brimming with confidence. “Commence operation super cool super spy”, she whispered to herself. Celia’s first attempt was simple, swipe another students ID and gain access to the lecture. Celia picked out her mark, the quite looking girl reading in the quad would do nicely. Celia made her way through the crowd and approached the girl from behind, reached out her hand and…….had no idea what to do. It occurred to Celia that she had zero ability as a pick pocket and realized that it was really, really mean to take what didn’t belong to her. Ok plan B, charm campus security to let her pass. As she approached the lecture hall entrance she was asked by the security guard for her campus ID. Celia had prepared for 15 minutes in the bathroom the cutest smile she could come up with that would let her pass, unfortunately she realized too little too late that the security guard was a very scary looking women, not as scary as Mrs. Biadlo, but still scary enough. Celia smiled awkwardly at the security guard, looking more embarrassed than cute, and was quickly asked to leave the line and let others through. It was getting late, and the seminar would be over soon, she didn’t want to do this but it was time for plan C, Objective Improbable! Celia was determined now and wasn’t willing to back down. For the sake of her brother she was ready to do anything. In the women’s bathroom, Celia managed to loosen an air vent and crawl through towards the lecture hall. After a few wrong turns, a dead rat, and what appeared to be a substance of unknown origin blocking one of her routes, she miraculously made it to the seminar. It had just ended and everyone had just exited the lecture hall, all but Dr. TAC who was collecting his notes. “Ok, this is it, now all I have to do is, um, oh, ok this isn’t exactly like the movie, but whatever I bet if I...”, CRACK, in that instant Celia figured out that air ducts are not built as well in real life as they are in the movies and began freefalling from the ceiling.

Celia awoke in a room unfamiliar to her. Before could take in her surroundings she found herself face to face with a bald headed man who owned quite the grey and hairy mustache. It was Dr. TAC! “So you’re up I see, I was hoping to speak with you.” Celia, in a moment of pure shock and happiness, scrambled to get across what she needed to say. “Hello Dr, Sir, Dr Sir, my name is Celia and I desperately need your help. First I just want to say that the air duct thing was a first and last for me, totally not me, I really am smart, just unlucky, also nervous, very nervous, ok back to my point.” Dr. TAC intervened in Celia’s rambling. “You’ve accidently drawn your brothers aura into your own body and are looking for a way to freely control which aura can remain dominant at any given time and hopefully somewhere down the road figure out how to bring your brother back to life.” Celia stared with a blank look on her face. “Umm, that is the short version I guess. I don’t suppose you would like to let me in on how you figured that out so quickly? I know your smart but that was just scary accurate smart.” Dr. TAC chuckled and explained. “Your brother has filled me in on most of the details and I have had plenty of time over the last 4 days to go over with him your current circumstances.” Celia was discovering she was capable of many shades of red in the recent months, especially now that she remembered the fact that she had dropped 20 feet in front of one of the world’s top minds. “Now Celia, I have heard a great deal about you from your brother. Despite your, err, quirky activities, he tells me you are quite the up and coming academic.” These words put Celia at ease a bit. “Oh yes, I have been studying since I was small and my brother would buy me books, tech, dust to experiment with. My goal was to be a Doctor, by further researching dust and its applications to medicine I wanted to help people.” Dr. TAC looked at Celia with a worrisome look. “My dear, you said you wanted to be a Doctor, does that mean you have given up?” Celia softly responded, “no, I still plan on pursuing my dream one day, but right now there is only one person I really want to help, and that’s Tasker. So until I do I will be putting that on hold.” The doctor smiled and handed Celia her dust unit. “Here you are my dear, I’ve been able to follow your.......eccentric and colorful thought process by observing your craftsmanship and have to say that you were very close to achieving what you desired on your own. This Link as you call it should allow you and your brother control over whose aura is dominant in your body without random occurrence.” Celia was thrilled; she took the unit and examined every change she could spot. “Doctor, it’s incredible, I never thought about linking the breaker up into a triple circuit, or that I could regulate the dust flow to without so much interference from the flux converter, and has thingy number 37 always been able to do that?” The Doctor gave her a puzzled stare "You didnt know?" To which she replied "Science is sometime more art than science with me some days."

Dr. TAC couldn’t help laughing as he spoke with such a strange young girl. “I have also been meaning to ask you, Tasker tells me you haven’t gone to another member of the academic community with this information. May I ask why you chose to speak with me about you current circumstance?” Celia’s face shifted from ecstatic to gloomy. “Well Dr. TAC, I didn’t go to anyone else because I didn’t want my brother and me to be……..freaks. If I went and asked for professional help my brother and I might have ended up like lab rats……I didn’t, or rather couldn’t do that to Tasker.” Dr. TAC now looked even more curious then before. “If that’s how you felt then what makes me different?” Celia lowered her head and smiled. “The first book my brother ever bought for me was by you, the great Dr. TAC, renowned in a number of different scientific fields, you were one of the greats. But what was really important is what I read in your book. Though we may be the proud architects of a great and wondrous future, we must never forget to include the hopes, dreams, and happiness of people in our actions. For what does it mean to be a scientist if those we love are not there to smile with us.” Dr. TAC grinned, “I remember that one. That was from my book, The Proud Scientist. It was one of my favorites as a matter of fact.” Celia looked up with her eyes beginning to well up. “I thought if anybody could help me without turning me into a freak it would be you.”

Dr. TAC stood up from his stole and grabbed Celia by the hands. “I can see that you really are everything your brother described to me, and he asked me to do something for you Celia. If you would consider it, I am more than willing to take you on as an apprentice. You obviously have the intelligence and ambition for science and most importantly you respect the power that comes with it.” Celia was speechless, and in that same instant became blank faced. “Tasker asked you to do this so I would stop trying to help him didn’t he.” Dr. TAC wasn’t surprised at the girl’s response. It was true that Tasker wanted a normal life for his sister and through the doctor she could have that and so much more. “Celia, I figured you would say something like that, but bringing your brother've shown me one miracle already, I am afraid another is just too much to hope for.” Celia looked at the doctor with adamant eyes and spoke proudly, “I will bring him back doctor, and furthermore I already know how I am going to do it.” Dr. TAC was for the first time in the bizarre conversation shocked, he instantly demanded how Celia was intending to accomplish such a goal. Celia responded, “I’m going to find the Baba Yaga that stole his heart and take it back.” Dr. TAC paused for a moment, and then spoke, “My dear, you do realize that what you are talking about only exists in fairy tales”. Celia, still as serious as she started boldly told the doctor “Well Dr. TAC, two people inhabiting the same body would have sounded like something out of a fairy tale as well, but here I am.” The Doctor continued to press on with his doubts "So you are the hero in the story now? You are going to go slay the monster? Maybe you'll come home with all the scared little children she takes and everyone will live happily ever after?" Celia's resolve didn't budge an inch and she replied with just a simple "nope." The look on TACs face said exactly what he was thinking. “If that's how it is then, let’s do it kid.” Celia had now lost her stern look and had reverted to a state of confusion. “Umm, we doctor? So does this mean you are going to help me find it?” The doctor chuckled. “Heavens no my dear, my days of fieldwork are over, I’m far too old to be going out on wild adventures in the name of science once again. But you seem to be up to the challenge. Tell me young lady, have you heard of Beacon Academy?” Celia began to understand what the doctor had in mind. It was crazy though, to get into the renowned hunter school Beacon was crazy, maybe not heart eating, body sharing crazy, but still its own special brand of crazy. Celia questioned the professors thinking, claiming that she had absolutely no credentials in order to apply, no previous enrollment at signal, no connections with the school, further more she had zero combat experience. “Well those are all very good points Celia, but think about this, where else can you go that offers you the tools you need to hunt a Grimm on your own as you intend to, if you don’t attend how will you take back your brothers heart, and if you try to anyways will you not just end up dead?” Celia had no response to give. “Then that settles it, I will start preparing you for the academic scholarship program at once!”

“Umm the academic what now?” Celia said with an increasing amount of confusion. “You see my dear; each year there is an opportunity for people to attend through an academic scholarship program that tests a person’s intellect of the world. It’s primarily there so that those with a gifted mind and a willingness to broaden their future have the opportunity to participate in the entrance exam.” Celia was overwhelmed. “Doctor this is fantastic! So I just need to ace the academic exam and then I can enroll at Beacon!” Dr. TAC quickly spoke up. “I said you could participate in their entrance exam, I never said you would be enrolled as a student.” Celia was a bit disappointed but still optimistic. “Ok so what does their entrance exam usually involve?” Dr. TAC chuckled to himself and answered. “Oh probably the usual, you’ll have to slay a Grimm or two, or maybe just survive in a Grimm infested territory. It’s relatively the same each year in my opinion.” Now Celia had been thoroughly discouraged. She had zero combat experience, she wasn’t strong like her brother, and what good would it be to earn the scholarship if she had no chance of passing the entrance exam. “Hahahahaha!” The Doctor laughed upon seeing Celias distress. “What happened to the monster slayer I saw just a minute ago and besides, do you think I would send you into something like this with no help? I said I would prepare you didn’t I.” Celia looked at the doctor with a strange expression. “Umm doctor, I don’t mean to sound rude, but what do you know about fighting Grimm?” The doctor gave Celia the first serious look she had seen from him during the entire conversation. “My dear, who do you think started the scholarship in the first place? Don’t be fooled by the grey of my mustache, before I went out into the field and became a scientist, I was a hunter first.” Celia was wide eyed and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. “WHAT! But you are, I mean I never thought, ok better yet why it that none of the books I’ve read never mentioned this about you is?” “Well Celia its quite simple actually………my publicist just wasn’t interested in my exploits as a hunter when it came to my work in academics.” Celia just starred. “Ok then doc, I’m all yours. Teach me everything I need to know about being both a scientist and a hunter.” “Excellent, now then Celia we start in the morning, I just have one last question for you right now. If you wanted to see me so badly the other day, why not just wait until I exited the lecture hall?” Celia had achieved a new level of redness in her face and sheepishly answered the doctor. “Have you ever watched the movie, Objective Improbable?”

A little over a year has passed since Celia had met Dr. TAC. She earned her academic scholarship easily and was now on her way towards Beacon. In that single year with the doctor, Celia has achieved more than she ever thought was possible of her. Equipped with the tools and skills necessary for her next task, Celia nervously gazed out the window of the airship and through the clouds she noticed Beacon had come into sight. As soon as she laid eyes on the academy she instantly became calm, remembering the last thing her mentor said to her before leaving. “I know things might seem a bit scary right now, but believe me there is nothing that you two can’t handle together. It will be hard and it will push you to your limits but know that I have absolute confidence that you will succeed. So make some friends, specifically Tasker, because I have no doubt you will hug attack most people you brand as a friend candidate, experience school life to the fullest each day, and when you finally get to see Beacon just imagine me there telling you this and maybe you’ll feel better………….

Celia Lawrence, welcome to Beacon

Weapons and Abilities

Weapon Description:

Name: Flashing Waltz/Guardian's Wrath

Flashing Waltz: Celia’s weapon takes the form of 16 blades sheathed on her back in what looks like a large cylindrical container. Through use of yellow dust that runs through each blade, Celia channels her aura through the swords allowing her the ability to teleport between each one given she has physical contact with a sword between each teleport. Celia lacks raw power so she makes up for this through fast and unpredictable strikes using each sword. The idea is to constantly surround her opponent in a web of swords, freely moving and repositioning each one to create a battlefield suited completely to her. A spring loaded mechanism is built into the sheath of the weapon which allows Celia to scatter he swords in a wide area and prepare for her assault. This weapon was created by Celia with guidance from her mentor, Dr. TAC, during her time spent as his pupil.

Med Kit: Celia carries an emergency medical kit that uses dust based tools.

Dust Unit: The device which allows Tasker and Celia to switch dominant auras.

Gaurdian's Wrath: Tasker’s weapon combines the swords Celia uses into one solid great sword. The combination required to make Gaurdian's Wrath can be performed by either gathering each sword manually from its location or having them converge on Celia via a magnetic force. Tasker is a natural power attacker and uses overwhelming force to deal with problems Celia would be unable to cope with. The sword resonates with Tasker’s aura, making each strike multiplicative of the force Tasker puts behind each swing. Simple yet effective, Tasker does not rely on tricks or cunning to get the better of a foe, but prefers the straightforward approach to get a job done. If Tasker finds himself in the unlikely position of needing more destructive force he can overcharge the red dust crystal in the sword hilt via his aura to extend the reach and striking power of his blade.


Celia although lacking real combat experience, has the ability to analyze what she see's and consider ever possible variable. With the time she spent with her mentor she has developed a fighting style in which she can quickly and calmly plan out each of her moves precisely while taking into consideration her opponents strengths and weaknesses. By combining this trait with the mobility her weapon offers, Celia is ability to produce a wide variety of movements and combinations that allow her to confuse and surprise her opponents. Her lack of combat experience offers a challenge for Celia. She is not fully comfortable in when facing opponents who give off a lot of pressure, making Celia begin to question her abilities. This fear will be what determines whether Celia succeeds or fails in combat. Celia is also well versed in medicine and dust related medical science making her invaluable in the field. Capable of patching up wounds, dealing with heavy trauma, or even poisons, Celia is more than qualified to handle whatever injuries she is faced with. Overall she can excel at any range due to the nature of her weapon. Celia does lack brute force however, giving her trouble with more durable foes. Of course Celia always has the option to switch out to Tasker who is always willing to do the heavy hitting for her. Outside of combat Celia is a born academic. She excels in her school studies and always achieves top grades in whatever she applies herself to.

Taskers aura makes him naturally more durable and stronger than a regular human. Able to take in an enormous amount of punishment, Tasker can easily surprise a foe by completely brushing off an attack and following up with a single powerful strike. Tasker is very instinctual in his fighting style. He is no stranger to pushing his body to its limits and feels little pressure in the heat of combat. With such an athletic body and affinity to combat Tasker has been able to compensate his lack of experience with raw natural talent. Naturally Tasker is a close range fighter. He does have the ability to extend his sword range long enough to enter mid range combat which allows him to somewhat compensate for being so specialized in one range of combat. Long range enemies and foes that rely on trickery will put Tasker at a disadvantage though and he will have a tough time closing the distance. Opponents would be careful not to underestimate his simple combat style though. While Tasker may just be a bruiser, his natural talent can sometimes yield unexpected results even Tasker would normally think was outside of his own ability. Outside of combat Tasker is essentially a walking home ecomics course. From cooking, to cleaning, laundry, and more, Tasker knows how to take care of himself and others.


Although having two different auras comes as a strategic boon during combat, Tasker and Celia do not have the aura capacity that two separate people would produce. The main source of energy comes from Celias body. When Tasker's aura manifests it simply changes the nature of the aura Celias body can produce. Therefore the two are limited by the total aura Celia possesses. (For those of you who may be confused by this, just consider it this way. Think of two pokemon sharing one HP bar. Pretty simple now isn't it.)

Whenever Tasker’s aura is manifested Celias physical body changes to that of her brothers. (had considered just making it an illusion but this seems like more fun)

Tasker later on finds that he can sometimes force the aura change against his sisters will. This can be done under extreme circumstances such as when Celia's life is in danger or when he feels the presence of the opposite gender unlucky enough to be checking out his sister........i did say he was overprotective.

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