Team ABRM is a first year team led by Autumn Franslischt and consisting of Bele Ovid, Rajah Navajo and Mai Brooks



Black Olive

Rojo (red)

Midnight blue

Professional Status

First Year


Autumn Franslischt


Autumn Franslischt

Bele Ovid

Rajah Navajo

Mai Brooks

Team ABRM ("Abroma") is a team of first-year Hunters at Beacon Academy, comprised of four students named Autumn Franslischt, Bele Ovid, Rajah Navajo and Mai Brooks.

The four came from different regions of Vale to attend Beacon. During initiation in the Emerald Forest, Autumn partnered with Rajah, while Bele Partnered with Mai. They arrived at the temple and took the Black Knight chess pieces. As they selected their pieces a Khorkhoi Appeared in the clearing, working with team RNJR they were able to take it out but just barely.


Autumn Franslischt is the leader of Team ABRM and is the one who is always trying to keep her team from overdoing it. Bele Ovid is the eldest member of Team ABRM and is often to one who has to keep his team from slacking off. Rajah Navajo is youngest member of Team ABRM as well as the one who winds up keeping her team from infighting. Mai Brooks Is considered the most skilled of her team and has the highest marks as well.

Team Attack Name

Rain fire (Autumn X Bele) -

Phoenix (Autumn X Rajah) -

Burning Silk (Autumn X Mai) -

Birds of a Feather (Bele X Rajah) -

Black Widow (Bele X Mai) - An attack that utilizes Beles semblance in order to drastically increase Mai's speed, allowing for her to attack with a much stronger force.

Orb Weaver (Rajah X Mai) -



ABRM is short for Abroma, a genus a plant which includes Devil's Cotton. it is green in color.

Like team CRDL team ABRM skips a syllable sound in order to fit into the 4 letter rule

Team attack names

  • Rain Fire alludes to Autumn being based on Prometheus (who stole fire for man) and Bele being based on Noah's Ark (a story of a flood)
  • Phoenix alludes to Autumn being based on Prometheus and Rajah being a bird faunus
  • Burning Silk alludes to Autumn being based on Prometheus and Mai being based off of Charlotte (the spider from Charlotte's Web)
  • Birds of a Feather alludes to the two birds (a crow and a raven) that Noah released to find land in the story of Noah's Ark
  • Black Widow refers to black widow spiders which are black in color
  • Orb Weaver alludes to the Bird eating spider of the same name

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