This feels like an MMORPG for some reason.
— Saffron, commenting on the team line-up.
Team SAGE was already taken.
— Ozpin, answering Saffron's question regarding the team name.

Golden Yellow

Professional Status



Albus Bayeux


Beacon Academy

Team AEGS is the property of Zelkstone. Usage of this team is prohibited unless permission is given by the owner.

Team AEGS(pronounced "Aegis") is a Beacon Academy team led by Albus Bayeux. This team is currently on stand-by.


Albus Bayeux, age 17, is the Leader of team AEGS. Albus's main role is that of a Paladin, a defender and healer for the team. His weapon of choice is the Dust-Powered Shield Minigun(DPSM), called Aegis and Horus. A rich, pampered boy, Albus shocked his parents when he entered into the service of their nearest Religious Order. In time, he became a Paladin-in-training, and enrolled into Beacon to learn more about the Grimm. He specializes in Barriers and AoE Healing.

Ebony "le Fay" Cornwall, Age 17, is a member of team AEGS. Ebony's main role is a Sorceress, to attack enemies using AoE attacks. Her weapon of choice is the Dust-Eater Battle Staff(DEBS), called Flexibilem Pulvis. Ebony was trained by a group of Sorceresses on the art of Dust Manipulation, and they found she had a knack for the arts. Ebony had one reason for learning everything they knew, to find the people who separated her from her parents. After a fruitless search, she went back to the Sorceress School only to be recommended by the Head Sorceress to enroll into Beacon Academy. Her Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks are only matched by her Fury, Coldness, and Sadistic Tendencies.

Ginger Loxley, Age 17, is a member of Team AEGS. Ginger's main role is an Archer, to snipe enemies that pose a danger to the team. Her weapon of choice is the Crescent-Bladed DustBow(CBDB), called Evangel Alter. Ginger's training as an Archer and Dust User left her isolated from the rest of the world. Her training called for utmost secrecy, and when she turned 17, she was sent to Vale to enroll to Beacon. As well as raining hell on foes, she also specializes in traps, for subduing and harassing the enemy.

Saffron Cimmeria, Age 17, is a member of Team AEGS. Saffron's main role is a Berserker, to unleash metal carnage on anyone foolish enough to go after his teammates. His weapon of choice is the Dust-Powered Chainsaw Sword( DPCS), called Sanguinum Vastata. Having lost his parents by a group of Grimm, Saffron was coerced by his grandmother to finish combat school and apply for Beacon Academy. He is Fast, Strong and Extremely Durable, but also Reckless, Headstrong and prone to making mistakes. Woe betide anyone who stands in his way, for they'll just end up as a pile of body parts.



  • The team name refers to the Greek Goddess Athena's Aegis. It was colored black and furnished with golden tassels.[1 ]
  • The name may also refer to the Aegis Gundam of Gundam Seed. It's Phase Shift armor turned it from light grey to a bright red scheme with a bit of black and white mixed in.[2 ]

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