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Amber (Amy) Thysteine


Amy Thysteine

Mason Donovan

Blaine Azuria

Rina Rouge

Team Members

The members of Team AMBR are first year students including: Amy Thysteine, Mason "Miles" DonovanBlaine Azuria, Rina Rouge, and unofficial mascot Elucifer Rouge. Close friends/unofficial members of the team would include Roy SageMisty RoseCiar Squall and Althea Pallas.

Leader of the team. Highly Dust proficient, and knowledgeable.
Capable of taking powerful blows as well as dealing them.
Team's second in command. A specialist in technology and ranged tactics.
Great support fighter, and what keeps the team together.

The First Encounter

Amber's first mission was in regards to a small burglary that had taken place in the city. She was to apprehend the criminals at work and take them into custody. When she returned to Beacon, she was told that she'd be going on missions in a small squad with three other students.

Secondly we see an airship with Rina Rouge on board who's just transfering from Signal to Beacon. On her first day, she meets Amber who she knows will be her first official friend. Amber says hello to her, but then walks away uninterested in making friends at all.

At dinner, Rina clumsily crashes into a group of three wearing all black and makes a complete mess. They claim to be 2nd years called Team RAVN, and don't like to be messed with. Their leader Raven tried to strike at Rina, but Amber defends her by grabbing his wrist. His other teammates suggested that they not make a scene, so they left the girls alone. Before she got a chance to thank her savior, Amy had vanished. Mason had made his way over, asking if she was alright and explained he didn't like the idea of bullies running amok. They chat for a little bit longer, until noticing a flying drone flying around, spraying various new students with water. Everyone was so distracted by the drone, to even consider who it was being operated by, but Mason noticed Blaine from a distance with a controller in his hand, immediately gaining a bad impression of the prankster.

The Initiation

As they were launched into the Emerald Forest, Amy used her Semblance to make a soft landing for herself and a screaming Rina, seeing how she was going to hit the ground head first out as she panicked. A bit after walking, they encounter Mason and Blaine, who had paired up a while back. They discussed landing strategies, how Rina felt like she was going to wet her shorts, and how Mason made a crator in the ground, and ended up unscathed, until the group encounters a group of blood thirsty Beowolves. The four of them readied to defend themselves, but things soon went bad once Amy electrocuted Blaine with one of her lightning bolts by mistake. The group struggled to work cooperatively, and were forced to make a hasty retreat.

After the battle, Blaine and Amber got into a huge argument. Amber decided she was better off alone. Rina tried to convince him to call her back, but he said she was glad not to have become partners with her. The redhead them slapped Blaine across the face, leaving a deep red mark. Rina scolded him for being so cold; partners or not, she still could get killed in these woods. She immediately picked up her weapon, trailing after Amber before anything bad happened to her.

Blaine sighed, calling it a shame for two ladies to get lost in the woods, and Mason continued scolding him for that comment. He perceived that Amber was trying to ask for help, but didn't know how to properly express her feelings and explained that to his new partner. Mason also got him to think, "What if she was somebody who was close to you? You wouldn't go after them?" causing Blaine to think of a time he and his twin brother got into fights. He agreed, his behavior wasn't really the best, so the pair deicided to catch up with the girls before it was too late.

Meanwhile a little far off, Amber was kneeling down injured while Rina tried to fight off foes from the front. One of the monsters came at her and slashed his claws at her. Rina was able to defend with her bow staff, but it broke in two pieces. It looked like the end for the girls, but Blaine and Miles appeared at the right time to save the day. This time when they fought together, the team was more in-sync with each other's movements. Soon after the Grimm were slain, they retrieved their relics, and made it back to Beacon for form a team together.

Despite the good news, Rina was considering leaving by her second day. She thought of herself being too weak for actual combat, especially with the "flimsy stick" she was using. It was Amber and the guys who had convinced her to stay with them. She had made a large impact on all of them, and couldn't stand to see her go, especially after her display of bravery. Blaine had even granted her with a new staff, one he created himself.

Beacon Academy

The team has become more friendly around each other ever since their initiation. They greeted new students, made plenty of new friends at the school, and discovered more about themselves and even each other. They even had the time to befriend and take home a lone wolf pup after getting attached to Rina in Forever Fall.

Eventually after certain events transpire, the team decides on helping their leader uncovering the mysteries of her past, and even thwarting forces that seem to have a deep connection to her.

The Fall of Beacon and Onward

Because of the mysterious intruder, and invasion from the White Fang and Grimm hordes Team AMBR had to leave their school days behind. Amy take up residence with Rina and her family, while the guys had headed home for the time being. The separation is only a temporary one however; the gang will be getting back together.

Battle Formations

After training with each other, and getting to know their battle strengths and weaknesses, the team came up with the idea of pairing up against foes to perform team attacks in certain situations.

Solar Eclipse 

Amy and Rina:


Blaine and Rina: The main focus between these two is to attack swiftly in close range combat, which is useful for staggering larger opponents such as Grimm. Blaine fights with his weapons in saber mode performing quick slashes, while Rina focuses on jab motions and strikes.

Meteor Storm

Blaine and Mason:

Ruby Light

Mason and Rina: This formation usually has Rina take lead to weaken foes with various quick strikes, and Mason will come in to finish the job with a few powerful punches.


Blaine and Amy: Together their focus is an array of ranged attacks via Dust usage, both casting and ammunition. Often Blaine makes great use of his Semblance to buff Amy's lightning Dust techniques for stronger strikes. Alternatively, Amy can use gravity Dust combined with Lunar Phase's Half Moon variation to catch a solitary foe off balance, so Blaine can finish them off; he can either get close and personal by slicing the opponent, or cast a Fire Dust technique of his own.

Lunar Eclipse

Amy and Mason: This duo is kind of a kamikaze tactic. Amy will use her Semblance to trap/stagger an opponent, while Mason gets in closer proximity. He'll then grab onto them and lock them in place by using his own Semblance and prevent him from taking on the full force of the Dust based attack Amy unleashes.

Relationships with:

If the team/OC wasn't created by me, rest assured I have the owner's permission. Relationships were created from RPs and/or fan fiction cameos.

Team RAVN: Classified as the "Bully" team (Fanon)

Team MAID: Classmates and good friends (Fanon)

Team OGRE: Classmates and good friends (Fanon)

Team LOYD: Classmates and good friends (Fanon)

Team HKRI: Classmates and friends (Fanon)

Team CARM: Antagonist Team

Ciar Squall: TBA

Roy Sage: An old aquaintance of Amy's

Althea Pallas: Huntress and instructor to Amy durring her preliminary time at Beacon.


  • My friend has done all the good colored images for my OCs.
  • Team AMBR has sort of a basic Solar System Motif Emblem-wise: Amy represents the Moon, Miles the Earth, Blaine the Stars, and Rina the Sun.
  • Rina's pet Elucifer was created before Zwei's existence was revealed.
  • All characters on this team are a bit of a representation of myself (sleep thinking brought this up). In reverse order:
    • Rina is my caring nature that gets along with everyone and can't stand scary things.
    • Blaine represents my comedy side where I end up making jokes or being the butt of them and also my homosexuality.
    • Miles is my silent nature, the one who listens to the whole situation before making any remarks, and good at managing anger.
    • Amy represents my dislike of messing around too much as well as my personal space bubble, where I'm only really open to people I'm comfortable with.
  • The members of Team AMBR all have one theme from the Tales Series and one from the Final Fantasy Series on their individual pages. 
  • I have a story in progress right now up to chapter 9 (major revision in process).
  • If Team AMBR does meet up with Team RWBY, I'm sure they'd get along quite nicely.
  • Three characters of the team may remind you of Sonic characters based on their names alone: Amy being Amy Rose, Miles reminding you of Tails, and Rina for Rouge (4 if you want Blaine to be Sonic, cause he's y'know blue). Just something my friend pointed out.

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