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We strive to make the future better - for we live in a past which is dark, broken, and tainted with bloodshed.
— Team ARAM
Purple's flames will carve a path in the chaos, eradicating the darkness; uncovering answers, finding peace.
Blue's will stronger than the thickest ice, his instincts a gift, a blade of steely justice.
Red's body of crimson retribution, a mind of determination, abolishing conflict.
Green's facade of peace, whilst a scarred past shakes her.
— Amet writing in his journal about ARAM


Team ARAM (pronounced Ore-um) is composed of four core members: Amet Revfold, Roy Zaffire, Arrossire Spada, and Midori Shisha.  Aurum is the Latin word for gold, and all four member's abilities are based off of natural disasters.


Royal Blue

Professional Status



Amet Revfold

Founded by

Assigned through the school


Amet Revfold
Roy Zaffire
Arro Spada
Midori Shisha


  • Ametista Revfold : Known as 'Amet', and the alias 'Shepherd of Fire'.  He comes from a predominant family of Dust shop owners who went missing when the 'new' White Fang arose.  He wields Potenza di Fenice (translation: Phoenix's Might), a Convertable Dust Great Sword (CDGS) with arcane powers and transforms into a rocket launcher.  Raised as a tactician from birth, Amet and Midori often devise battle plans for the team.  Amet is a more defensive than offensive fighter, fighting in a 'go-in-loud, get-out-quick' manner.  He is based off of Sparked Natural Disasters, such as Fire Storms, Wild Fires, and Heat Waves.
  • Roy Zaffire : Known as 'Roy' or more commonly known as 'The Beast of the White Fang' to most Humans and White Fang. He is the close range combatant of the team. He uses his Katana and dust enfused sheath Toketsu Kaiho (Translation: Frozen Liberation). He is based off of Meteorlogical Natural Disasters such as Blizzards and Hail.
  • Arrossire Spada: Known as 'Arro' to his friends and 'Crimson Beast' to his enemies. He is the quintessential tank of the team. He uses his Shot Glam Terra Annientare which is a Convertable Glam Shotgun (CGS). He is based off of Tectonic Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes and Tremors.
  • Midori Shisha Sometimes referred to as 'Midi' by her friends and teammates to her disdain. She is the tactician of the team, making up attack plans for the team in her spare time. She uses her Tentai Ken (translation: Celestial Fist), which are her gloves she forms from her bracelets and are powered by dust. Gun chambers can be found at the fingertips of the gloves. Her abilities are based off of some Meteorlogical Natural Disasters, such as Cyclones and Tornadoes.

Establishment and Backstory

Amet was born into the Kiyng clan, a predominant family of Dust shop owners.  Outside of buisness, they were known for their battle tactics, and their kindness to faunus.  When the 'new' White Fang came to power, the Kiyng dissapeared.  Fenice in hand, Amet fled to the denizens of Vale.  For many years, he was a mail sorter.  Longing to leave the life before him, he stole applications to Beacon, and was accepted.  Revfold spends his spare time looking for answers dissapearance.  He often leaves Beacon grounds to meditate or search for further clues.

Roy came from a quaint, peaceful faunus village in the outskirts of Vale.  Always interested in weapons, the elder of the pack put him into combat training, teaching Roy how to wield their blade, the katana.  Roy knew this weapon was very common, but was determined to set himself apart.  He researched Dust, and over time, turned his weapon into what it is today.  He was taught in kendo, laido, and kenjutsu.  When he was 16, Roy was abducted, held against his will by Nicholas Kirkwood.  After learning of his packs fate soon after, Roy fled Kirkwood, swearing liberation.

Arro comes from a middle-class family, born during the Faunus Rights conflict.  He and his family felt for the plight of faunus, and began to accept them for who they were - people.  During the conflict, his mother was killed by an anti-faunus extremist.  Sadened by her death, Arro swore to become the best fighter there ever was - to protect his loved ones.  Hence, Arro enrolled in Signal and then Beacon to become a Hunter.  He despises racism, and wishes to end it all together.

Midori is your average girl with a scarred history.  When she was 12, she witnessed the destruction of her village.  At that time, she had realized her semblance, which Kirkwood took interest in.  He captured her, and began to train her as his pawn.  After five years of training, she was deployed to her first mission under Kirkwood.  On that day, however, she saw Roy betraying Kirkwood.  Roy had asked her to join him, which she did.  Seeing Kirkwood in terrible condition, she broke from her trance and fled with Roy.

Current Life in Beacon Academy

Amet is not a very social person.  He spends his free time looking for answers to his clan's disappearance.  He sometimes will leave Beacon grounds to search for answers or to meditate.  He doesn't have very many friends, but he cherishes the ones he does have. 

Roy often spends his free time practicing his combat skills, tending to his blade, eating, and helping those around the campus.  He always aims to improve his demeanor, constantly trying his best to better himself as a person.

Midori usually spends her free time thinking up new battle strategies and tactics for the team, and also training up her body to improve her own performance in battle. She aims to one day find out who it was that destroyed her village all those years ago. 

Arro usually spends his time cleaning his sword and pocket watch.  When he isn't doing that, he can be found in the main square watching the crowds ebb and flow or off somewhere working out.  Otherwise, Arro likes to self-train. He aims to become a hunter - to defend all of his loved ones and innocents to the best of his ability.

Battle of Beacon

At the BoB, the team fought bravely to defend the school. Seeing no end in sight, ARAM fled to the Emerald Forest, where they went their separate ways. Amet went back to his clan home, Arro went back to Vale to defend the city, and Roy and Midori went away together.

Roy and Midori, while still deciding what to do, Nicholas Kirkwood suddenly showed up with the intent to capture them again. During the fight, Kirkwood killed Midori right before Roy. Overcome with rage, the boy rebelled one last time against his former captor, slaying the man in the quiet forest. It was there Roy buried Midori, taking three parts of her dress with him - the only thing left for the remaining part of ARAM to remember her by.


  • The team's abilities are all based off of some kind of natural disaster.
    • ​Amet's ability is based on Heat Waves and Wild Fires.  His character is based off of a Musketeer
    • Roy is based on Blizzards and Hail Storms.
    • Arrossire is based on Tremors and Earthquakes.
    • Midori is based on Cyclones and Tornadoes.



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