Team BAMF is a fan-made team consisting of Bartholomew Varega, Aria Jager, Michael Korry and Finn Silato. The partners are: Barth and Aria, and Michael and Finn. The team picked up the black rook pieces from the temple after fighting off a Tyrant, and during the ceremony, Ozpin dubbed them "Team Bamef"


Team BAMF consists of these members:

Bartholomew Varega:

Aria Jager:

Michael Korry:, Micheal Korry is the heir to the House of Korry, a noble house that has been charged with the preservation and recording of all history. Micheal wields Gungnir, a single shot dust rfile spear, that he designed and built himself. Now he attends Beacon with the rest of Team BAMF and is the team's strategist. 

Finn Silato:

Finn Silato is from an unknown region of Vale. He was born into a family of a hunter and a loving mother and started learning the jutte, and developed an addiction to ice cream, from a young age. Finn is the weakest link of the group and barely scrapes by. He now attends Beacon academy with the rest of Team BAMF. 

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