The four of you retrieved the Black Queen Piece, from this day onwards, you will be known as Team BATS. Led by...Boleslav Nekrasov.
— Professor Ozpin, naming the Team after the initiation.

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Professional Status



Boleslav Nekrasov


Beacon Academy

Team BATS is a Beacon Team led by Boleslav Nekrasov. During initiation, the team was able to recover the Black Queen piece. A team of harrowed individuals who all have a past filled with pain and suffering, BATS rarely (if ever) communes with anyone outside their own team.


Formed from a group of extremely troubled individuals, Professor Ozpin’s overall plan for putting the four members in the same team was so that they could “relate” with each other because of their terrible pasts.

Overall, it seems as though Ozpin's prediction was a successful one, as Team BATS works extremely well together, however they work contrariwise with other Teams at Beacon, and generally keep to themselves.


  • Bolslav Nekrasov – The brash leader of the team, who’s past still haunts him to this day.
  • Anastasia Koschei – Calm, calculated warrior who is by far the most competent of the group.
  • Teresa Kohaku – Socialite and de facto rival of Anastasia.
  • Sapphire Takoizu – Eldest member of the team who’s combat prowess is unmatched by the other members.


It's arguable that Team BATS possesses one of the strongest bonds as a Team within Beacon, as all members are able to connect with each other due to the terrible things that happened in their past lives.

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