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Death is merely a bridge that we must cross. Should that bridge collapse, you should either give up and go down with the bridge. Or you bravely run forward, jump to the other side and keep on living. We are BLAK. Remember this day. This day that I told you this.
— Bryan to his teammates.

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  • Bryan Wolf: Team leader. His weapon is an axe-like weapon with a hidden gatling gun named Lunar Howl. He is based on Robin Hood and Romeo from Romeo and Juliet . In battle, he's the main strategist and a frontline attacker. Prefers to be alone.
  • Leo Noir: Her weapon is called Broken Ivory, a shotgun-like weapon with a chainsaw in the middle. She is based on Gretel from Hansel and Gretel and in combat, she is a long-range attacker and the medic of the team. Also serves as the scout of the team. Sometimes the troublemaker of the group.
  • Andre Noir: Second in command and the brother of Leo. His weapon, known as Jigoku no Kadena, is a flamethrower whose flames can turn into a sword, a shield, a chain with a hook or merely ordinary flames. He is based on Hansel from Hansel and Gretel and in battle, he is also a frontline attacker. The mood-maker of the team and a "better" leader than Bryan.
  • Karma: Her weapon is called The Prayer. She is based on Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. During combat, she's the back up and sometimes, she is also the medic. Likes Bryan.


Beacon Academy


Leo and Andre Noir were able to meet up quickly after being launched during the initiation at the Emerald forest. As the two were wondering about, they were attacked by a huge pack of Beowolves. Even though the two are quite skilled, they were outnumbered and almost defeated. However, Karma appears, saving the twins by creating a tsunami that wiped out the entire pack. The Noir siblings convinced Karma to join them and Karma agreed by nodding her head. As they walk through the forest, Andre kept asking Karma why she is quiet, but Karma never replied. After aquiring the black king chess piece, they ran into two Death Stalkers. The three of them ran as fast as they could, but because of their hurry, Karma dropped the king chess piece. She tried to get it back, but as soon as she grabbed the relic, one of the Death Stalkers knocked her unconcious with its tail. The Noir siblings panicked and Andre tried to save her. But before he even got close to Karma and the two monsters, an explosion landed on one of the Death Stalkers and instantly died. Andre looked where the explosive bullet came from and he saw Bryan, wielding his Lunar Howl (in gatling gun form). The other Death Stalker, now provoked, came after Bryan. "Get her and the relic out of here! I'll join you later!" Bryan shouted out to Andre and Andre did. After arriving at the cliffside, Karma regains her conciousness and looks around. Leo told her that she is fine because "some cute guy" saved her. Andre saw some kind of shadow running towards them, which was Bryan. Andre asked how did he do. Bryan, however, replied, "I must have angered him that he called for his mommy." At the time Bryan finished his sentence, the Death Stalker arrived with the accompaniment of a Death Bringer . Bryan made a plan and told the rest that he'll need someone who is good in Gun Kata. Leo volunteered and Bryan told the other two to run away, lead the Death Stalker to the cliff and take the relic. The two of them agreed and distracted the Death Stalker in order to get its attention. Bryan and Leo then faced the Death Bringer. As the Death Stalker chased Karma and Andre, Karma was able to jump to other side of the broken bridge. Karma made a gesture, in which Andre interpreted that she wants him to jump, too. But Andre told her that was a bit afraid of heights. He told Karma to create a bridge made of water. Karma did and Andre crossed it. When he made it across, the Death Stalker also tried to walk. Andre told Karma to remove her bridge. But Karma had a better idea. She used electricity on her bridge, burning away the monster (basic science: water is a great conductor of electricity). Andre shouted out to Leo and Bryan, telling them to hurry. Bryan and Leo successfully destroyed the outer skeleton of their enemy. However, the Death Bringer revealed its true armor, which is invulnerable to gunfire. The two then desperately attacked it with melee attacks, but all attempts they did ended in failure. Andre then told Karma that they should help them. Karma nodded and recreated her bridge in order to cross. But when they attacked, they also failed, as Andre's flames and Karma's water only contradicted each other. Bryan and Leo ran to the other two and Leo questioned everyone what they should do. Bryan, looking at Andre and Karma, said, "Andre, blast it with your hottest flames. Quiet girl , after Andre's done, you blast it with your coolest water!" They all agreed. Andre did his part, heating up the armor of the monster. The Death Bringer, now glowing red after being burned, growled with anger. Karma did her part and after the monster's armor got super-cooled, it stopped moving (when hot metal is cooled rapidly, it becomes harder and more brittle). The four of them all panted and, just out of the blue, all smiled at each other. Then at Beacon, their team is formed. "Bryan Wolf, Leo and Andre Noir, Karma. The four of you retrieved the black king piece. From this day forward, your team shall be known as team BLAK, led by Bryan Wolf." Ozpin announced.

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