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Blood Raserei


Beacon Academy

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(Pronounced as "Blood") is a team at Beacon Academy that consists of Blood Raserei, Lock Mortifer, Organdy Marvell and Diaeresis Azura Lazurite de Verse.

Their first team fight was held at the emerald forest. The first time they fight as a team was rather good, but they lack unison and they didn't know each other's skills so they really just fought their own fight.


  • Blood Raserei is the team leader, considered the fastest among the team. His weapon is Freud Bluten a pair of claws with pistons at the elbow and air compressors underneath the claws. He's not a great leader but he keeps the team safe and in-check. He's not one to follow strategies during battles, this is why their first team fight lacked unison.
  • Lock Mortifer is the team's vanguard alongside with Blood. His weapon is Sheathed Death a shotgun scythe with a reversed blade. His partner is Blood, They work together in sync due to their long trainings together, they know each other's moves and skills, they developed combos as well.
  • Organdy Marvell is the team strategist, her weapon is Ash Hortensia, a metal bo stick with sphere-like glass dust powder containers. She provides superb battle tactics for the team, she has the duty to support her team... and help them with homework. 
  • Diaeresis Azura Lazurite de Verse is the team's destroyer, her weapon is Agrona Galatine, a five feet tall sword composed of six other swords. Considered as the team's strongest member. She knows how to handle all her swords. Her duty is to be the front liner and to protect Organdy at all times. Dia and Organdy provides range attacks when Blood and Lock are performing melee combat.


  1. Blood was based on The Little Red Ridinghood.
    Team BLOD silhouette


  2. Organdy was the wolf in The Little Red Ridinghood. 
  3. I somewhat inverted the story of The Little Red Ridinghood and made the wolf an innocent young lady and the little girl as a demented madman.
  4. Lock was based on Godfather Death. I put a twist in it, in the story the young man can see people's death so i decided to make Lock blindfolded to make the illusion that he sees people's death. 
  5. Dia was based on The Reluctant Dragon. I inverted one part of the story: the dragon was not a fighter. Like in the story the dragon had deep-blue scales so i made her color azure.

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