The four members of Team BLOP:

Joann Xiav Gorm

Jen Shizo

Rachel Vara

Lily Gioia

The teams name comes from the members colors, much like RWBY.

Their colors are:






The team was formed at Beacon four years ago.

The four girls were chosen to be part of Beacon at a young age like Ruby Rose. They were around the ages of thirteen and twelve when they were enrolled into the academy.

During the first test Joann was paired with Rachel, and Lily was paired with Jen.

In the beginning Joann and Rachel disliked each other. Joann would complain about how slow Rachel was while Rachel got annoyed when Joann was trying to rush her.

Jen was fine with Lily, but Lily felt awkward around Jen. Lily felt this way seeing as Jen never talked, even when Lily tried to start a conversation.

In the end both pairs picked the white rook.

Joann liked how the rook looked.

Jen went along with Lily.

And both Rachel and Lily liked the rook because it reminded them of safety and protection.

Soon after the four found out that they were a team, then formed Team BLOP.

Once they were a Team some minor conflicts came up with them, it was mostly Rachel and Joann arguing about the same things they did in the forest.

In the end both were able to understand and respect the others fighting style and learned to make that work to their advantage.

After four years of both hard work and some sleeping in class the four graduated at the ages of seventeen and sixteen, quickly doing out into the world to get rid of as many Grim as they could.

Eventually the four went to both fighting Grim and some crime if it got in their way. Those criminal organizations of the past only being memories in the present.

It wasn't until five months after their graduation that Team BLOP was known has heroes, after their take down of the Silver Monkeys, a large crime organization that interrupted the Team's progress at fighting the Grims.

Now Vale knows Team BLOP as heroes, and the three other kingdoms know of their accomplishments.

Some actual RWBY cannon characters relationships with Team BLOP

WARNING- these are spoilers to the team BLOP fan fic, some are worse then others, read at your own risk

Ruby Rose- Being a fan of hunters and huntresses Ruby is a huge fan of Team BLOP's

Weiss Schnee- She's heard of their achievements, and respects the teams effectiveness

Jaune Arc- Joann helps him out every once a while, they become friends though the fan fic

Pyrrha Nikos- She has sparred more then a few times with Joann, either the end of the match be a draw or just barely losing every time, the two share a strong competitive friendship

Torchwick- He is Lily's supposed father, though she betrays him Torchwick does not want to kill her, showing that Torchwick has some small amount of humanity in him

Crimson (Torchwick's dust using ally)- She is Lily's supposed mother, and unlike Torchwick Crimson has no problem trying to kill her daughter

Junior- He used to be friends with Lily, before Lily ran off and Yang killed him that is

Cardin Winchester- He fights Joann due to being over cocky, and loses. After the fight he still did not understand the lesson Joann was trying to teach him, and continues to be a jerk.


  • The team was originally going to be named Team BGLP, Jen's color being green, but Team BLOP sounded better, now Jen's color is Lime.
  • Unlike RWBY and some other teams Team BLOP is not actually based off of fairy tales or stories, or really anything.
  • In the fan fiction the team was the youngest girls to ever go to Beacon.
  • The team only went to Beacon, there was no previous or post schooling
  • No other team member knows of Lily's connection to Torchwick's gang

Author's Note

  • This is my first wiki page I ever made, so it might be a bit rough right now, I plan to try and improve my skills and freshen up this page through time.

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