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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

BONE (pronounced "Bone") is a team of students at Beacon Academy, which is comprised of four members: Leonard "Bones" Wight , Nancy "Onix" Onects, Navi Carol and Ecruio Dragonsbane.

BONE lineup samll





Professional Status



Leonard "Bones" Wight

Founded by

Professor Ozpin


-Leonard "Bones" Wight

-Nancy "Onix" Onects

-Navi Carol

-Ecruio Dragonsbane


Beacon Academy


Leonard "Bones" Wight
Nancy "Onix" Onects
Navi Carol
Ecruio Dragonsbane

The Team

Leonard "Bones" Wight is the team's leader, and is often described by his team as being a carefree goofball.  He has a very nonchalant attitude to most things, which means he tends not to take things too seriously.  This facet of his personality has also given him a sence of fearless to the point of naivete.  In battle though, he becomes much more focused.  Leonard is a brilliant tactician, and is able to focus on tasks regardless of distraction.  Leonard has a lot to learn during his education at Beacon, and this is part of the reason why he was chosen to be team leader.

Nancy "Onix" Onects is Leonards partner and in many ways, her personality is a polar opposite of his.  Reserved and shy, she has a habit of breaking into laughter when she is nervous.  Onix enjoys the company of othere, but doesn't mind being on her own.  Clever and with a fascination for how things work, Onix loves to tinker and dismantle almost anything she can get her hands on ... though she may not always be able to put things back together again.  Onix has very little patience, and often becomes frustrated when things don't go as planned.  Onix only lets close family and friends refer to her by her real name, prefering the rest call her Onix.

Navi Carol could easily be summed up in one word.  Bubbly.  Graceful and benevolant, Navi always has her team mates backs, both on the battlefield and off.  Navi also likes to play practical jokes on her team mates, most of which involve using her odd collection of creepy dolls and puppets to surprise them.

Ecruio Dragonsbane is partners with Navi Carol.  Ecruio's natural size and strength make him a talented melee fighter, but his real passion lies in learning to be a Dust mage (though he's, as of yet, not very good).  Everyone, including his parents and teachers, have been telling him to quit magic and focus on his physical abilities.  This has been a source of stress and frustration in Ecruio's life, and has lead to him developing a short fuse. Though Ecruio can be quick lose his temper (particularly when he feels like he's being personally attacked), he's a kind thoughtful person who would never lay a hand on anyone in anger.  Learning to overcome these issues is just one of the lessons Ecruio will have to learn during his time at Beacon.



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