Team Cobalt- A team of skilled misfits who were never given the proper chance, now allied at Beacon.

(In process of creation, awaiting arts/ canon info)

Team members:

Chimera Teki- Female. "Japanese" descent. Disciplined, thoughtful, sometimes (not often) girly. Uses martial arts, hand-glyphs (Ikons) and pure Dust weaponry- her "Ghiaráil" (Leverage). Learned the Beowolf style of Grimm Chance before coming to Beacon.

Brϋn Kroft- Male. "Latin-German" descent. Silent mostly. When he speaks, he has something important to say. Uses Aztec style weaponry (flint replaced with Dust), and incredible force. His sword is called "Impetor" (Momentum's Act)

Lena Ibás- Female. "Greek" descent. Focused, but hyperactive. Often the first to rush in, but also the first to have a good idea. Uses a bow with (very light) metal arrows, and an acceleration semblance, allowing her to speed her arrows, herself, etc. as long as the object in question is moving (in air/rolling). Two arrows can combine into a sword, and the bow can eject Dust (only a couple times) as a reaction force shield. Her weapon (bow and arrows) is called "lypi̱ró ví̱ma" (Regretful Step).

Tyler Mars- Male. "Anglo-American" descent. Overly dramatic, militaristic, with very "black and white" views of the world. However, very loyal to friends and allies. Uses an assault rifle with a bayonet, and the ability to focus, seemingly slowing time for himself. The assault rifle transforms into a short yari-style spear. He calls his weapon "Liberator" and refuses to make a "silly sounding name."

Team Status:

Not yet formed (awaiting VOL 2 Completion)


The team has a depth of symbolism to their names:

  • The Chimera is a Greek monster famous for it's fire, Thus Red.
  • Brϋn is very close the the German word for brown, braun, Thus Brown
  • Lena Ibás nearly directly translates to "Within Death" in Irish. (true translation: With the death) Thus Black.
  • Tyler Mars- Mar means sea in Spanish. Also a reference to Mars, the war god of Ancient Rome. Thus Red/Blue, or Purple.

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