A team comprised of Messer Danam, Jr. Azulon, Crimal Mison, and Nox. They were originally called DANM, after their leader, but they go by DAMN for cool points.

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Sky Blue, Orange, Red, Midnight Blue

Professional Status



Messer Danam

Founded by

Messer Danam


Messer Danam

An energetic acrobat, Messer is the leader of Team DAMN.  Born in a circus and trained as an acrobat, he found some spring-loaded gauntlets in a dump, fixed them up, and began fighting. At age 13, he was defeated by a mysterious stranger used an unknown fighting style.  He took up training under the man and mastered a King Taijitu fighting style.  He was eventually accepted into Signal Academy, his parents paying his tuition by whatever means necessary, often illegal ones. At the age of 16, he was accepted into Beacon.

He fights with a combination of the King Taijitu fighting style and his own acrobatic movements, with an added bonus of his gauntlets providing additional ice damage to his opponents.

Jr. Azulon

He was dicovered on the side of a mountain road by Violen Azulon(Deceased). She had no name for him, so she called him Jr. Jr. was always an incredible hyperactive child, and this inevitably caused the death of the only person to ever love him. He was at the From Dust till' Dawn dust shop to design his first weapon. He had been sving up all of his life earnings for this moment, when suddenly some theifs came into the shop. They began to threaten Violen with bodily harm, unless the shopkeeper gave up his dust. Jr. did not quite grasp the severity of the situation, and challenged the theifs to battle. The duel did not end in his favor, and the theifs beat him within an inch of his life. Tragically, they dispatched of Violen as well. He ended up homeless, and alone, with no possesions besides his broadsword and the weapon he got from the shop.

He fights using the Beowolf style of Grimm Chance, that Messer taught him. He focuses on lunging attacks, and mostly uses his hands. He couples the fighting style, with his Flame Gauntlets.

Crimal Mison

Born in an orphanage, Crimal was a violent child who took part in street fights.  In one such fight, another child would have shot and killed him, had he not been stopped by a old man. The next day, the old man showed up at the orphanage and adopted Cri, saying that he had talent as a fighter.  After training with the old man, Cri went to Signal, where he had a fairly normal first 3years, until he was expelled for crippling another student in a sparring match. After his expulsion, he worked as a mercenary until his adoptive grandfather was able to get him into Beacon.

He fights with wild, powerful strikes augmented with his Aura. He also wears a pair of boots making him far more manueverable in combat.


Abandoned in the streets as a child, he met his younger brother Umbra when they both tried to steal the same watch from a store.  They survived for years together, gaining friends and enemies.  They found a father figure in Borealis, an old retired mercenary who took them in, giving them a home.  Tragedy struck three years later, as the brothers saw a thief caught in the act kill Borealis.  Nox was later kidnapped and tortured at the hand of a grimm-worshipping cult, until he was able to escape and return home.  Nox left, not wanting to draw his companions into it, but his brother followed. The two continued to work as mercenaries as some of the best in the business, until Nox recieved and accepted an invitation to Beacon Academy. At least, that's the official story. The two have known each other for most of their life, being raised by the same women since Nox was two. It pretty much followed the same path after that.

Armed, Nox fights almost in a samurai like style, but with more western influences. Unarmed, he fights dirty. Using grapples, arm and leg locks, breaking limbs, even crotch shots. Though, it all sets the opponent up for a final blow. His defense is movement. Twisting his body the bare minimun to avoid attacks, then retaliating. 


DAMN Role Plays

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