Erin Corbeau - The leader of ELBE. She's not the smartest person on the team, but she's considered it's most tenacious members. Met Luna while they were at Signal Academy.

Luna Alev - ELBE's other close-in fighter, and the one that Erin knows the most. Both girls attended Signal, but their personalities often clashed. And even now...they kind of clash, but they do get along a bit more now. 

Brianna Catama - ELBE's de facto second in command and engineer. Considered the smartest person on the team, she's often the one Erin will go to for strategic advice.

Ember Kioko - ELBE's only faunus team member and resident fire user. She's the youngest member on the team at 16, but she's considered the most agile member on there. She's the only member of the team that attended Sanctum Academy. She's also the team's resident prankster. 


(Work In Progress)

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