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I'm just saying, I think our team name looks more like Frost than Forest. I mean it's like, who even picked this out anyway, am I right? Anyone else with me here? ...Hey, where are you going? I'm still talking! HELLO?
— Flanagan Branson, Team Leader

Firebrickred Firebrick
Saffron Saffron
Sienna Sienna
Aogreen Ao

Professional Status



Flanagan Branson


Beacon Academy

Team FRST (pronounced 'Forest') is a fan-created team of students at Beacon Academy consisting of Flanagan Branson, Rajah Dipali, Sienna Demeter, and Takehime Natsuki. Their rivals are Team MAUV.


Flanagan Branson: Team Leader; strategist

Rajah Dipali: Dust Tactitian

Sienna Demeter: Long-range hitter

Takehime Natsuki: 2nd in command; All-around fighter


Firebrick is burning hot now, do not venture near the flame.
Fight the hot and arid weather as the saffron buds do bloom.
Buried deep under sienna, claw your way through the clay.
Ao bamboo will grow rigid unless someone does bend you.


There was no real dispute over team leader since Flanagan showed his bravery and leadership skills during the Beacon intiation.

Flanagan is the headstrong, charismatic, and sometimes foolhardy leader. He is a good team leader, always offering uplifting speeches, but can get carried away, and sometimes ends up talking for a good hour if time allows. Many times his teammates leave him talking to himself if he does this. He is an excellent strategist who plans down to every detail so that his team can execute his plan with precision and efficiency. His weapon, the Excalibur Mark VI, is seen as a terror on the battlefield. 

Rajah is the wild Dust Tactitian of the group, who likes to deliver Dust blasts from his Ecru Deserters at a close range to see the look on his enemy's face. He is reckless at times, which gets on Flanagan's nerves. He can sneak around easily with his partner, Takehime, across enemy lines to attack. He is the trickster of the team, liking to pull pranks and 'borrow' items from his teammates. Flanagan has some friction with him because he sees Rajah's reckless behavior as insubordination.

Sienna is the bubbly person of the group, lifting her teammates' spirits with her old sayings of wisdom which often come out of nowhere and are usually earth-related. She is very loving of the earth and hates when anyone defiles it with garbage or litter so carelessly. She will get so angry at people for littering that some believe she has a form of mental disorder. She is the long range attacker of the group, wielding her massive Terra Riveter. 

Takehime is the quiet, collected one of FRST, often saying nothing. She follows orders very well. Due to her growing up in a ninja clan, she is quick and quiet on her feet, so she sometimes unintentionally scares her teammates when she walks behind them. She attacks with her Dia Lunachromes, eithier long or short range depending on the strategy that day. 



  • The team name, "Forest", is a hue of green. 
  • The various team members are based off of fairy tales, greek mythology, and historical figures having (in some sense) to do with nature.
    • Flanagan Branson was initially based off the stories of King Arthur . His color is firebrick, a type of stone, alluding (along with his weapon) to Excalibur, the sword in the stone.
    • Rajah Dipali's character is inspired by "Aladdin " from 1001 Arabian Nights. His connection to nature is through smoke and sand. 
    • Sienna Demeter is influenced by the Greek goddess Demeter , the goddess of the fertility and harvest of the earth. Her connection to nature is earth (clay). 
    • Takehime Natsuki is inspired by the Japanese fairy tale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter." Her symbol shows her connection to nature: a stalk of bamboo and the waning moon. 

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