Eventi Takeshi-Meso, Garnet A. Ayres, Melanite Nightingale, and Sapphire Hoyle... Together, the 4 of you retrieved the Black Rook pieces... From this day forward, you'll work together as "Team GEMS", led by... Garnet A.Ayres.
— Ozpin, announcing the pairings after the initiation
This team is the Co-Property of Yang Long and Shemhazai (RWBYfan95)
Orange shines like a fiery Garnet, blazing up with passion.

Green glows like a dug and cleaned Emerald, glistening with light.

Black is dark with a shine like an Melanite ore, hiding in the shadows.

Blue is deep like an ocean of Sapphire, Shining like the sea itself.
— Garnet, Eventi, Melanite, and Sapphire in that order

GEMS is an elabrate team of Huntstresses and Hunter who excel at different types of skills, variating in different ways.  Despite the vulnerability of each member, united they stand, fighting in cooperation with one another to survive.


Garnet is the leader of this team and a skilled tactician.  Although he has good plans, he tries to do too much at once, leaving his back exposed.  Melanite helps to cover this, shielding him from back attacks.  His name is what the G in GEMS stands for.  He handles the transportations for the team along with Eventi.

Eventi is one of the members of the team and is skilled in both mechanics and CQC (Close Quarter Combat).  Although she excels at CQC, she is most vulnerable against opponents who are skilled at LRC.  Sapphire helps to cover this, shooting at distant enemies she knows Eventi can't reach.  Her name is what the E in GEMS stands for, but elaberates to Emerald instead.  She handles the transportations for the team along with Garnet.

Melanite is one of the members and excels at both Dust usage and stealth.  She is, however, not really defensive and can leave herself open at times for enemies to get a free hit.  Garnet helps to cover this, defending her anytime she leaves herself open.  Her name is what the M in GEMS stands for.

Sapphire Is one of the members and excels at LRC (Long Range Combat).  Although she is confident in her LRC, she is vulnerable to enemies who are skilled at CQC.  Eventi helps to cover this, keeping close range enemies at bay while she deals with distant targets.  Her name is what the S in GEMS stands for.


First of all, all four members where in the same group for the initiation.

Garnet is someone that can easely start a conversation with people he doesn't know. At the initiation he was in the same group as Melanite. Garnet was actually kind of interested in her because she was always quiet and calm. As soon as he heard from professor Ozpin that if you made eye contact with someone then that person will be your partner for the next four years. Garnet then decided to go for Melanite and to succeed he used his tactical skills. When he landed moments later he begane his search estimating the place she had landed. He was looking around, but not finding her. Suddenly he heard a rustle in a tree. He instantly looked at the tree and saw her. At first she didn't made eye contact or even looked at him. So he called out for her and chased her. A bit later she looked him in the eyes. That's when they became partners. Melanite was quiet, but Garnet suggested to talk in order for the teamwork to run smoothly. She did what he said much to Garnet's surprise. They succesfuly finished the initiation. They learned how to cover up each others weakness and learnd how to trust each other. 

Sapphire and Eventi became friends on the ship. As soon as Eventi saw the huge gun Sapphire was carying she instantly knew she would make a perfect partner for her. Eventi went to talk to her and Sapphire was happy that someone did the effort to talk to her since she's a bit shy. They talked a lot on the ship and also before and after the announcement of the first day. on the second day Sapphire then asked Eventi if she would like to become her partner for the next four years. Sapphire knows some stuff about forming teams because her mother was a huntress. Eventi happily accepted the request.

After Eventi and Sapphire finished their initiation they went to the lockers to put away their weapons. That's the place they encountered Garnet and Melanite who where talking to each other and also putting their stuff away. Garnet saw them and remembered seeing them fight. He thought they were good and went over to them. He asked how the initiation went and the girls answered it went good. After the introductions Garnet told them he saw them fight and thought they were good. Soon after that, he proposed if they were interested in forming a team saying that they'll make a perfect one. Garnet explained the stuff how things would run smoothly in a fight and not long after his explanation Sapphire and Eventi agreed to form a team with Garnet and Melanite.

That is how Team GEMS was formed.

The Battle and Fall of Beacon

After returning from a mission, the 4 members soon saw the Nevermore that was attacking the Colloseum and rushed to spring into action. Eventi had provided the team with DPSUs to get them close enough to the Nevermores for physical combat while Sapphire remains a distance away, firing at them from afar while Eventi struck at close range, scorching the back and freezing the wings, but the Nevermore was strong enough to break the ice and regain flight. Garnet and Melanite attacked in tandom with one another, striking it with sharp strikes, they thought the battle was over on their part, but the fight was just beginning...

Minutes later, 4 more Nevermores arrived and fought the team, but in the process of 2 of the Nevermores battling them, the other 2 Nevermores continued to the town and begun to shoot their feathers, causing destruction and injury to the town and its citizens. Fighting valiently to defeat them, the team began to feel weary from all the attacks they performed, the DPSU's Dust tanks were running low and wouldn't support them any further in aerial combat, so the team took to the ground and help in aiding any injured citizens, getting them to safety... It was then that in the corner of Melanite's eye that Beacon Tower began to crumble... Before getting the team's attention, a bright white flash covered the tower, and the Dragon was frozen... But the battle was lost...

The team continued to rescue any injured civilians and get them to the medics for treatments... Feeling that all hope was lost now that Beacon had fallen, they packed their things, hopped on their cycles and drove back to Titan alongside their allies, Ebona and Ivy Kasandra... Making it into the town, with what remaining Lien they had left altogether, Eventi managed to provide her teammates with living space at her house... The next day the team decided to get to work helping the citizens of Titan with everyday jobs.  Garnet began working with Eventi at Hal's Mechanics, using his knowledge of automotives to help diagnose and repair vehicles with Eventi's help. Melanite began working with the miners at the Titan Mineshaft, which is how the town got its name, yet never served any purpose in Remnant's history... Her knowledge of Dust and how they should be treated helped the miners understand how to gather, identify, and refine Dust Crystals into Dust Powder, while also making sure that there were still Dust Crystals that can be used by the people. Sapphire began working at the town's only Gunsmith's Shop, the Ricochet Ballade, providing her with knowledge on how different guns work, how to disassemble and reassemble them, and what kind of bullets each gun used.  This began the process of a slow recovery for the team...

Over the next few months, the team began to adapt to the cultures that Titan's citizens have... Sapphire, taking her days off from the Richchet Ballade, began working on a pair of Photonic Dual Wielding Pistols, using what she has learned from her job and what she knows about her Photon Blaster, to craft it, paying for the materials needed herself... After several moments of trial and error, the LRC Specialist had finally managed to complete her secondary weapon... she had to think of a name for her new pistols... Then it dawned on her, Lluvias Benditas, which in Spanish means "Blessed Showers", after buying some new clothes as well as a holster for her new pistols, she was ready for whatever Grimm comes her way. Back at the house, the team began to feel hopeless that they couldn't protect the tower from collapsing... that was when Eventi breaks the silence that was looming over the house. "No matter what the future holds for us, we will be there to see it through to the end." she said with confidence in her voice. This ringed through their ears and rekindled the team's hope, with the modivation they continued to work with hope in their hearts for a brighter future 

Garnet and Eventi had spent several days together at their job, but Garnet also worked a second job during his days off, helping Melanite with her mining work. It dawned on Eventi that Garnet would want some wings of his own, to complete his dragon set. She has spent days after days, working on blueprints for the Kiryu Wings, while Garnet helped Melanite mine the shaft. After the day's work, Eventi presented Garnet with her blueprints on the Kiryu Wings, to which his excitement was clearly showing on his face, the two then began to work diligently in creating the Kiryu Wings, using a palm-sized yellow Dust Crystal to power the machinery inside the backpack, Eventi fabricated wings to use for the stabilizers and 10 Air Dust Crystals to provide thrust for flight, 5 on each wing. Days have passed and the Kiryu Wings was in the final stage of production, testing it out by strapping it down on the table, powering it up, the two can hear the Dust Crystals work the thrusters, giving off a proper amount of thrust needed to lift a human, but after 10 minutes the Air Dust Crystals stopped providing thrust to the wings, which was a limitation worth having to prevent excessive damage to the power supply. Eventi was so excited for Garnet to try it out, but ultimately Garnet declinded using them, thinking it would serve as a great Memento to tell Garnet's tale about his clan and the changes he has made of himself.

Eventi began to ponder what her Memento should be, she began looking through her things and found her worn out DPSU, the first one she had ever made with Aidan's help back at Beacon Academy the day before Initiation. She smiled at the fond memories of her journey and decided to use this as her Memento, the tale of her journey after her hometown was destroyed by the Grimm and her journey to learn the tricks-of-the-trades of being a Freelance Mechanic. She sat her first DPSU down next to the Kiryu Wings, using them as her Memento.

Melanite had already chosen her Memento when the idea was presented to her, during her life with Drake, he gave her a pendent that he had bought her with some of the stolen Lien one day. Ever since his arrest, she had been pondering on what to do with the pendent, which contained a picture of her and Drake during her pre-teen years. Having a new pendent around her neck, now containing pictures of her team, which to her she considers her new "family", much like Eventi, she sets the old pendent down, hanging on the Kiryu Wings as her Memento, the tale of a lone girl, adopted by thieves, turning into a grown woman of justice, and how her life became more opened because of her teammates, her family...

Sapphire had also already chosen her Memento from the moment Garnet decided to use the Kiryu Wings as a Memento for his tale. Ever since her journey to become a Huntress began, she always carried a picture of herself and her mother inside a photo frame, always smiling when she looked at it... Sapphire also sends her mother postcards containing pictures of her team and the journey she's been traveling on. She sat photo frame with picture inside next to Eventi's worn out DPSU as her Memento, a tale of the daughter of a Huntress's journey, following her mother's footsteps, making great friends and being part of a great team.

After all the Mementos were gathered, Garnet sat each item inside a wide box with a lock on it, marking the box as "Mementos, tales of Team GEMS". Closing the box and locking it, the 4 continued to live their life as the Hunter and Huntresses of Team GEMS, taking missions, helping those in need, slaying Grimm, and protecting the town of Titan.


Moka Crimson/Miki : A fellow student who's skills in robotics match that of Eventi's mechanic skills.  Kind and trusting, she was welcomed as an ally during the course of Project Nieve.  As the project continued, Grimm began to attack the warehouse, which forced Team GEMS into action.  She searched franticly for a weapon until Eventi decided to lend her Ivory till the battle was over.  This led her to revealing her true self, her 'battle' self, resulting in Ivory's form changing into a broadsword, mowing down the Grimm one by one.  After that, she revealed herself as Miki, a young samurai who was trained by Nigel Takeshi, Eventi's father, before he became a mechanic.  Her dream was to become a true person again.

She has an amusing past before Team GEMS was created.  Having been with Nigel and Anna, she finds Eventi as a sister to her, just as much as she finds her as one.  She also has a connection with Garnet, Melanite, and Sapphire.

Aidan Phoenix : A student with mastery over fire and wind, his skills with these two elements are truly a masterpiece within itself.  However, he can't use these abilities wildly, for it will kill him if he does.  He's a worthy asset to Team GEMS, especially to Eventi, who shares a romantic connection with him.  He's a mechanic in training, learning from Garnet and Eventi.  Aidan had also helped Eventi create her iconic DPSU during the first night they spent at Beacon.

Michael Korry : A student with an electrifying personality, his skills with a spear and electric-based attacks showing him as an ally of trust.  Although not much was known between him and Team GEMS, Aidan trusts him enough to help the team out.

Ebona & Ivy Kasandra : Young students who are skilled in fire and ice attacks respectively.  These 2 are inseparateable, being twins of the same blood.  Both became Huntresses thanks to Eventi's courage from fighting off the Beowulf army days ago in Titan.  They consider Eventi as their 'Guardian', treating her and her teammates with respect.

Mizu Celsius : A cold, heartless girl whose bitterness is matched with her skills in ice-based attacks with her weapon, Absolute Zero.  During the course of an RP, she reveals to Eventi her past after reuniting her with her long, lost love, Himi.

Like Miki, she too has a past before Team GEMS was created.  She was once Miki's closest friend alongside Aria (Garnet), Melanite, and Miku (Sapphire), going by the name of Chika.  For centuries, she had lost her compassion, her feelings, and was left a cold, brittle husk of her former self...


Cluster: a 4-way tactic that combines the speed and accuracy of Sapphire and Eventi, while at the same time, laying the heat of the battle on with Garnet and Melanite. This is the default tactic.

Shadowburn: This tactic utilizes Garnet's strength and Melanite's agility to ensure direct blows after blow, combined with twin Fire Dust, the effects on the enemies will leave them fleeing in fear.

Piercing Darkness: This tactic utilizes Melanite's weapon to rid the battlefield of foes while Sapphire deals with stragglers left behind.

Heat Lightning: This tactic utilizes Garnet's fire and Eventi's Ebony to create a devestating firestorm that engulfs their enemies with added melee combat.

Glassbreaker: This tactic utilizes Garnet's fire to turn metallic foes into glass and lets Sapphire blast it, shattering the foe outright.

Grinder: This tactic is all about speed and agility, something Eventi and Melanite do well together.  With their weapons, they create a spiraling vortex that slices and dices up unfortunate foes like an unwanted dinner.

Shatterforce: This tactic lets Eventi transfer Ivory's power into Photon Blaster's barrel, giving Sapphire the ability to freeze their foes where they stand.  This tactic was inspired by the Ice Flower tactic of Ruby and Weiss.


As they have grown alot as a team during the 8 months after the Fall of Beacon, each member wanted to leave behind a Memento that shows their sign of progression in life and to tell their tale for future generations of Hunters and Huntresses


Team as a Whole, Fighting Together: Just the Beginning - GIRLS

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