Team GRAY is created and owned by Reimaru Natsukaze.
We all live for different reasons. Over time, that often turns into something else, though, so we can't reasonably say that we're righteous all the time. But that doesn't have to hold us down.
— Angela Celeste

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Grayson Kobayashi




Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it.
— Glynda Goodwitch

The Grimm are ever present in their threat to humanity, but just as they vary in species, the humans and Faunus of Remnant vary in a multitude of ways, from the highest standards of social elites and their righteous places in their community, to the most depraved and deprived of individuals, knowing the struggle to survive all too often. These differences often cause antagonism and terror, poisoning the populace with mistrust, and ultimately fall to the Grimm of night.

We fight against ourselves, not the Grimm. We invite the Grimm through our own misgivings, and this "hyper-individualism", a tribalism of values will never be erased, so long as we value individual talent and spirit.

The Huntresses and Huntsmen's role is clear. We put aside our differences to face a greater threat. Whether it be Grimm or something else entirely, we fight to defend our humanity, against humanity.

Team GRAY is one of those teams. Their values, like any other, are split. But in order to uphold this objective, they will need to choose what to forgive and what to punish, like any other. Like any other, they will regret and struggle. But in the end, unlike any other, they will come to their own judgement and move on in their own way.

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