my horrible rough draft of team HAIL

"just live unless i come for you then hope you get away safe" -hoojoow to a target

HAIL is not a team to mess with a few members have issues with one anouther but they are highly skilled. the team is made up of hoojoow,amber alendise,iona winter, and linda kogneece.


Hoojoow, or "project gray" at the age of ???, is a mysterious character nobody knows were he got his name all anybody knows about him is he had a faded out tatoo of the schnee dust companys symbol on his neck. he will be seen as a danger to the team by iona much more often then you would think. he wields an extremly destructive halberd.

amber, is a cute but dangerous red headed girl, she had an interesting childhood to say the least.she is 17, she thinks of hoojoow as a fun sparing partner and will never admit it but she loves him. she has a large silver hammer with a gattling gun at the end of the shaft.

iona, she at the age of 17, she is a Brunette with her hair in a pony tail she also wears glasses. iona is the smart one of the team, taking care of all the computer parts of their missions she also excelles in collecting information.she uses an electric whip witch can hook up to computers and copy or download all files on that system.

linda is more or less the leader of the team, she has blonde hair and is 16, bieng pushed ahead one year after defending her village from a horde of ursas. Linda uses duel katanas that can fire the blades.when hoojow gets inpatient with making a plan he trows someone at the closest enemy after which linda doesn't know what to do making hoojoow the temporary leader.


  • anything vague i will try to clear up on the character pages
  • if you would like to to write anything with these character go right ahead
  • if you make art for the team comment and i'll have a look
  • please fix my grammer/spelling if you feel the need

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