Team HALO, its members, their weapons and their semblances are the property of Shingeki no Kyojin. If you do intend to steal, prepare for an incredible beating.
The halos of angels are often corrupted by the demons inside of us...

And we cannot stop it.

— Lydia Sorahana



It is up to you to make the first step.
— Professor Ozpin

Fighters that come from very different backgrounds come together and improve themselves in the company of others. That is what Team HALO is. Ranging from a normal guy attending Beacon to a young, quiet, and beautiful woman with a dark past, their bonds will grow as they experience fighting they have never encountered before. Overall, the members of Team HALO have never experienced true tragedy, with one exception, so they are mostly light-hearted about life.

This team also has a special relationship with the elusive Team GRAY...

Team Theme


ONE OK ROCK Chaosmyth


The team was designed by the four domains: space, sky, sea, and earth.

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