We may not be the stable looking people, but we're better friends than enemies.
— Hitori Kazami




Brick Red

Professional Status



Hitori Kazami

Founded by

Professor Ozpin


Hitori Kazami

Arden Forsenthe

Roux Tierra

Maur Krieger


Beacon Academy

Team HARM are a team of first-year Hunters at Beacon Academy. They were formed by finding the Black King pieces in the Initiation. 


  • Hitori Kazami- Leader of the group, but occasionally acts recklessly. A speed focused close-ranged fighter who uses chains and throwing knives.
  • Arden Blaze Forsenthe- The more calm, but slightly introverted member of the Team. Long ranged fighter with a Dust sniper rifle and pistol.
  • Roux Tierra - HARM's fast shooting, somewhat even tempered sharpshooter. Uses a repeating rifle and bowie knife/revolver.
  • Maur Krieger- A hard working friendly person, who helps keep the team together. A slow-but-hard-hitting close range fighter with a battle ax/hammer/shotgun.

Team Roles

Team Moves

  • Grab and Stab (Roux + Hitori)- Roux holds the target in-place with "Roundup", while Hitori skewers them with a conjured Glyph.
  • Chained Blows (Maur + Hitori)- Using Maur's power with Hitori's high speed, the two rush at the enemy, Hitori disorienting and confusing them with his agility, while Maur gets in powerful strikes with Glatteis.
  • Clouded Judgement (Maur + Hitori)- Maur covers the floor in ice, while Hitori conjures a Fire-Dust Glpyh, under it. The arising spikes will cause a large cloud of mist, as well as skewer anyone on the ice.
  • One Shot (Maur + Arden)- Arden distracts the target with pistol shots, so Maur can uppercut his opponent into the air, with Glatteis' hammer form. Arden, then, snipes them with an Aura-infused shot.
  • Execution (All)- Hitori and Roux hold on opponent down with their respective weapons and Semblance. Maur, then, uses Dark Rime to encase the target in ice, so Arden can head-shot them with an Aura-infused gun-blast.


  • The meaning of harm is to "physically injure", which often causes blood to show, and is the color of red. The feeling of pain is also represented by the color black.
  • The theme of this team is pain or loss. Each member of HARM has received some sort of physical or mental injury or loss in their life.
    • Hitori lost both of his mother and father to Grimm and mobsters, respectively. He is also dealing with sadistic issues.
    • Arden lost his beloved friend Ariana due to an illness.
    • Maur lost his mother and father to illness and Grimm, respectively.
    • Roux lost most of her siblings due to Grimm.

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