Call us monsters, call us demons, call us nightmares, but one thing is for sure: we know how to kill~!
— Judge Falk


This team is comprised of the four most unstable members of Beacon to date. Lead by Judge Falk, the team is one that is used when all else fails due to their cruel and sadistic nature. Their skills match their blood-lust and when fighting Grimm, each member seems to only care for one thing: they want more.


The team was originally split as follow: Judge & Bryan and Blauw & Slate. At the beginning Falk landed quickly encountering a pack of Beowulves who glared at him. The male full of delight went to engage them only to have his first target lite into flames by Bryan who shortly joined him: the two formed the 'Killer Gentleman Duo'. On the other hand, Blauw had used his Trident to clear a landing before charging off. As he ran along, he be strike from his side by an Ursa, who stopped midway as the screech of claws against a chalkboard knocking the Grimm out to be killed by Blauw to meet his partner Slate. The two teams both chose the Black knight pieces in their respective test and were assigned 'Team JBBS' as Judge Falk was awarded leadership of the team.



As it stands, team JBBS doesn't answer to any other team currently and it seems they are avoided as such, but due to their nature they make act as a support team if required to. The team isn't limited to just first year due Bryan being a third year and even provides support for forth year if needed, but their main protocols seems to detail security work and transportation.


  • Bryan is the oldest member of JBBS as he is a third year student who had taken the entrance test three times previous to JBBS.
  • Team JBBS stands for Jabbers
    • which means 'babbling speech'
      • In a manner, the color orange can be associated with jabbers
        • Orange is tied to one's social issues
          • Babbling speech can cause social issues
            • Falk's love for pain
            • Blauw's delusions
            • Bryan often cautioning others of their deaths
            • Slate being a mute
  • JBBS resembles that of a Peanut Butter brand name
    • This leans on the team color being brown which leans in favor of Falk's character
  • Slate technically isn't mentally ill in any manner, though being a mute has limited his options
  • Team JBBS has two of the same colors due to Bryan and Blauw both being blue, though Blauw leans on a greenish shade.
  • JBBS may reflect some of Red team from Red vs Blue No one understands an important member, the team leader has a fascination with killing tools and their technical second in command is obsessed.

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