• NOTICE* Chapter 1 is now released! It's kind of short, but its main purpose is to introduce the conflict between John and Sylus.

Team JCKL (Jackal) is a work-in progress at the moment, and a part of my fan fiction for the RWBY Universe. I am currently only on Chapter 6 of the fiction, and I will try to release a chapter a week (like RT does with their videos). It will follow the path of the team on their adventures with brief debuts and mentions about the main characters in RWBY. However, like I said, these will be brief and they won't really add anything to the story. Just little nods here and there. Kind of like how "Death Troopers" was for Star Wars, except, you know, this is RWBY.

For originalities sake, you'll notice some things in my fan fiction that won't quite add up with the RWBY Universe. This is intentional. I can't copy every little piece of lore, now can I? Gotta add my own recipe to the family dinner, know what I mean? Plus, since RWBY isn't exactly what you'd call complete, I might have to change my entire fan fiction to fit the universe that it resides in.

The Team

John Kellinger

John Kellinger

John Kellinger is a sixteen year old student attending Beacon Academy. His family line has attended Beacon since it was first created in Vale, and have fought against a rival family, the Callahan's, just as long. Not much about John's past is known, and he usually doesn't like to share it. John only mentions his family history and traditions twice his entire time at Beacon, and even then, it was half-hearted. He is surprisingly outgoing, given his past, and will defend his friends with all his might. John also has a sense of justice, and hates anything that would cause others harm. However, his passion for justice has caused him to be reckless, and use any means to stop evil. This means he will sometimes harm innocents on accident, or get into trouble more often than he should.

John has short black hair, with small strands sticking up (ignore the pink in his hair. This was an error in the color scheme. Currently, it can't be fixed). John's eyes are dark brown, and his usual attire consists of a blue vest with his silver armor strapped onto his shoulders, with black jeans. His whip is clipped to his waist on the right hand side. 

His weapon, Alistair, is a Dust Powered Whip. Made of pure silver, with serrated chains wrapped around it, it packs a huge punch. He can control the whip with the Dust infused inside of it, and use it to swing faster and harder than normal human beings. The serrated chains are capable of ripping through bone, and tearing flesh off completely. His fighting style is geared more towards fighting multiple opponents, and striking many of them at once, instead of a singular opponent. Whips are generally used in long sweeping motions, and arcing throws, so one on one combat will be difficult. Where he lacks in brute strength and training, his brain makes up for it. In short, he's smart, and he will find your weakness before you know what it is. He knows some defensive Martial Arts maneuvers, taught to him by his friend Zhao Lee, but in the end it proves more than useless against the Grimm.

Cierra Tosh

Cierra Tosh

Cierra Tosh is a seventeen year old girl at Beacon Academy, and associated with Team JCKL. She is the first in her family to pursue the life of being a Huntress. Cierra has known John since they were small children, and formed a strong bond with him. She often tries to give advice to the group, but most of the time, her advice doesn't help. Cierra can be viewed as unreliable to outsiders of JCKL, but to John, she is his most trusted advisor. Even if her advice is bad. She has a soft demeanor, and rarely gets angry. Every person she meets ends up liking her in some way, and she can be very persuasive at times. This may be due to her Aura, which is the strongest out of JCKL.

Cierra has long brown hair and light brown eyes. She often wears a red jacket with a hood, and a chain-mail vest over it. Her shorts are brown, and always has a white belt included. Her watch is broken, but she continues to wear it because it belonged to someone close to her. Her earrings are white pearls, and help her concentrate her Aura. 

Her weapon is a Dust Enhanced Pole-Arm named Phoenix, which can turn into a flamethrower. The metal is made up of steel components, with Dust on the inside that helps ignite the fire she uses to scorch her foes. She uses Phoenix as if it were a section of her arm, extending it to farther distances and twirling it around her body. She sometimes uses it to propel herself into the air, and then crashes it directly onto an opponents skull. Like John, she isn't all that capable in one on one combat, although she is a much deal greater at it than John is. She can even use Phoenix like a hook, latching the axes at the end of the pole onto tree branches and the like, using it as a form of rope to swing on.

Kevin Aeneas

Kevin Aeneas

Kevin Aeneas is seventeen, and sort of the clown in Team JCKL. He constantly jokes around, and never takes anything seriously. He even goes as far to make fun of John when he loses his first fight against his rival: Sylus Callahan, who nearly kills him. This shows Kevin is insensitive about others, and isn't careful when he talks to someone. Multiple times, his mouth has gotten his ass kicked to the ground. He is always getting scolded by Cierra, and occasionally by Lee, who dislikes lecturing anyone. Kevin is also seen as the most irresponsible person in his whole family, and the dumbest. His jokes may be a cover for many of his insecurities, of which most of them are a lack of social skills. This may be due to neglect from his family, which consists of over twelve siblings.

Kevin is seen as handsome by most of the people who have seen him, and he is by far the strongest member on JCKL, despite his short and lanky appearance. He has auburn colored hair, with a broad face and very fair skin, with green eyes. He always wears the same clothing every day (due to lack of money to purchase new garments, or sheer laziness to wash them), which includes a overly simple orange t-shirt, brown coat, and white shorts. He has a pair of sunglasses that he wears when outdoors, and he wears no body armor, which is very peculiar given his fighting style.

Kevin doesn't have a weapon. Instead, he has a pair of Dust Infused Greaves that increase his speed to unprecedented heights and dramatically overpower his kicks. Kevin attacks with heavy kicks which are sped up by his Greaves, named Breakneck, and slow powerful jabs with his fists. He is a powerhouse of destruction in combat... against a lone foe. Kevin is incapable of fighting more than two opponents at once, and although his speed can almost break the sound barrier, his Greaves don't heighten is reflexes. When running that fast, it is extremely dangerous for Kevin, and most of the time he can't see where he is running to. His greatest strength, speed, is also his ultimate flaw. This means he can easily get overwhelmed, since if he tries to flee at top speed, he could ram into a nearby object and just as easily kill himself doing so.


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