Without further delay, I proudly present Chapter 1 of my fiction. Please enjoy, and give me feedback. As a writer, I must know if my story is good or bad, that way it can improve. :)


It was the first day at the Academy. John nervously stepped off the Airship, and looked at his surroundings: something he never did during combat. He was amazed at the size and scope of the school, seeing it tower above everything else in the area. He felt scared when he realized that eventually in his career of being a Huntsman, he will have to fight Grimm slightly smaller than the school itself. The very thought made him shudder. He combed his hand through his medium black hair due to his hesitation to leave, and adjusted his brown leather greaves. His orange shirt was covered by a blue tunic, with his silver plated pauldrons strapped on top of that. Ah, John loved complementary colors! His silver whip, Alistair, was connected onto its respective holster, and John could never bear to be parted with it. He did have to forge it himself, when he was a little boy. It was like a kid's first stuffed animal, only more deadlier.

Alright... no worries. Everything will be fine... and, hey! Cierra is coming to Beacon as well! If only I could find her... John thought this as he walked down the front of the courtyard, occasionally looking behind him to check out the scenery "one more time".

He gradually made his way to the auditorium, where Headmaster Ozpin was supposed to introduce everyone to the curriculum for this specific year. Once he stepped inside, he saw a sea of students waiting for what was going to happen next. Some looked lost, others looked excited, and a few even appeared to be bored out of their minds.

How could you be bored at a school like this? He pondered.

He scouted out the room in hopes of finding someone he knew, like Cierra, or even Kevin. But no such luck. Even if they were in the auditorium, he'd never find them. There were too many people inside for him to inspect every little detail. It was just a chaotic scene, with everyones' clothing and weapons clashing together into one giant, muddy, color. Where was the complement? Where was the flow? John saw art in everything, and saw colorful patterns all around him. Even when he was fighting, certain attacks or tactics would be coded by a certain color. This gave him a massive edge over everyone else. He could tell whether the person was trying to fake him out by the color they gave off, or if they were trying to make an aggressive rush. He would know when to dodge the attack, or when to counter it with a well placed jab to the stomach. John's ancestor, Andrew Kellinger, had this very same semblance. Andrew Kellinger was also the most powerful member thus far in John's family. Go figure. John wondered that if, he too, would surpass everyone else in his family. The very nature of his semblance seems to point in that direction. However, physically, John wasn't tough. He had a more tactical approach to every situation. More than likely due to his semblance, which makes him at least appear to be a tactical genius. No wonder why Ozpin accepted him into the Academy at such a blistering young age.

Then a chill went down his spine. He hadn't felt a chill like that ever since the last fight with his rival: Sylus Callahan.

Oh, crap! Please, don't let it be Sylus... Please don't...

     Sadly, it was. He felt a tap on his shoulder, and swore in his thoughts.

"Hey, there, Johnathan." John hated his full name, and despised Sylus even more for calling him 'Johnathan'.

John had a complicated past with Sylus. Their families did want to kill each other after all. Why? Well... thats a story for another time. However, this generation didn't seem interested in fighting. If there were two people who could end a feud between families, it had to be these two. Ironically enough, they didn't have a clue that the other side wasn't interested in fighting. So in the end, the only reason they fight is so they can protect their family from any "threat" coming from the rival family. This sandy haired rascal always managed to beat John in a fight whenever it occured. For some reason, Sylus was born with a semblance that directly countered John's. Talk about luck. Sylus' semblance was a strange one. It was more of an unnatural phenomenon, than a gift. Sylus had the ability to see future movements. He saw many outcomes of what would happen in the next three seconds. In short, he can sort of see the future. However, it is only limited to those three seconds, and if Sylus was fighting multiple opponents, he would get an overload of information, which led to him getting a serious case of vertigo.

"Its been a long time, hasn't it..." Sylus smirked. He wasn't hiding his hatred very well. John could see it all over his face. He could also see it due to Sylus' color change. He was enveloped in the color red.

"Yeah. Too long." John retorted.

Sylus leaned closer to John's ear.

"You know... I don't like your tone. You almost gave me the impression that you don't like me." He sneered.

John moved forward, and nearly fell over when his foot scraped the ground. He didn't like it when people got too close to him, because of two reasons: The first being that if someone is close to him, his fighting style wasn't working. The second was that whenever someone got close, he usually got pounded in the face. Everyday, John wondered what DIDN'T want to beat the living crap out of his face. At this point, he figured the floor had more bullseyes than anything or anyone else, since he tripped all the time.

"What? Was I making you scared? You better be. I'm tired of kicking your ass, so it would just be a whole lot easier if you ran away like a girl and slipped over every object in the room, you klutz."

John loathed bullies. His family had a strong sense of justice, and always protected the weak from the strong. However, John's sense of justice was clouded by his judgement. He always tried to help no matter the cost. In the end, he'd save two people but hurt four innocents. It also didn't help that he was only fifteen. What happens when you combine recklessness with selflessness? A lot of explosions, thats what.

"Shut up, Sylus! I'm not the one who screamed like a little girl when they were attacked by a single RAPIER WASP, and even then, it wasn't attacking you! It was just flying around you in circles!" John began to yell.

"Hey! Shut your mouth! I was eating candy at the time!" 

John laughed. "You idiot. Don't you know that Rapier Wasps like sweet food?"

Sylus opened his mouth as if he were about to make a witty comeback, but he was cut off by the sound of a microphone being tapped. Then, a voice began to speak. John and Sylus stopped bickering for the moment, and looked up towards the stage. On it, was Professor Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch.

"I'll... try to keep this brief. All of you here today have come to this Academy in search of knowledge: to learn how you can dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But right now, when I look amongst you, I see wasted energy, wasted potential. I believe you all assume that knowledge will set you free of this, but by the end of this year, you will know that knowledge can only carry you so far. I advise all of you to take that important first step. Welcome to Beacon."

With that, he walked off-stage, and Glynda took over.

"Tomorrow, your first day here at Beacon will offically begin. Today, we are going to assign lockers, and I will show you all of your classes and dormitories. However, the dorms won't be available until after tomorrow's initiation. If you will please follow me, we can get started..."

Argued with Sylus about stupid crap; yeah, that about sums up my life's story.

John and Sylus glared at each other, then turned away to follow the rest of the group. With all of the shades of blue and yellow John was seeing off of everyone right now, he could just tell: This was going to be one awesome year...


Cierra was lost. She had no clue where the auditorium was located, and was afraid that she might arrive too late. She was frantically running around the school grounds, trying to get any sense of direction. To the people around her though, she just looked like a lunatic flailing her arms around. Her red jacket flew around freely with her arms, and when she stopped running around, her hood flew over her face. She had to take it back down, and readjust her chainmail vest. She had to inspect her broken white watch, so make sure it didn't fall off; it tended to do that a lot. The watch belonged to her father, who died in the civil war against the Faunus. It was all she had left of him, because they didn't ever find his body to bury. Once she fixed her apparel, she began running around like a freak once more.

"Excuse me, can you point me in the- wait, no? What do you mean no?!" She attempted to ask a random bystander, but he ended up dismissing her.

Again, she found herself panicking.

"Oh what do I do... what do I do?"

Cierra tends to talk to herself a lot. It might be because she likes to give people advice (although, most of the time, it usually leads to trouble), or due to the fact that she only has two friends: John and Kevin. But even with those two by her side at almost all times, she tends to creep them out with the conversations she has with herself. One of her many charming quirks, out of a possible hundred. Oh, and don't forget to mention the fact that she has severe OCD. Funny enough, her OCD was what led her to be friends with John, because John sees some sort of art in all things; living or nonliving. Although, John won't tell her exactly why it is that he views such artistic appearances, so she just assumes he has a huge passion for art. Kevin though; he was just friendly with everyone. Just one big jokester, capable of making any situation funny. He could be at a funeral, then say two words, and immediately everyone is smiling. He's just that kind of guy.

"Sir! Sir! Can you help me?" This time, she found one of the Professors.

"Hmm? What do you need, young lady?" The man replied, as he turned to look at her.

The man had a vaguely similar appearance, but Cierra just couldn't put her finger on it. Well, she COULD put her finger on it, but that would just be rude. He wore a black, wide brim fedora, and a red scarf covered his face. His left eye was milky white, leading Cierra to believe it was blind. His right eye was lightning blue, and it sent a feeling of electricity down her spine. He also wore a brown coat that went down to his black greaves, which matched his black fingerless gloves.

"I-I-I..." She couldn't stop staring at his eye.

"'I' what? You need some water? What the hell is it?" He paused, and realized what she was going on about. "Oh... this?" He pointed to his left eye. "This was from my last encounter with an Acanthepeira...." He smiled, and Cierra felt that he had a strange pride about losing his eye.

"W-What's an Acan... Acanthaypeer... Wha-?" She was puzzled.

"Acanthepeira. It's a powerful Grimm monster; think giant hairy spider, slightly larger than its Death Stalker cousin. Shoots webs at its victims, and then impales them with its leg. You know, the usual." He grinned, and tipped his fedora. "I think of losing my eyesight as a trophy for killing the damn thing, because as soon as my APEX; that's Action Powered Energy Xiphos, mind you; plunged into its brain, it fell off of a cliff and into the sea. Never got to collect the bounty on its head. Ate an entire village stupid enough to build outside of Vale's walls."

"Whoa..." Cierra was fascinated by the different types of Grimm there were in the world. Mainly because she was determined to kill them all.

"Anyways... enough about that. You probably had a more serious question, yes?"

She almost forgot. "Oh! Yes! I wanted to know where the auditorium was!"

"Tsk. You are soooooo late, girl! Glynda already took half of the place on a tour! You better get going, fast! It's right over there!" He pointed to his right, to the only building in the immediate area. "Name's Professor Hailsting, if you don't mind me saying."


"Yes, yes, Hailsting. It's a weird name, and it screws up your tongue when you say it; now get going! Your already late!" He barked.

Cierra yelped. "Y-Yes sir!!" Then off she ran, like a frightened rabbit that just encountered a wolf.

Hailsting chuckled. "There goes potential right there... Don't you agree, Zippher?" As Hailsting said 'Zippher', he pulled out his weapon, the Xiphos he spoke about. It glowed with pulsating blue energy, and electricity crackled across the blade. Zippher's energy spiked, and it radiated more power for a second, then it was gone.

"Yeah... I think so too. Let's go for a walk."


Even though Cierra just got help and directions, she couldn't find this Glynda Goodwitch person.

Oh no... am I too late?

There were still people wandering around in the auditorium, but other than that, it was empty. There wasn't anyone who exactly screamed: Hey, I'm a Professor at this Academy! so she had to rely on asking random people questions once again. She approached a black haired boy, who was at least one foot taller than her. He wore a purple and white tuxedo vest, and had white gloves covering his hands. He had white dress pants, and brown oxfords. He looked out of place in a school meant for teaching its students on how to kill monsters, he looked more like a normal university student, at any other normal city. The strangest thing about him though was his weapon: it was a giant white Dai Katana, that wasn't even strapped to his back, no, he had it sheathed to his side like any normal sword.

"Uhm... excuse me... where is everyone?" She prayed she didn't sound rude when she asked that question.

The boy, however, only raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, where is everyone else? A Professor told me that Glynda already took most of the students, but I don't even have the faintest idea on who that is, much less where this person could have gone."

The boy put his right hand on the back of his neck, and scratched it. "Wait... they already left? I thought I was early... Oh, crap. This is gonna make me look bad on the first day." He frowned.

She sighed. "Well... looks like there's only one thing to do..."

"What's that?" His frown faded.

"We've got to find that Professor Hailsting and ask him. Again..." Cierra groaned. She hated being late.

"Well, let's do it then."

She grinned. "This should be easy. He should still be where I last saw him... he should be over-" She paused. "Oh no. Where'd he go?"

"What do you mean, 'Where'd he go'"?

"He's gone! He was literally JUST right there! I left not even two minutes ago! And this is an open courtyard!! HE HAS NOWHERE TO HIDE!" Her annoyance was quickly turning into anger. "How can he be THAT fast?!"

"Well... maybe he isn't fast..."

She slowly turned to look at him, and she squinted. "What do you mean...?"

"I've heard of this Hailsting person. He's a legend from where I live. But that's all I thought he was..."

"What. Do. You. Mean." She was losing her patience.

"Apparently, he can bend light around him to turn invisible, like a cloak. His sword channels electricity, which helps his channeling. Whether his ability to cloak is a part of the sword's design, or his semblence, I don't know."

Now she was the one raising some eyebrows. "Cloaking? Pfft. That's only a myth."

"Then how do you explain my disappearance?" A voice whispered into her ear.

"AAAAAAUGH!" She screamed. "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

The boy jumped up like a rocket, and yelled. "Whoa!"

Hailsting warped into existence, and it got darker around his body momentarily. He walked in between Cierra and the boy, and simply laughed.

"What is your problem?!" Cierra scolded.

"Oh, I don't have a problem. YOU have a problem. Isn't your Aura in check? This boy could somewhat sense me... for what good that did... but somehow you couldn't." He said straight to her face.

"Wait... I couldn't sense you..." She sadly said.

"Yeah. You couldn't."

"Oh no." She dropped to the ground, and started sweeping her hand around. "Where is it?! Where could it be?!"

Hailsting and the boy just watched, with puzzled looks slowly enveloping their faces.

"What the hell is she doing?" Hailsting whispered to the kid.

"I don't even- I just don't-" He replied.

"Aha!!" She declared, and held up her hand to show a pearl earring.

"What am I looking at. No really, what am I looking at." Hailsting asked with as much boredom as possible.

"My earrings? Duh."

"But what is so special about this earring?"

She put her finger to her lips, as if to say: Shh, just watch. She clipped the earring back onto her ear, and instantly, she was wrapped in a yellow hue.

"Wow...!" The boy exclaimed. "That's your Aura!"

She nodded. "Strongest Aura in my class last year. I hope it stays that way."

"But what is so special about this earring?" Hailsting repeated.

Cierra closed her eyes, and shook her head. "I thought you would've guessed. Perhaps not..." She looked at Hailsting. "These pearl earrings help me focus my Aura, and concentrate it as a weapon. I can do all sorts of crazy things with it, and when these earrings stack with my semblence, Transmogrification..." She whistled. "I could kill an Acanthepeira in seconds." She grinned.

"Your cocky. That's gonna get you killed. And what the hell is Transmogrification?"

"Transmogrification is the ability to change the form of your Aura and shape it to your will. Whatever shape I desire, I can create it. My Aura is a powerful tool; it can be a hammer, or an anvil. It can be an axe, or a pick. It can also be my sword, or my shield, and if you combine that with the power of my weapon, Phoenix, I'm unstoppable." She didn't seem to be joking, Hailsting knew that much. Somehow, he didn't doubt her power. However, he did doubt the fact that she can control it as potent as she claims.

"Then do it." He said.


"You heard me. Do it."


"Or are you not as good as you say you are...?" He smirked, and tipped his hat down.

Cierra's face flushed red with anger. "Of course I am! Just watch!" 

She ran a few paces away from the two, and Hailsting motioned for everyone else in the auditorium to stand back. Cierra took a deep breath, and concentrated.

It better work this time, or I'm going to look like a fool...

"Here it goes..."

She slid her right foot forward, and made her left arm circle around behind her back. Then she closed her eyes, and held out her right hand with he palm open, facing flat towards the wall. When she opened her eyes, they had changed color from brown, to piercing yellow. She bent her right arm back, and thrusted it forward, and immediately a burst of Aura energy shot out of her hand. But it didn't act like a normal Aura Shot from a normal person. No, she brought her hand back, and the energy came back to her hand and began to take shape of... a shield! When she firmly grasped the yellow shield, she brought out her weapon, Phoenix, which was shortened greatly in length. It looked like a simple red rod, about a foot in length. But when she tapped it, the weapon sprang to life in a red and sliver bardiche, with an orange outline along the edge of the blade. They all saw it: the bardiche had flames emanating from it. With shield in hand, and Phoenix primed and ready, Cierra looked fiercesome. Hailsting even shuddered, when he looked into her golden eyes. But when Hailsting blinked, she was right in front of him, glaring right into his mind.

"Bloody hell, girl... when did you get so scary?" He asked.

"I'm always scary. You just didn't notice until now." She returned the smirk, and turned to look at the boy. "BOO!" She shouted.

She almost made the poor lad jump out of his pants.

"See Hailsting? You shouldn't doubt this generation."

Hailsting scratched his chin, over the red scarf. "Perhaps you're right..." He turned to the boy. "Hey, kid, what can you do?"

The boy flinched. "I'm not a kid. And my name's Zhao Lee."

"Well Lee... I believe its your turn to show us what your talent is." When Hailsting looked back to Cierra, her shield was gone, and she had put away Phoenix in her back pocket. But her eyes were still yellow. "You wanna encourage him to work so magic?"

She shook her head. "No. If he wants to brag about what he can do, let him. If not, then just let it be."

Hailsting smiled. "Very well..." He looked back to Lee. "So... you wanna show your stuff?"

Lee grinned, and ran away from them.

"Oh, boy, do I." 

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