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Eagle and John


Beacon Academy

JEMS is a team comprised of two huntsmen and two huntresses, all of which excel in different abilities. Team JEMS is amongst one of the most silent and serious teams at Beacon and are highly viewed upon by other teams. They are also the only known team to be composed of Faunus.


John Mikaelson is a member of Team JEMS.

Eagle Umbra is a member of Team JEMS and is the leader of the group.

Diamond Tenebra is a member off Team JEMS

Shade Luz is a member of Team JEMS.


Team JEMS was formed in Beacon Academy, a school designed to train huntsmen and huntresses. The team itself was first formed at Signal Academy, although not officially. During their initiation, and test at the Emerald Forest, Eagle was partnered with his brother John, while Shade was partnered with Diamond. Rapidly crossing the forest and taking out several werewolves, the four managed to make it to a temple to retrieve their relics, thus making them an official team. However, the team themselves are very silent and will only responds to certain actions if needed to. Also, there capabilities as a team has made them known throughout the entire school and are highly praised. It also led to make few rivals, but Eagle himself doesn't care.

Team JEMS central themselves in several tag team base attacks when working together, and are praised for their impresive teamwork, as Eagle himself is also praised for his leadership skills.


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