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You guys are like my brothers. Treated me the same. Never forsaken me at one point and had no doubts in my skills.
— Eli about the Team

  • Jade
  • Orange
  • Russet
  • Electric
Professional Status



Jorey Diamond

Founded by



Jorey Diamond
Onyx Rocker
Rufus Sabbia
Eli Leictreach


Beacon Academy

Team JORE is a team of unique team of huntsmen, who excel in different types of skills. Team JORE is quite heavily praised and normally told to do better despite their personallities and their lack of skill working together. They are also horribly terrible when they fight each other. They found the white rook piece.


Jorey is a member of Team JORE and the leader. The team is named after him. He is the archer and swordsman and plays a pivotal role in terms of long range attacks and being in the frontlines.
Onyx is a member of Team JORE. He is the hand to hand combatant on the team. Onyx provides the front line attacks for the team.
Rufus is a member of Team JORE. He is capable of taking on enemies mid range and in close quarters combat.
Eli is a member of Team JORE. He s the detonation expert of the team and normally uses mid range attacks.


Team JORE was formed in Beacon Academy, a school designed to train huntsmen and huntresses, they were all assigned in the Emerald Forest. First of, Jorey Diamond and Onyx Rocker found the white rook and same with Rufus Sabbia and Eli Leictreach


Team JORE's dorm has an organised dorm set up. At the front of the room is Jorey's and Rufus's bed which are in the corner of the room. Eli's and Onyx beds are on the other side of the room but rotated to give the dorm more space. The dorm has a black carpet and a greyish wallpaint on it. There are no posters or paintings on the wall. There is a shelf in between Jorey and Eli's bed which has loads of books. Below that, they have a weapon storage in there. 


Explosive Shield

Jorey, when performing a focused shot, will keep his bow aimed at the opponent for a long time. Rufus would stand near him, summoning up a shield to protect him and Eli would stop them from attacking it. While Onyx would assist in helping.

Explosive Arrows 

As Jorey fires arrows towards targets, Eli fires straight towards the arrows to make them more explosive. He would then detonate them. This was actually made by Eli when Jorey had missed a shot at a few Grimm.


Onyx goes into close quarters combat alone while Jorey and Rufus provide long range shots towards the opponents. Eli would be creating a distraction with explosives to make everyone else less visible in combat.

One Missing

Jorey stays back out from the attack whereas Eli and Onyx both rush towards their opponent. Eli goes for an aerial attack where as Onyx goes for a bottom attack. Rufus provides a long range attack.


The most aggressive approach for Team JORE. Jorey, Onyx and Rufus all go in close quarters combat. Jorey rushes in first as he jumps towards the opponent and then performs a fake attack while Onyx rushes towards the opponent for an attack. Rufus joins in late for assistance. Eli then provides the explosive attacks.


  • It is normally mistaken that the team is pronounced Johr, actually it's pronouce, Joh-ree.
  • The theme song for the team is Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy and Young by Hollywood Undead.
  • The team have a very strange scheme of all of their represenations being of Silicon, except from Eli.
  • If J is the last letter of the team, it makes OREJ, which sounds like Orange.
    • This represents Onyx's frustation for not being leader.
  • By judging the characters powers, Rufus would actually be the best overall.

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