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A prince, crown lost and forsook.
A lady, caught in a dangerous game.
A fool, trying to save all.
A shadow, who can do nothing right.

Team LEAV are one of the teams in Beacon Academy, who have formed in the same year as team RWBY. Each member has their own goals and personal principles, but they are all bonded by the common trait in their backgrounds, in which each of them is running away or trying to escape from something.

Team Members

The members of Team LEAV are first-years. Their roles and dynamics in the team are listed beside their names.

Lear Goneril: Sniper, Bomber, Surveyor, Leader, Silver.

Sh'Elley Godwin: Front-line Fighterm Trapper, Tactician, Information Collector, Pale Blue.

Artagnan Castel: Generalist, Red.

Vulturn: Front-line Fighter, Scout, Chaser, Destroyer, Strongest, Black.

Former Member:

Tesion: Brawler, Traitor. Had been murdered by Vulturn, who replaced him.


RWBY:Fallen LEAVes
Team ALVE: ArtagnanLearVulturnElleyValerian
Team SALT: SilverAlionLancotTinker
Beacon Staff OrbisGooseVernierBlanchePariah
Heads Current: Estelle • Former: Gildas
Mimsy Family SmithClaireCaroll
Momerath Family AetherLittle BoyOthers
Manxome Family FisherHansStartale
Remnant 9: LupusHelliosBlutzahnZincaTeariaBriarCarnavalDurumi

Honorary Members: Blouson

Black Hunters
Vale Members LagoonJungle
HQ Members VulcanaTyphonseZhurong
Prelysium Students LaevaStyx
White Fang MzeeDunkel
Hunters PhonicaLilyHalleyTesion
Salem's Allies CastilloMorusAstra
Rogues/Criminals Kang
Janitors 01:Zephyr02:Istafuron03:Baby04:John Dog05: ReinerThe Swarm
Others Cent
Grimm MellukaSophist
Setting AuraLessonsCombinationsBlack Hunter
Weapons Murasame OriginalsEpitomes
Grimm Danger Ratings

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