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Lilly Maurice

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Team LINZ (pronounced Lindsey) formed a year after the creation of RWBY.  The team comprises of four girls, Lilly Maurice, Iri Kurosaki, Navarette DuBuis, and Zaeulu.  

Team Formation

Formed the year prior to the storyline of RWBY, Team LINZ was created in the "Flower Years." Right away, Lilly and Navarette met in the middle of the forest after Lilly tripped over Navarette admiring the grass, as she had never seen it before. Shortly after, the two, led by Navarette, ran into Zaeulu, who was looking up to the woods, admiring the sakuras falling from the trees. After an encounter with a rogue Beowolf, Zaeulu joined the two for help until she found a team mate.

As the three made their way to the riverbed, they look up to see a girl hugging an umbrella, slowly falling to the ground. As they approach, a smiling Iri proclaimed "Good morning!" Iri and Zaeulu became teammates.

To cross the river to the temple, the four, led by Navarette, used Iri's umbrella as a ship of sorts and sailed to the temple grounds. Lilly and Navarette took the red carnation and Iri and Zaeulu took the white carnation.

On the travel back, the two encountered a Baala, an ancient Grimm riddler with a large horn in the center of it's head and a set of large red eyes. Navarette, to protect her group, ran full speed to the creature, extracting her weapons and begins taking down the creature's defenses. To protect their teammate, Zaeulu and Lilly began shooting and darting the creature, attempting to protect Navarette with their aura. 

When all hope seemed lost, a large boom erupts from the smallest of the four, Iri. Her weapon booms out and she fires a single buckshot that immobilizes the creature, letting her team claim the final blow.

At the coronation ceremony, the team was named "LINZ" with Lilly as the team leader, much to the dismay of Navarette.

Leader: Lilly Maurice

Lilly Maurice

Raised in the top percent of the Vale population, Lilly rose to the occasion to be a Huntress after an unfortunate incident that happened to her as a pre-teenager.

(More on her offical character page)

Iri Kurosaki

Iri began her training to be a Huntress at a very young age as a way to cope with her abandonment.

(More on her official character page)

Navarette DuBuis

Navarette, as a young woman, became a co-captain of a pirate ship outside of Vale who joined Beacon Academy to do her mother proud. (More on her official character page)


As a young girl, Zaeulu knew she was different. While she could have dealt with her differences, she overtook them to prove that she could be a Huntress.

(More on her official character page)


  • The team was created by Vindication Productions members Tori, Kim, Olive, and Ziyande, respectively.
  • Each character is slightly based off of a League of Legends Champion (Vayne, Sona, Gangplank, and Orianna).
  • The team name was created to honor Lindsay Tuggey, the voice actress for Ruby in RWBY.

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