Ivory Dietrich, Maki Kuronami, Dunkelblau Noname, Azalea Rappacini. The four of you retrieved the black rook pieces, from this day forward, you will work together as, Team MAID. Led by... Maki Kuronami.
— Professor Ozpin naming their team.

...No. Just no.
— Ivory Dietrich voicing his disagreement over the team name.

  • Brown
  • Purple
  • White
  • Blue
Professional Status



Maki Kuronami (Often replaced by Ivory or Noname in heated combat)


Beacon Academy

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Team MAID is a Beacon Academy team led by Maki Kuronami. They are infamous for their incredibly high friendly fire ratio. However, when they get the job done, they get it done, so regardless of their terrible teamwork, they are often called in for some high-risk missions. They can be considered as the spiritual successors of Team EHVA. They share a friendly rivalry (or according to Maki, a fight to the death) with Team MANA.

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A bunch of misfits that accidentally became teammates. Composed of the loose cannon, Maki Kuronami, the doctor-in-training, Azalea Rappaccini, the truth seeking detective, Ivory Dietrich and the nameless scholar, Dunkelblau Noname. Though not entirely friends with each other, they are all quite close.


Maki SymbolMaki Kuronami is the leader of the team (in-name only), and a bit of a bitch.
Azalea SymbolAzalea Giacomo Rappaccini is the medic and support fire of the team, and the one who plays the straight (wo)man role.
Ivory SymbolIvory Dietrich is the strategist of the team. Can easily be mistaken for a playboy for having three girls as teammates.
Noname SymbolDunkelblau Noname is the vanguard and co-leader of the team. She's pretty distant and weird in odd ways.


Either it was a joke or an elaborate plan on Ozpin's part, their team was named MAID. As such, Ivory is often the butt of many jokes, often being called the "head of the maids".

Alternately, since Noname is always referred to as Noname instead of Dunkelblau, Ivory often advertises his team as being Team MAIN instead of Team MAID. His teammates disagree though.

Despite how silly their name is, they are recognized as some of the most dangerous teams to work with, due to Maki Kuronami.

Team MAID Uniform

Team MAID in their Beacon uniforms.


If there's one thing this team has, it's self-sustaining. Every member is out for themselves, not relying on each other too much. Majority of their respective fighting styles clash with another member's fighting style as well, making teamwork pretty difficult. Not counting Ivory and Noname, they actually actively try to hit each other if they ever get in the way.

However, what they lack in team unity, they make up with incredibly competitive prowess. Ironically, it's because of their lack of unity that their true teamwork is established.

"Unity through rivalry!"

Recently though, Ivory and Noname had done efforts to unite the team into a more organized group, taking inspiration from Team JNPR's teamwork in recent school activities. Azalea is becoming easier to work with.

Maki as well has been taking notes from other team leaders and had stepped up her game, becoming slightly less apathetic to her teammates during battle.

While the core aspect of their "teamwork" is still true, they're slowly subverting it and are beginning to operate as a single unit instead of a scattered group.

Teamwork Style

Maki usually act as the main offense of the team, being capable of shredding through hundreds of low-ranking enemies.

Azalea is a long-distance shooter, making her good for support fire. Or extremely rarely, assists Maki in rushdown.

Ivory often coordinates the team, using his dagger to set up a united attack on a powerful enemy.

Noname fulfills a more all-around duty as an assist for Maki or a co-shooter with Azalea. Sometimes, she replaces Ivory as a leader, taking charge of the team in his stead. This is usually the case when he has a good plan in mind that requires setting up.

In recent times, Maki has attempted to step up her leadership and has slowly demonstrated that she can coordinate her team if she puts her mind into it. This is proven true during the Vytal Festival when Team MAID narrowly defeated Team MANA.

Duty in Beacon

Unofficially, they are the ones investigating the actions of Astraea, a seedy combat training facility as official documents say. They have ties with Xanadu Kuroha, it's current leader.

Oftentimes, the rest of the MAIDs, besides Maki, hangs out with Team MANA.


  • In a way, each member of the team represents an aspect of the non-RWBY, original version of Maki. Azalea represents her carefree and rebellious nature, as well as her hidden dark side. Ivory represents her analytical prowess and future leadership skills. Noname represents her mysterious heritage and eccentric behaviors.
  • Team MAID was originally suppose to be Team MAKI, but as I can't find good historical characters to use for the letter "K", plans changed.
  • Their team name is ironic, as their team is more known for their chaotic behavior and below-average teamwork capabilities.

Team Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Maids are well-known for their black and white uniform.

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