Team MAID is a team created by Maki Kuronami, the Intellectual Rapist. Here you can write what you and your characters think about the members of the team.


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  • Please respectful of other people's opinions, and if you want to critique please write one that is constructive.
  • If you want to ask something, feel free to do it and I'll try to answer whenever I can.
  • [Personal Rule]: Direct all hate to Maki. XD

Maki Kuronami

Your thoughts

KuraiJack: Maki is quite a interesting character. She also possesses a good personality and is a very fast huntress.

StarlightAT: I am just gonna come out and say it, I like Maki's character. I think her backstory is justified to how she acts today. I love how you used Maki's appearance to completely subvert how a normal girl with glasses would act. Does that make sense? Bah, basically I like how you used the 'Don't judge a book by its cover' phrase for her appearance and personality. Though how did she come to have the 'critically insane' part of ehr personaltiy? Is it because she was in fights so often she grew to enjoy them? Even so, the building character development sems to be moving at a steady pace for a character like her. Its good. Basically I like the character A LOT!

Your characters thoughts

Ranna:  Maki is a good fighter, though not as good as me. She also has a interesting personality and likes to tease Ivory like me. She also doesn't fear me like a lot of the other students.

  • Maki: I wouldn't call the multiple draws we had as you better than me.

Zaffre: Maki is a rather excellent swordswoman. She mastered the sword I made with ease and I was happy to work with such an experienced fighter. However, her impulsiveness and stubborn attitude is rather difficult to deal with, but charming in its own way. I had fun speaking with her and Azalea, and that night...*blushes* It was rather fun.

  • Maki: Hey, impulsiveness saves the day everyday! I'm quite good in what I do! =D

Azalea Giacomo Rappaccini

Your thoughts

StarlightAT: Hmm...I didn't really see the clumsy part of her in our RP, but that mgiht ahve been after character development! XD I'm suprised she smokes though, then again given her age, and her personaltiy...rather interesting to make a person who is like a Shrinking Violet to be a chain smoker...its really interesting, I like that! I'm still trying to understand her weapon given the picture...but is it like a rifle and such with a Naginata blade? Ah so it is. OKay so reading her backstory...Azalea needs a hug..lots and lots of hugs...

Your characters thoughts

Auburn Radcliff: Okay so...Imma come out and say it, that Beatirice Persona or whatever, freaks me out. I gotta say you don't meet many tall chicks like her. I'm still taller than her thought!! And I doubt her knowledge on medicine and herbs beats mine! .....Okay okay so she maybe smarter than me in that area....Lia....why are-OKAY OKAY SO SHE'S BETTER THAN ME!!! I will admit her life was rough, I can understand of family members disowning you, except my parents up and left us kids...

  • Azalea: Come to think of it, it's been a while since Beatrice popped up according to my teammates. ...Scary thought if she pops up again. Given that you had it slightly worse than me, I think you need more hugs than me.

Ivory Dietrich

Your thoughts

StarlightAT: So we got a character that uses daggers huh? And multiple ones? Nice...Another interesting member of MAID....pfft....Poor thing. Then again this would be good character development to be around so many characters with different experiences!

Your characters thoughts

Gretel:  Ivory is great fun. He is pretty smart and has a good taste in books. I still find it hilarious that he's the leader of team MAID. XD

  • Ivory: Yes, that's a joke that was run to the ground in the first month of our semester. Fun.

Liadan Dormant: ...I offer my condolences for your team name. Despite it being rather interesting in the concepts of Black and White...I most sincerely apologize for laughing once I heard the name from Kuronami. Even so, you seem to be a rather tactiful leader. Your fighting style which revolve around the use of dust filled daggers is rather unique as well. I am interested in how you utilize such weapons.

  • Ivory: Apology accepted, that is the default reaction to the name of our team. My daggers are decent, but they are inadequate against more tougher Grimm. They were designed for human combat after all.

Dunkelblau Noname

Your thoughts

StarlightAT: Hmm...what to say what to say...This character feels like a Shirnking Violet, and yet once you get into her life it doesn't seem that way. Her problem is that she doesn't want to talk, not that she doesn't know how to talk. Poor thing needs a hug also. Let's see....I think the only criticism is about the rapier she threw did it destroy the vicintiy? O_O I think the main thing I like about her is how you described her ot be a decosntruction of the silent protagonist.

Your characters thoughts

Wolfe Black: Three things; Beauty, Brains and Skill.

  • Noname: ...Yeah, sure. Though I don't exactly think I'm that smart... =/

Putrea Zedong: My, my, my, I never expected to read about another person that acts like a machine. Even so, I am curious about the OJ...perhaps I should do the same. *Hands OJ over*. Here you go dear. Now, her past is rather traumatic, and yet there doesn't sem to be any light shed on her amnesia. Then again, losing then at the age of five is rather understandable. But, there should be items around her that would trigger the memories. Is this really Amnesia or rather the years hvaing gone bye? I kid, I kid.

  • Noname: ... *Accepts OJ* There are triggers to my memories. But they tend to cause headaches so I'm not trying too hard to find out my past. Maybe someday once my sporadic headaches stop happening I can try to discover who I really am.

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