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Mauve? That's because we are mauvelous....Okay, that was terrible. Let's agree never to say that again.
— Morgan Branson

Seagreen Sea Green
Alzarin Alizarin
Royalblue Royal Blue
Violet Violet

Professional Status



Morgan Branson


Beacon Academy

Team MAUV (pronounced "Mauve") is the rival team of Team FRST. There is a lot of friction between the MAUV's leader Morgan Branson since she is the cousin of Flanagan Branson. Her father is currently trying to take over the company from Flanagan's father because he sees him as incompetent. 

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Morgan Branson

  • Sea Green 
  • Morgan means in Welsh "sea" and "circle" but it is also an allusion to Morgan La Fey the character she is based on
  • Based on Morgan La Fey

Acacia Prochorus

  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Her tale is "The Red Shoes" by Hans Christian Anderson
  • She is the most vain of teammates, however she does realize this and apologizes for it
  • She loves her dark red boots. 

Urdina Antzarak

  • She is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Goose Girl"
  • Her color is royal blue since she is inspired by the timid princess in her fairy tale
    • Urdina is blue in Basque
    • Antzarak means goose in Basque

Vie Tontlawald

  • She is inspired from the maiden in Andrew Lang's Violet Fairy Book "The Tale of Tontlawald. "
  • Vie is a diminutive form of Violet. 
  • She is the most chilidish of Team MAUV


Drowning in a sea of envy, need to overcome your spite.
Alizarin vanity will eat you, unless you stay and fight.
Battling your inner softness to become the royal blue
Death is taunting at your doorstop, violets will soon join you.


  • Team color is Mauve. 
  • Morgan Branson is based on "Morgan La Fey" from the Arthurian legend. 
  • Urdina Lagle is based off of "The Goose Girl."
  • Vie Tontlawald is based of Andrew Lang's Violet Fairy Book story "The Tale of Tontlawald."

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