Team MYTH consists of members who are modeled after figures of Ancient mythology. Each member belongs to a different Mythology and are all property of Pheonix126. If you copy me i will find you.

M: Morrigan-combat expert

Y: Yhel-Light Unit

T: Thor-Heavy Unit

H: Helios-Leader

Morrigan de Danaan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Weight: 145 pounds

Symbol: A crow in the middle of a battlefield

Backstory: Morrigan was raised in a warrior tribe. When she was able to walk she was trained in the in the art of sword fighting. Ever since Morrigan has excelled in combat always revelling in it. This scared her tribe to no extent. They loved the fact that at only age 11 she was able to beat everyone in the village. What they didnt love was the manical smile on her face everytime she fought and how she had to be restrained to keep from fighting any more. Eventually the tribe elders voted to send her away and she was taken to a town for the first time. However, she was left there, and at only 12 years old she couldnt get a job to support herself and she didnt know the way back to her tribe. The only thing she had owned was a sword that had belonged to her father and the clothes on her back, also, she didnt have any money.

So she was forced to fight for her living. She constantly challenged travelling warriors for money saying that if she could best them they would give her everything they had. All of them, thinking that this just an ordinary girl way in over her head took her on and lost. Using the money she obtained she bought herself a small apartment to live in. She lived there until one day a warrior came who sh couldn't beat. It was a hunter and he saw extreme potential in this girl. So he taught her the basics of using Dust and Aura usage and left. A few weeks later Morrigan found a letter saying she had been accepted into Beacon Academy.

Appearance: Morriagn at first glance seems to be an ordinary teenage girl that is extremely pretty and used to getting her way. A closer look will that is exactly what she is except for being ordinary. She has ordinary black hair at an ordinary length that is constantly in a war braid as well as not so ordinary blood red eyes. She wheres plain shorts, as according to her pants restrict her movement in combat, along with a plain T-shirt with a v-neck. The color of both of these are is black and on the shirt her symbol is stamped in a blood red color.

Weapons and Tactics: Morrigan's only weapon is Fragarach. This sword has wind capabilities due to a Dust crystal implanted on the pommel. Morrigan uses this to sharpen her sword to the point where it can practically cut through anything. She can also use it to send gusts of wind at her opponent to knock them off balance or create a miniature windstorm around herself to protect from bullets and arrows. She fights using the Irish style of sword fighting of striking at the "Twelve Doors of the Soul" which are twelve different parts of the body that will do significant damage when struck.

Morrigan's Aura is like most other auras in the sense she uses it to create a shield to protect herself. However, she doesn't use this to protect herself. Instead she uses the shield it creates to strike at her opponent to knock them off balance and then deal the finishing blow.

Personality: Morrigan fights for the sake of fighting. She revels in combat litterly laughing as she fights a strong opponent( or any opponent really). This has led her to have a fiesty personality that has her constantly back talking and bragging about past victories and defeats like they are the greatest thing to ever happen to her, as well as getting herself into all kinds of trouble that she simply sees as an opportunity to get itno more fights. However she isnt very bright seeing that the only answer in life you should ever need is the ability to punch, kick, elbow, knee, stab, cut, or jab your way out of any situation.

Yhel Ravenson

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165 pounds

Symbol: a raven in flight

Appearance: By just looking at Yhel you can tell he is a prankster. Looking into his hazel eyes you can see a mischivious gleam constantly there showing that he is always think about new ways to prank someone. His black hair is always unkempt and messy and his facial features have a sort of bird like quality.

Weapons and Tactics: Yhel wields two pistol whips that he uses for long range fighting that he names as Cyclone and Typhoon. They have wind capabilities due to a Dust crystal intsalled at the bottom of the whips pistol handle. Using this Yhel can increase the range of the 7 foot whips to 12 feet, he also increases the whips cutting power. When he isnt using the whip to cut something he uses it by wrapping it around his opponent trapping them in place and shooting them with his pistols which have extreme stopping power due him increasing the velocity using the wind capabilities.

Besides the two pistol whips Yhel also wields Hurricane kukri. Hurricane also has wind capabilities that Yhel uses to increase the already incredible cutting power of the kukri.

Personality: Yhel doesnt take things seriously. He is a prankster after all. He is a very likeable guy and can almost make everyone he meets smile (except Thor). He is constantly pulling new pranks and old ones on his fellow teamates so he can lighten up the mood no matter how grim.

Thor Odinson

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5

Weight: 200 pounds

Symbol: a lightning bolt splitting a rock in two

Appearance: When looking at Thor everything about him shouts presicion. His straight blond hair is constantly in a military cut and his facial features are presice angles giving him a jagged look. His electric blue eyes have a hard look to them saying he will not perform or tolerate any mischief.

Weapons and Tactics: Thor wields two weapons, his hammer and the lightning he can control with his hammer. His hammer he names as Tempest and has two lightning abilities he uses with it. The first is a lightning blast that has major stopping power that can knock down any heavy weight opponent. His second is an attck that he names as Giant Slayer. This he either smashes into the ground to knock down light weight opponents or to leave a plus size dent in a heavy weight opponent. He is also proficient at H2H combatant using a fighting style called Lightning's Fury.

Personality: There is only one thing that needs to be said about Thor's personality, he is the polar opposite of Yhel. Where Yhel is never serious and always joking Thor is always serious and is never joking. Infact the relationship between Thor and Yhel is a love hate relationship. Everyday they basically get into a fight.

Helios Hyperion

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 185 pounds

Symbol: a chariot driving toward the Sun

Appearance: Helios appears to be the pristine image of leadership. His sunbaked blond hair frames his face perfectly in its unkempt style and his amber eyes can hold you in place just by staring straight into them. Basicly, he's extremely handsome.

Weapons and Tactics: Helios wields a Greek Xiphos sword he names as Inferno and a Greek Hoplon shield he names as Eruption. These both have fire capabilites due to Dust crystals installed on the inside of the shield and the swords pommel. He fights using the traditional battle style of the Greek Hoplite using his shield for offense as well as defense. Using the fire capabilities of Eruption he can either create a ring of fire around the outside of his shield for offense or he can cloak his shield in fire to increase the already massive defense of the Hoplon. With Inferno he can coat the blade in flame increasing both the cutting and stabbing capabilities.

Personality: Helios is a peacekeeper. He doesnt revel in combat like Morrigan does and he keeps Thor and Yhel from killing each other and he keeps Morrigan from getting them all killed in some outragious fight that she started. This has led him to always try and talk his way out of situations before resorting to violence.

Names of Ancient Mythology and they originally are

Morrigan is based off of the Celtic Goddess of War and Death. Fragarach is based off an Irish sword of Celtic Myth that is said to be the sharpest sword in existence. It can control wind and if you point it at someone's throat they will be inclined to you everything you want know that they know, and they do it truthfully. 

Yhel is based off of one of the Native American Trickster gods.

Thor is based off the Norse God of Lightning and War.

Helios is based off of the Greek Sun God before Apollo took over.

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