Yeah we're a pack of degenerates, but at the end of it we're saving the day whether you like us or not
— Nigel Coeur

Team NILA a mishmash of Machismo, Dysfunction, and borderline insanity but can be called on to save the day when their needed most. Provided that people can work past Bravado, Aggressiveness, Ego, and Mystery.

Team members

  • N: Nigel Coeur 
    • Personality: is the leader and he is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to powerful enemies, also enjoys fighting, shown when he sometimes does not fight at his full potential so he can make a fight last longer. He often carries himself with a slick, confident manner but with a keen sense of justice and a kind nature.
    • Weapon: His weapon is a air dust using Gauntlets "Ebony Typhoon"
  • I: Irving Huile 
    • Personality: is shown to have a highly-competitive and boastful mindset often to the point of sadism. He will often show that he delights in winning any "game" not caring how it went for the opponent. Like his sister he is trying to bring money back to his family, unlike his sister he also wants to show off his new cybernetics even if that means hurting someone.
    • Weapon: His weapon is a Right leg revolver "Ignited Midori"
  • L: Lloyd Lupino
    • Personality: is often seen as having an enjoyment of money and the things that it allowed him to buy. Despite all of that he understands that money cannot buy him everything and he wants to show that he is the best.
    • Weapon: His weapon is an axe that turns into a hand canon "Platinum Slasher"
  • A: "Azure" 
    • Personality: Described by Nigel as the moral back bone of the team despite not having almost any memory he has a strong sense of justice, He would often make sure that his team does not become morally bankrupt in their attempt to be the best in the world. He would often try to have his teammates try and do the right thing. Outside of that he would often be called "Brooding" as he would often seem saddened by the loss of his past but would try and not let it get anyone else down.
    • Weapon: His weapons are Dust Shotgun "Zaffre" and iron whip "Cobalt Cross"

Author Notes