Team Members

Summary of RAVN

Team RAVN is a group of four notorious teenagers at Beacon Academy. It's certain that these guys formed a team just to be known as the baddest squad that Beacon has. All the members are basically no-good and like to cause trouble when they feel like it.

As Students at Beacon

At Beacon, Team RAVN acts like complete bullies to those who interact with them. We have Raven Crim as the instigator of the group, Lyr as the sassy one, and Noire is mister sarcastic. The only neutral one of the group who doesn't act like his teammates is Altross. He just chooses not to interfere in small business, and only gets involved when necessary. Their bad behavior should've gotten them kicked out a long time ago, but there's one particular teacher at Beacon who always puts a good word for them.

Life as Villains

As the bad guys of the school, there was a point where Team RAVN had gone rogue in the eyes of the world. They abandonned Beacon along with their favorite teacher after a surprise attack they managed to pull off with the forces of evil. They are led by their favorite teacher (identity currently unknown) and follow his orders respectively. The team's whereabouts are currently unknown, so Beacon has not issued an official search for them at the moment. The one team who has to deal with them would be Team AMBR.


Team AMBR has crossed paths with Team RAVN many times inside and outside of school. In most cases, these encounters have led to a long fight between the two teams. Their usual rival pairings are as follows:

Raven vs Miles Marron

Altross vs Amy Thysteine

Lyr vs Rina Rouge

Noire vs Blaine Azuria

These pairings have to do with the current relationships of the opposing members of each team. Raven is a strong, dangerous opponent to Miles, Altross and Amy are both Dust experiments, Lyr and Rina don't share the same views on life or society, and lastly Noire and Blaine are old rivals.

RAVN & The Dust Experiments

With the knowledge of Amy being a Dust experiment, Altross has already informed his teammates about his origin and that he's her brother as well. Their teacher also reveals to Team RAVN that he is the creator of the both of them. Team RAVN's goal as of now is to protect him while he finishes the 5th and final experiment. They are also kept in check by the two subjects that were created before Amy and Altross, just to make sure they don't betray their master.

Altross however is the only one who's able to get away from his siblings freely to contact his sister Amy. He warns her about the danger she's getting herself invovled in by persuing their creator and siblings, but she tells him she needs to know more about herself, like why she was a rejected project. Altross sees that he cannot prevent his sister from seeing her wishes through. He does give her one final word, "I don't want to see you get hurt, but I may be forced to fight you." meaning that Altross does care about Amy.


  • Team RAVN was created using chibi maker.
  • Altross is the only experiment who hasn't shown any emotion. The only person he has shown any form of emotion to is his sister Amy Thysteine.
  • Team RAVN's ideas and such were created by me, so don't use them without my permission.

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