Black. Brown. Indigo. Navajo White.

Professional Status



Regda B. Yenoh

Team RBIN (pronounced Robin) is a team based at Beacon Academy. The Team consist of four members: Regda B. Yenoh, Bergen Blunt, Irowin Greyheart, and Nevaeh Navajo. The four of them meet and have their first battle as a team during initiation when they take the black bishop pieces.

Team Members

Regda B. Yenoh - Leader of Team RBIN; 17 year old Honey badger faunas who brings leadership, planning, and tactical skills to the table. He is the most inclined of his fellow teammates in the areas of Leadership and planning. He is a mid to close range fighter, using his combat and karate skills, brute strength, and his two tri-barrel three shot pistols named Bonnie and Medea. His semblance is that of Strength, meaning he can increase his strength with his Aura in battle but only for a short time.

Bergen Blunt - member of Team RBIN;

19 Year old male human student starting life anew at Beacon, and only known escapee of the fabled Nachtheim village. Bergen uses a pair of specialized fossil tusks called the Earthswimmer to burrow through the ground at high speeds. He uses Dust charges to sabotage and disorient foes. His semblance allows him to launch out of the ground, or in any direction, as long as he is facing away from something solid. While not the best fighter, Bergen is a tactical genius, and has gotten the team out of many tight situations.

Irowin Greyheart - member of Team RBIN; 17 year old female human. She is smart, loud, outspeaking, and strong. She uses a bow with dust tipped arrows to fight in combination with her dagger. She is both a ranged and melee fight who uses her weapons to kill multiple opponents.

Nevaeh Navajo - member of Team RBIN; 18 year old female human. The orphan of a terrible fire that took her parents as a child. Underconfident and doubtful, she does not have much faith in her skills. When she gives herself a chance she pulls through with a strategic mind and great fighting skills. Melee to mid-range fighter, using Grimur (HVSM) a Mace/Shotgun weapon to crush and blow away her opponents. Martial arts training in several different styles. Trained by Lucas Cray before attending Combat School.

Additional information

Team RBIN does have a Theme song and a Battle theme.

Battle Theme
Character Theme

Tactical by Charlie Darker
Theme Song
Character Theme

Soldiers by Otherwise


- The Team name RBIN, refers to robin red

- Everyone on team RBIN is tactically inclined in someway, either that be in planning, strategy, or in fighting style.


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