Treat us like some superstars and only 'cause that's what we are. You know we're going really far. And y'all ain't even heard it all
— Rosso Grimhilde

The team brought together through circumstances that involve, Rosso's Overconfidence, Olivia's Loftiness, Shirley's Rage, and Amethyst's Composure. Together they are a strong force that can wedge their way into any force and fight any enemy. Well if they don't up and kill each other first.

Team Members

  • R: Rosso Grimhilde 
    • Personality: The leader of the team often described as being full of herself, She is often trying to show that she is the best and by no means hides the fact that she is insulting a person she sees as inferior. She has come from a rich family that has never before sent their family members to a huntress academy as they want to avoid unneeded violence. She seemingly felt different as she seemed to be fascinated by combat and violence and taught herself certain fighting styles. With all she learned she came here to build on her skills and find anything to fight.
    • Weapon: Her weapon is a Revolver "Rose Spinner" and zweihander "Crimson Thorn"
  • O: Olivia Huile 
    • Personality: Often described as very outgoing and friendly. She doesn't seem to take battle too seriously, as she will often play with her opponents and apologize if she hurts them too much. That will change if someone thinks of her as weak and then she will take the fight deadly serious and show what she isn't even becoming a tad boastful. She grew up in a poor family and as her family tried their best to get themselves out of that state ended with failure. So Olivia worked on her fighting skills to try and be sent here so that she can work on missions and earn money for her family.
    • Weapon: Her weapon is a Long handle nun chucks with small scythe blades and set with revolver-like guns "Bashful Midori"
  • S: Shirley Loto 
    • Personality: The strong fierce fighter and she advanced far in earlier schools but goes on rampages when things go wrong and but refused to let that stop her when she was told that she did not possess enough patience and understanding to go to her academy, Rosso stopped her rampage by defeating her in combat and she saw the value in her tenacity and put her into Team ROSA, which seems to sate her wanting to be apart of something bigger. She is aggressive, violent, angry and very determined. Often trying to make sure that her team can win and will verbally abuse her enemies.
    • Weapon: Her weapon is her Dust Cestus "Vanilla Crush" 
  • A: Amethyst Pietra 
    • Personality: A silent girl that was brought to our attention from one of her teachers and her fighting prowess has earned her a spot on the team. However, she has not said very much often wanting to keep to herself. She is often quiet and keeps to herself and she only talks when questioned and to her team mates when she feels the need to comment. She is shown to be a sort of silent taunter often making hand motions and expressions to show what she thinks about her opponents. She also laughs if an enemy tries to intimidate.
    • Weapon: Her weapon is Energy powered collapsible Kanabo "The Lavender Smasher"

Author Notes

  • Team ROSA is named after the spanish word for Rose. Rosso is Italian for Red, Olivia is based off the word Olive which are green, Shirley means brightness or white in some other languages, and Amethyst is a sort of purple crystal.