Team RWBY's Mission

Beep, Beep, Beep. "Ugh," said Ruby Rose as she rolls over to shut off her alarm clock. "Well better go wake up the rest of the team," she said to herself. Ruby sat up out of bed and then stood up and made her way to her bedroom door. She opened it and proceded across the hallway to the bedroom door of her friend and teammate Weiss Schnee. As she reached for the door knob the door opened and their stood the white haired Weiss Schnee. "Morning Ruby," she said streching. "Well I'm going to go wake up my sister you go and wake up Blake," said Ruby. They were then alerted when they heard their teammate Blake Belladonna emerge from her room. "Morning Ruby, morning Weiss," said the black haired fauna. "Morning Blake," Ruby and Weiss said in unison. "Well I better go wake up Yang see you guys in the kitchen," said Ruby. "Alright," said Blake. Ruby then made her way over to the door to her older sister Yang Xiao Long's room. Ruby grabbed the door knob and opened the door slowly. She then peeked her head in and looked at Yang's bed. "Yang?" Ruby called into Yang's room slowly walking in. "Yang?" she called again. She walked over to her sister's bed. "Yang time to get up," she said. She then put her hand on Yang's shoulder, and as she did Yang stirred. "Let me sleep Ruby," said the blonde haired girl. "Yang it's time to get up, Weiss and Blake are making breakfast," said Ruby. "What time is it?" asked Yang. "Oh around 10:30," replied Ruby. Yang then sat up rubbing her head and then streching. "Whats for breakfast?" asked Yang. "Don't know," replied Ruby. "Alright lets get downstairs and get some breakfast," said Yang. Yang and Ruby then proceded to make their way out of Yang's room and over to the stairs then proceded to walk down them and then made their way to the kitchen. "Morning Weiss, morning Blake," said Yang. "Morning Yang," said Blake. "Whats for breakfast Weiss?" asked Ruby. "Strawberry Pancakes, your favorite," said Weiss. "Yummy," remarked Ruby. Just as Weiss was serving her teammates their pancakes their comm system goes off. "I'll get it," said Blake. "Morning RWBY," said the chief of the Vale Police Department. "Morning Chief," said all 4 girls in unison. "I'm sorry if I am interupting your breakfast but there are reports of a pack of Beowolves attacking the village of Woodhaven could you please take care of it?" asked the Chief. "We're on it Chief," said Ruby with a mouthful of pancake. "Talk to you when you give your report, good luck, Chief out," said the Chief. "Well team lets get going," said Yang bolting upstairs to get changed. A few minutes later the team was asembled around their weapon rack. "Alright Weiss here is Myrtenaster, Blake, Gambol Shroud, and for my lovely sister Ember Celica, and of course for me my sweetheart Crescent Rose," said Ruby handing out their weapons. Then they made a beeline for their garage and then Yang took her postion at the handlebars of her beloved motorcycle, Ruby took her spot behind her sister, Weiss took her spot in the left sidecar, and Blake took her spot in the right sidecar, and with that Yang started the engine and pulled out of the garage. About a half an hour later they arrived in Woodhaven. "Mayor where are the beowolves?" asked Ruby as they pulled up. "Their in the woods just a mile or so outside of town," replied the mayor," With that Yang parked her bike near town hall and then on foot Team RWBY made their way slowly into the woods with their weapons drawn a couple of minutes later they came across a field full of beowolfs. "Alright heres the plan, Blake set up in one of the trees Weiss you attack on the flank, I'll get them from the rear and Yang hit them in their faces, hard," said Ruby. "Got it," says the rest of the team within a minute or so the team has taken their positions. "Alright guys 3,2,1, ATTACK!" said Ruby. And with that Yang brusts from the bushes and attacks the nearest beowolf catching the whole pack by suprise, and then a group of 5 beowolves turn into rose petals and there stands Ruby holding Crescent Rose. Then 5 more fall on their bellies and then Blake drops down from the trees. And finally the final 4 beowolves lay as shatered ice shards with Weiss standing near them. "Good job guys," says Yang. "Lets get back so we can give our report," says Blake. Just as they were about leave they here a group of kids emerge from the bushes. "Wow you girls were amazing," said one of the kids. "Uh thank you." said Ruby. "Where are you kids from?" asked Weiss. "We're from Woodhaven," said another kid. "Well we better get you home because we are here for you village," said Yang. They then left the area with the kids and while they were walking back they were explaining their weapons to the kids. "You made that?" one of the kids asking Ruby about Crescent Rose. "Ya I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons, I'm in charge of looking after all of our weapons," said Ruby. They then arrived back in town and were congradulated by the townsfolk, then the parents of the kids came over to the girls as said thanks for finding them, then they all hopped on Yang's bike and headed for home. About an hour later they arrived back at their house and gave their report to the chief. "Thanks for the work girls the town of Woodhaven can sleep well tonight," said the chief. And with that the whole team head for their rooms and go to bed. As Ruby curls up in her bed she looks at the clock and it reads 12:45. "Well I had a fun morning but I am exusted," says Ruby to herself as she falls asleep.

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