This is story of a boy and his friends and the grimm they fight together. Skyler, Alyssa, Garrett, and Evelyn were all very good friends, despite never meeting in person. They were pen pals for years. Evelyn, a.k.a. FurryCommando, was the first to receive her acceptance letter. She knew in her gut that the others were sure to get in as well, so she began designing weapons for them as well as her. Alyssa, a.k.a. VividSamurai, received her letter just a few days later. It took another month for Garrett, a.k.a DaredevilTitan, to receive his letter, and another month still for Skyler, a.k.a. MagicEskimo. These are some of the conversations they had online.

Thursday, Two Months Before Beacon Academy Orientation

--DaredevilTitan began messaging VividSamurai at 10:37am--

DT: hwy

VS: hey gar whats up?

DT: i got inro beacon tofay i just got the letter

VS: oh thats so great! now sky is the only one left to get his letter!

DT: oh yeah?

VS: yeah i just heard eve got hers like a month ago.

DT: well there ya fo

VS: she didnt tell you?

DT: nope

VS: aww.

DT: dont woeey about it i got no haed feelings

VS: ok good. well i gotta go pack up my dust. peace.

DT: i thought school sisnt start dor another 2 months

VS: well yeah but, umm...

DT: alyssa

VS: i know!

DT: ok good regardless tou should start getting readu

VS: totally. later!

--VividSamurai ceased messaging DaredevilTitan at 10:40am--

Friday, 1 Month Later

--MagicEskimo began messaging FurryCommando at 3:09pm--

ME: CRAP!!! ud think theyda snt me my acceptance lttr a lil earlier thn a MONTH b4 skool!

FC: Well it looks like you should start packing then! xD

ME: wel no duh!

FC: Hm. Well in any case, the good news is I just finished building my weapon. :D

ME: o cool wat is it?

FC: It's a pair of cutlasses that connect to form a railgun. >:D

ME: woah dude! isnt dat like tons of heavy?

FC: It actually weighs approximately 5lbs per sword.

ME: o awesome. theres gotta b sum srs kickback right?

FC: It's actually about as much kickback as a high-powered shotgun. The railgun has enough firepower to blow a hole through a brick wall.

ME: dats awesome!

FC: I made you a weapon too. ^.^

ME: orlynao?

FC: Yep! It's not a gun though. Or even a sword, or any form of standard weapon.

ME: wll thn wat is it?

FC: A gauntlet.

ME: srsly? srsly.

FC: It identifies the user's aura and locates and absorbs similar aura nearby to quantify it and use it as a malleable object.

ME: o. i guess dats cool.

FC: Oh, come on. You want it. >:D

ME: ...wll ya. haha i guess i do think its rly cool.

FC: That's good to hear. I also made weapons for Garrett and Alyssa too.

ME: o dats so cool! i think theyll rly appreciate dat.

FC: I hope so. I designed each weapon with you three in mind. I know enough about you that I can make weapons that fit your fighting styles. ;)

ME: smartypants. so where r deez awesome weapons?

FC: I still have them. I'll give them to you guys when we get to Beacon.

ME: man, signal rly tot u a buncha stuff huh?

FC: Yessir! ^.^ I'm just a big know-it-all!

ME: i hope its warm wen we get there.

FC: I'm sure it will be comfortably moderate. ;)

ME: ditto

FC: Whoops! I have to go now! Bye! o/

--FurryCommando ceased messaging MagicEskimo at 3:19pm--

--MagicEskimo started a group chat with DaredevilTitan and VividSamurai at 3:20pm--

ME: evelyns makin us weapons!!!

DT: no frickin wau

ME: yes wau!

DT: dont mock me bro

VS: oh relax gar. but thats so awesome that eve would do that for us!

DT: its totally awrsome

VS: whats she making us?

ME: she didnt say. she had 2 go b4 i could ask.

VS: awww! i guess its a surprise then.

DT: im sown with that

VS: you mean down?

DT: yeah that

ME: o and also i got my acceptance lttr 2day.

DT: congratularions

VS: grats man! now were all going to beacon!

ME: hopefully theyll put us on 1 team.

DT: nobody i trust there more than tou guys

VS: yeah lets hope. fingers crossed!

ME: k wll gtg now.

VS: see ya at beacon!

DT: later skyler

--MagicEskimo left the group chat at 3:25pm--

--VividSamurai left the group chat at 3:25pm--

--DaredevilTitan left the group chat at 3:26pm--

Beacon Academy, Orientation Day

"Attention, first-year students. Please go to your homerooms for orientation."

The intercom echoed Glynda Goodwitch's voice around the school, grabbing the attention of every first-year there. Skyler and his three pen pals were still looking for each other out on the bow of the flying school. They got there later than everyone else, as they live farther away. Skyler was the first to arrive at the courtyard.

--MagicEskimo started a group chat with Vivid SamuraiDaredevilTitan, and FurryCommando at 7:50am--

ME: where r u guys?!

FC: I'm at the courtyard like you said.

ME: i dont c u!

FC: I'm not hard to miss. I'm the one with white dog ears. ^._.^

DT: wont help me man

VS: thats ok gar! i see you and eve so ill find you and drag you over to her.

DT: thamks a ton alyssa

ME: i h8 being short!

FC: Can't you see Garrett?

ME: ummmmm... ther

--MagicEskimo got disconnected--

VS: SKY!!!


DT: what happened?!

Skyler was the first victim of the ambush. He was jumped by a beowolf that jump-kicked him into the barrier on the edge of the ship, knocking the phone out of his hands and breaking it on the wall. It wasn't long before they all knew where the beowolf came from.

Behind Skyler's unconscious body rose a dozen grimm of all kinds. Those that couldn't scale the walls were carried up by two giant nevermores and tossed onto the bow. The three of them decided instantly that Skyler was their first concern, and plans rapidly kicked into gear.

"ALYSSA! GARRETT! OVER HERE!" Evelyn shouted out to them. Garrett didn't need Alyssa's help to know where the voice came from and started barrelling blindly toward the direction of her voice. Alyssa dashed right past him with her dust-powered boots and was the first of the two to meet up with Evelyn. Garrett arrived a few seconds later. "Ok, you two," Evelyn barked, "We need to save Skyler before we do anything else. Here are your weapons. Garrett, you get a bigshield that doubles as a two-barrel gatling gun. Alyssa, you get a straight-bladed katana that equips dust crystals in a slot in the pommel."

She passed out the weapons to them. Garrett fumbled for his but eventually got it on right. Evelyn "showed" Garrett where all the ammo went in and out of the gun and where everything was. Garrett nodded in understanding as Evelyn locked an ammo belt into the gun. Alyssa inserted

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