"Silver Jameson, Ciarán Abraham, Rowan Crusoe, and Midori Victor.  The four of you retrieved the black king pieces.  From this day forward you will be known as Team SCRM, led by Ciarán Abraham."

Ozpin at the end of Team SCRM's initiation

"Prepare to scream!"

The team's battle cry


Silver Jameson: Unofficial ambassador of the team and the sarcastic comic relief.  Expert on dual-weapon techniques and "dirty fighting".

Ciarán Abraham: Team leader and the experienced, brooding warrior.  Expert on precise killing strokes and stealth kills.

Rowan Crusoe: Socially awkward optimistic member of the team.  Expert on endurance and fighting with large two-handed weapons, and suspected pyromaniac.

Midori Victor: Team scientist and inventor, and least experienced in martial combat.  Expert on finding and exploiting enemy weakness, and her mental stability is in question. 

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Team weapons and abilities allow for easily combined attacks and abilities.
  • Strong variety of Dust variations for different enemies.
  • Majority of team has extensive real combat experience.
  • Strongest in Mid to close-range combat.


  • Team leader not used to team-based combat.
  • Midori has almost no real combat experience.
  • Ciarán is the only member of the team with a weapon used for long-range of combat.


  • The team was originally named Team SKAR, but the named was changed after Monty defined the rules for naming OC's.
  • In addition, the team members were originally named James Silver, Karen Victor, Angel Abraham, and Marisa Robinson.
  • All members of Team SCRM are allusions to characters from horror or adventure novels.  Silver is based on Captain Long John Silver from Treasure Island, Ciarán is based on Abraham Van Helsing from Dracula, Rowan is based on Robinson Crusoe from the novel of the same name, and Midori is based on Dr. Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein.
  • In addition, each member of Team SCRM has a scar or physical deformity. Silver is missing a finger on his left hand, Ciarán has an X-shaped scar under his right eye, Rowan has three parallel scars (claw marks) across the back of her legs, and Midori replaced her right eye with a robotic enhancement. 

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